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Feel free to ignore. I couldn't find a good character cross-reference program anywhere on the internet, so I'm just gonna start slapping character information here when I want to keep information intact and 'trackable.'

These OCs are ones that I consider 'currently active' in so far as I could likely jump into playing them at any time with a minute or two of recollection.

If I feel productive, I might make 'extended profiles' here and link them in this master post :)a

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LJ needs bigger post space :|a

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Post too large once more, so here we go again. Enjoy

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Camp NaNoWriMo. Finally got the dreaded 'post too large' so I have started adding to this one.

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Oh my god, what am I doing. Writing for Camp NanoWriMo?

This is part one. It's WoW fanfiction, I guess. I'll post more when I get another giant ass chunk.

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Birthday present as well as meme fill )
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Universe: Disgaea
Pairing: Susumu/Holomakenai
Prompt: With You

Yeeeeaaaah, got another one finished. This is a bit longer than the last one. Uhm ::scratches back of head:: Dunno if I got Holo right. Don't flog me if he's wrong DX

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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:30 am
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Universe: Punz 2 (and 1/2?)
Character: Shigenari/Masaya
Prompt: Dramatic

Overdramatic )
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Universe: Wow
Character: Frozenbara and guildmates
Prompt: Writer's choice

Choice )
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Universe: Punz
Character: mentions of Jotaru/Blair, Yusaku
Prompt: Subtle

These are all so short -_- And Yusaku is weird.

Random )

Just for knowledge, a yakuyoke is when a Shinto shrine purifies you of your personal bad luck for a fee.

Fic again

Jul. 18th, 2008 03:37 am
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Finally got around to another fic 8| It's ridiculously short, and I apologize. I'll make something longer, Hawk. Promise 8|

Universe: Rebels / World of Warcraft
Character: Soushi + Hikaru
Prompt: Health

WoW is infectious )

No, I don't necessarily think Rin would pick Horde, but it had to be done for the story 8|
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Universe: Rebels
Character: Hikaru/Rin
Prompt: Helping Hand

Oh nostalgia~ I rabu you Rebels....

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Universe: Punz 1
Character: prominently Rich and Mitsuru
Prompt: Panic

Another quickie before bed, this one's actually longer. Enjoy. Thinking the next one will be Rebels related....

You tell the weirdest stories! )

The beginning of a beeyootiful friendship!

Ficlet #3

Jun. 24th, 2008 12:23 am
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So short. Ohman, this is so short, lol. Blame it on how tired I am XD I'm gonna crash now.

Universe: Punz 2
Character: Rich, Caesar
Prompt: Get up

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