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Jul. 18th, 2008 03:37 am
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Finally got around to another fic 8| It's ridiculously short, and I apologize. I'll make something longer, Hawk. Promise 8|

Universe: Rebels / World of Warcraft
Character: Soushi + Hikaru
Prompt: Health

WoW is infectious )

No, I don't necessarily think Rin would pick Horde, but it had to be done for the story 8|
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Universe: Rebels
Character: Hikaru/Rin
Prompt: Helping Hand

Oh nostalgia~ I rabu you Rebels....

You're such a pest )



Aug. 16th, 2006 06:54 pm
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Why is it that now that I'm working, I have just as much to say as when I wasn't? ._.

Well, I'm gonna try something out tomorrow. I'm working OVERTIME! Instead of getting off at 5:30, I'm gonna be leaving at 9. It'll get me money faster, and I won't have to be home as often. Now I get to bother you west coasters that much more into the day! ENJOY

August 22nd is when Silent Hill (the movie) comes out. After reading so much junk about it, I don't think I want to get it anymore. It's bad enough that they completely took out Harry, but there's just so much more wrong with it. Hn. Maybe I'll get it just so I can complain about it with knowledge.

August 29th is the tentative date for Disgaea 2. At least, I think it is. Hopefully, it is the correct date, and I'll be getting a happy new game to play... even though I haven't even started Suikoden 5.

Got a new Lupin Sansei boxset as well as another of Yu-Gi-Oh. I've completed one disc of Lupin, but I haven't even started the Yu-Gi-Oh yet. Maybe more over the weekend?

I have decided that Rin needs a last name. Or I need to be informed of a last name that I've already given him and simply forgotten? J-chan~ You would probably know best of anyone if I've already given him one. If not, I'm just going to have to make one up myself!


Aug. 13th, 2006 04:32 am
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Hohoho, I was looking over the new DeviantArt (late, I know), and hm. I figured I would look over the 'popular' view of my own art.

Hee, Rin, you're popular. Two in the top five. Way to go my lil man <3 Shuu beats you in the top five (because he doesn't hit people?) because he takes the top three slots. But! Rin has more pictures in the popular first page.

Lol, I'm not too certain what counts in the popularity -hits? -faves? Dunno.

Interesting note, the pictures of Rin that are high up? Pictures with Hikaru <3;; (Too bad the one with them 'bickering' over the mecha isn't on the first page :< )

Oh yes. Also, I threw a picture up onto dA, and pretty soon I'll be posting a fic. Most of you won't care, but I figured I'd give you a heads up!

8D This post was written by a severely sleep deprived Suoh-chan so there's a chance that it won't make sense/there are things that aren't really funny but amuse me at the moment. Forgive me~?


Feb. 4th, 2006 08:56 am
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Well, Trey-chan lost her power. So we got cut off in our rping :/ Unfortunately for me, I'm too awake to go to bed, but too sleepy to do anything useful --;;

Since I'm ALSO too sleepy to be kind, I think I'll post some art up here. Look, don't look. S'up to you XD

ART, desu :D )

Enjoy the blast from the past.

OH! And a question. It seems that the quickest way to get hits on Deviantart is to do fanart XD I'm wondering on... suggestions? I'm not much of a fanartist, though...
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I can't believe I was so dumb.

I've figured out the voice actor that I wanted for Nagumo. I cannot believe I couldn't identify his voice! (Or Daisuke Sakaguchi...)

I am ashamed ;.;

He is Okiayu Ryotarou, of course. You know, from Gundam Wing, Gravitation, SukiShou, and Kizuna... And many more, of course, but... Jeez. I feel dumb now. And not worthy of the awesome-ness that is Nagumo.
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I promised myself, long ago, that I would NEVER do something like this... but. Uh. Herman is reverting, so it was all his idea.

And Yasunari's. But I digress

Even though Yasu and Cassandra have just recently gotten married, already there are brainstorms for their kid(s?) Toriya/Hikaru is thrilled cause he loves kids and stuff.

... But somehow, a kid that resembles Rin got put in there...

Eep, yo. Herman is calling for a future!kids! thing >>; I'm trying to hold him off but there may be sketches coming. At least it'll be something to update DeviantArt with.

In other news, yesterday was my sister's birthday. Because of her birthday, I now have box set 3 and 4 of Detective Conan (hurray Heiji! He's so mean XD ), Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock (Ishida Akira~ *.* ), and the first volume of Chrno Cross (hey, more Ishida Akira!) Oh. And Prince of Tennis box set 5 (also with Ishida Akira, more than likely).

She also got (for herself) Inu Yasha box set 1 (which I don't really intend to watch, actually. It's a rather boring series to me, even if it has Yamaguchi Kappei), Naruto box set 6 (with Gaara {Ishida Akira >XD} on it~), and Sonic X box set 1 (which I fully intend to watch - Tails in Japanese is just the most adorable thing ever, next to Donald Duck in Japanese)

I'm impatiently waiting for my Persona 2: Tsumi to Batsu(fanservice) cd called (get this) The Errors of their Youth. It's full of yummy TatsuJun bits >:D Including, apparently, Jun doing astrology to see if he and Tatsuya are compatible XD Oh, and Toriumi Kousuke (Shuu~) has a song on it, as well as being part of the drama tracks (cause he's Eikichi "kono Michel-sama" Shinigami-Buuchou) MMmmm, Toriumi-kun~

I want to get Persona 2: Tsumi (the GAME) but, uh, they refuse to bring it over to America (for various reasons 9.9;) so, I'd have to get it imported. The only problem (because I would totally own it even without being able to play it) is that I've only ever seen it at ONE place, and they were sold out! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I need my scary!Jun. He's not quite as gay in the game (though, my kami-sama, one of the creators swears by Jun and Tatsuya as a couple) but is actually pretty darn scary. He may look pretty and fluffy and adorable, but, uh, he's a juvenile delinquint (for various reasons) and will nearly kill you for calling him pretty to his face (unless you are someone he REALLY likes).

I want this game.

...... Maybe, some day, I shall get it, and be able to play it (a dream come true, yo.)

Someday, I'll get Cyber Formula Zero. Someday. My dad won't get it for me (even after all these years), because he think that I won't like it (it's a racing anime). What's not to like about an erratic lil purple-haired French boi named Henri???

Hn. As of late, I've been creatively handicapped. Nothing will be done... But that's mostly because I've been doing nothing but doubt. SO. Yeah. I want to do something, but I simply cannot create anything that will capture interest of people. And, my liking something is simply not enough. I want other people to like the stuff that I do :o But that has not happened yet, and I've become somewhat jaded and cynical. (nevermind that I'm lazy and can't produce anything resembling a fully developed plot or even pull it off once I DO come up with something)

On a positive note, I've got plenty of anime to watch so I won't have free time to worry about that! ^^
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Well, I figured I had better elaborate on Otakon, you know? Just so people didn't think I had a bad time or something....

Granted... I don't think I'll get to go to Otakon again (if it's always in Balitmore). My dad got hit and was almost scammed out of money. And then a tire blew out. There was apparently a ton of hectic stuff for my family...

Anyway, that aside...

I didn't get any of the stuff I said I would look out for ^^; I DID, however, see Detective Conan cosplayer and hear a few Two-Mix songs... Not a single Persona item to be found, though ;.;

I got tonnes of stuff, you know? Most of it Prince of Tennis related... but a good portion of it was Ishida Akira related (hahaha~)

I took almost three cameras worth of pictures (at twenty seven pictures each, there were only about five left on the third camera). There were tonnes of video game characters whicih really made me happy. I saw a Leon from Star Ocean 2, a Zidane from Final Fantasy 9, a lot of people from Suikoden (3 mostly, though), and even some people from Dynasty Warriors! Those are just a few of the people I took pictures of...

I even got my picture taken three times on the third day :o I was wearing my Fudomine-chu shirt that day (I wasn't cosplaying though - I bought it at the con). Some people had me pose with a racket ^^; I don't know who they could have thought I was... I have really long hair, and I can't really think of any character in TenniPuri with hair like mine... Ah well. All's good.

I got sick at one point, so I could not go to the concert. It's a real shame... but at the same time, the line was insane, so I'm sort of glad I didn't stand in THAT @.@;;

I got plushies of most (not all ;.;) of my favorite characters from Tennis no Oujisama... I even got a little Atobe keychain, but the soles of his shoes were not pink! The pure blasphemy! ... uh. Well, I don't really care, actually :D; He's just mostly there to give company to my Mizuki plushie that is being snubbed by my Fuji plushie (who refuses to come out of his plastic bag because I sit him next to Mizuki ^^;;) whenever my chibi Shinji is not having tea with him.

In other news, Yasunari stole my Black Gema Gema Dan armband :D;;;; And Rin left real early and didn't return until the end... Though Yasunari claims to have seen him at the concert. Hikaru stuck by me for most of the con, going to the various Lupin the Third stuff I went to :D

I have to remember to get either Cassandra or Nagumo on Yasunari(Hikaru)'s case ^^;; He was... uh... well. Continually flirting with Hikaru(Toriya), dancing until dawn, staying up late all the time, and hanging out at the convenience store for a good portion of Saturday night ^^; He's not acting like a groom I tell ya... let alone a straight one ^^;

Rin suggested castration :D;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I got kinda angry when some people in one of the showings of Lupin yelled "I'm allergic to Japanese! Play the dub!" >.<; Rawr. That just... well... pisses me off. If you don't like Japanese, don't watch their damn cartoons! >.<;

Hm. That's about it offhandly. I don't wanna get too into writing a rant or anything, since I'm not really... into it. Just mostly a public service announcement :D;;
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Well, I'm back from Otakon. It was mostly fun, but there were a few problems. I came away with hoardes of stuff and pictures.

I had three pictures taken of me by people I don't know...

I'll save ya'll from a long rant that's probably not interesting.

I really missed Trey-chan ;.;

What kind of villian would you be?
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Your trusted second in command hikarukun
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What you;ve done so far Years have been spent rampaging, striking fear into the hearts of many! You kill, destroy, and smash as you please.
Your evil powers/skills No man has ever bested you with a blade.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 84%
This quiz by tea_chan - Taken 7556 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

Interesting that me and Hikaru can take over the world while a cute little J-neko (with Rin as second in command can't.) ... Pheer us red-headed Germans, I say.
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Hooray for teh!Toriya, for he is now a year older without managing to, uh, change ages. Because I do not do that to my boiz all that often :3;

If I WAS changing ages, well, uh, he would be ::thinks:: 26 right now. :O Making Rin 24. Poor Atsushi-san would be in, like, his mid-thirties by then! 34 desu yo (cause, he's eight years older than Toriya, making him ten years older than Rin...)

I have not... done... anything for him >>; Because yesterday I went out to the deli for ice cream, made my sister play tennis with me, and then watched Prince of Tennis and saw the Fuji/Eiji match verses Saeki/Itsuki(?) Hoo. Fuji was so scary(sexy).

And, thanks to Kazuma Kodaka (whom I luff), I like Tezuka/Fuji again... But, I really only like HER Tezuka/Fuji stuff. Probably because she always makes all of her yaoi couples, like, teh!hot >>; I cannot refuse her pairings. Of course, I'm still strongly for Taka/Fuji (especially after the match of Taka/Momo against Davide/Bane), but, uh, Kodaka-sama makes Tezu/Fuji... uhm... sexy. ._.;

The good news is that she also draws really hot Golden Pair stuff :3;; She makes Kikumaru so cute! X3 Supposedly, Kodaka-sama drops everything she's doing if Hikaru no Go or Tennis no Oujisama comes on XD And now she's moved her work table to face her tv. She's so... normal for such a famous manga-ka...

>> I also have a Iori/Kyo doujinshi by her. Fwa! I want all of the stuff she makes!!! ... Just like Kaimu Tachibana >>;

Nya... it's a good thing Kodaka-sama switched from her previous artstyle, though. She used to draw... more realistically... like the art in "Strain" ... So now I like her art better (Actually, I stole Toriya's hair style from one of her really hot guys - Tashiro X3. See, I connected him to this rant nicely!)

Hn. It vaguely worries me though... Kodaka-sama seems to really like Fuji (I mean, he's in every doujinshi I have by her for Prince of Tennis)... so... maybe she doesn't like Mizuki! *GASP* I mean, I have not seen anything to prove so, but it's possible. I mean... I like both of them (which is so... contradicting :3; ) but others are probably not like me x.x;

In any case... Ha. Her one scene with Ooishi and Kikumaru reminds me of Sei and Toui's first time XD Ooishi's all "Does it hurt?" and Kikumaru's like "@.x; NO. Not all all ::clipped voice, clenches pillow:: "

As per usual, I am behind in art. Cause I am teh lazy. And, I want a new rpg T.T; A nice, long ps1 rpg. I have plenty of nice, long ones, especially ones I have not finished even the first time around. But. Uh. I want a new one u.u;

Need to read more Sherlock Holmes. I've been reading a story here or there, but I gotta finish his memoirs before I start the other book. And I have Dean Koontz's Whispers to read (I know what it's about, so maybe I shouldn't read it. >>; I mean.. it's supposed to be a suspense/horror novel, you know? And knowing already... kinda ruins it), as well as some paper-back fantasy story I got from the library. It doesn't look too promising though; kind of an over-used plot line... But, maybe I'll skim it ^^;

I need... something new. Like a new game. I know I said this earlier in the entry, but that's my point. It's been bugging me for a long time that I need something new. Reading new stuff is good (I'm getting a total kick out of the Sherlock Holmes stuff), but I dunno... I need... a new game. Something to engage my mind in a different way :O

I know this sounds completely unlike me (People have been saying this alot to me recently >>; ) but I want to go shopping. Not for anything in particular... Though I do want some more clothes o.o Mrf. I can't do it, though, because my mom hates shopping (especially for clothes) and my dad... I dunno... wouldn't be fun? Not in the 'just hanging out' sort of way, at least :/ Maybe I can convince N-chan to? ._. I just am always afraid to call her, cause she might be busy working or something ::dies:: nyaaa...

Maybe I should try doing something productive... Only, whenever I try to get down to it, nothing ever happens x.x; It's really irritating, you know? Like, writing... I can't do it when I'm at the computer, and I get ideas when I'm not on the computer, but get too lazy to write it down. ._.; Ah, the imagined hardships I go through...
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Working on something with Trey-chan... It seems that it's gonna turn quite elaborate, which is good. I've been hankering for a project for a while now. Slowly building up the amount of characters, as well as their stories and the like. It's gonna have an item list, hopefully a summons list, magic attacks, and various other rpg-videogame-like goodies. Whee. And for all you (poor unenlightened) people who don't like yaoi, don't worry: there are only those elusive hints that could just be friendship (for the most part). There'll even be girls! :gasp: and maybe a yuri pairing for y'all who dig that.

In other news, found a yaoi manga with an uke that looks, get this, EXACTLY like Rin. Hair, eyes, seeming cool and then spazzing. He's even got a patch on his face like the picture I have of Rin injured. And, for some reason, he loves kitties. Got a whole apartment full of 'em. And won't give the detective guy a missing cat back. Ah~ I missed Rin :laugh:

In other words... I want this uke :D

....or maybe I'd feed--er, give him to Toriya.

In any case, in honor of the THIRD person I've found that looks like Rin (two of which are voiced by Ishida Akira), I've decided to clean up my Rebels folder and put people in their respective folders. Since they don't like playing nice :laugh:

I repeat myself: I need more Detective Conan. And not that terrible dub, either. The REAL stuff.

Gotta post stuff up to Punz. Hm. Maybe I'll make my poor boys answer survey-thingies while I ponder on art to share... GRANTED, none of my stuff is finished like the other art shared... but... x.x; I wanna make Trey-chan happy, and since she put a LOT of work into uploading all the Punz art for me, I figure I should do it. Now I just have to decide on what...

::smacks head:: I've become such a Cao Cao fangirl. It's sickening, considering when I first began playing Dynasty Warriors, I hate hate hated him. What's next? Liking Sima Yi...? hn. Probably not; cause of him, Zhuge Liang died. Rawr. Not good. But then again, I didn't like Zhang Liao, because he killed Taishi Chi, but I've quite gotten over that...

I hate when I severely dislike a character... and then start to like them >>; Luckily, there seem to be characters that I will NEVER like, no matter what is done :D Some such characters are: everyone in The Matrix, Relena Peacecraft from Gundam Wing, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (yeah. I'm gonna like her after she punches Draco. Right.), and Faye Valentine from Cowboy BeBop...

Go ahead. Just TRY to change my mind. You can't do it :evil laugh:

and... I think that's it :D;;

Sick sucks

Apr. 13th, 2004 02:46 pm
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I hate being sick. My plans for the weekend were totally and completely screwed over. I did not play much (if ANY) .hack (though I now own the entire series) and I did not get to talk with Trey-chan at all.


And today, I had to get up early so that my brother could go to some stupid "Hit baseballs for free all you like from 10 to 1 :D" thing today T_T; And the little punk tried to pull out of it, after I had already woken up early. I forced him to go though (there was no way in hell I was getting up THAT early being THIS sick, and then have the little brat say he wasn't going)

So. My nose is stuffed, my ears are popping non-stop, my head feels like it's about to either implode or explode, and my throat is killing me. I can barely talk, and on Saturday when I took tylenol, I realized that it's a good thing that it knocks me out. If it didn't, I probably would end up knocking myself out. It leaves me weak, and disoriented, and I can barely walk five feet without almost toppling over.

... In other news Yasunari has proclaimed it entertaining to play Evanescence in the hangar to irritate Rin. Rin has contemplated killing him. Hikaru has said no...

I have gotten a picture of Mitsuru drawn, and I will attempt a full body picture (and he's NOT flabby, Roshiel T_T; ) Hyuga also has been drawn. Now I just have to get Yasuhiko and Rich drawn.

I had to go and open my BIG mouth in History class >>; I asked her if we were going to discuss the Shinsengumi (since we are now discussing Japan), and she had NEVER heard of them >.<; Therefore, she wants me to research them T_T;;; Ha Ha. The trick's on her, for I already KNOW about them.

... Jeez, rereading this, I feel like such a nasty person :D; Apparently, being sick for over four days makes me rather... irritable <3;;;;

Now I bound off to write something in the Punz Community. Feel free to go there (though I doubt most of you would <3 )
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Series: Original series, Rebels
Pairing(s): major mention of Hikaru/Rin, mention of Soushi/Kaila
Category: One-shot
Warning(s): um, sap. This is rather fuwafuwa (fluffy). Oh, and mention of masturbation. Yasunari's a pervert.
Misc: '...' means quotes being referred to. *....* means thoughts.

On with... the story. Also known as: What? She's trying again? )
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Fufufufu. A series of rants. Because I can.
It's called 'Creative Writing' ... right? )

Other adventures in school )

Persona 2 )

Otakon 04 )

Rebel-tachi - Featuring Hikaru, Cassandra, and Toriya )

A la dee~

Mar. 5th, 2004 12:57 am
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You are Guardian of the Night

You are the
Guardian of the Night

Some Guardians: Koryu (Wish), Rath (Dragon
Knights), Schuldig (Weiss Kreuz), Ilpalazo
(Excel Saga), Urd (Oh My Goddess), Kaido
(Prince of Tennis), Xellos (Slayers)

Which Immortal are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mmmm, Xelloss~~~ *.* Nice picture of 'im too. <3 (oh, and Ishida Akira, anyone? XDDD;;; )

You speak like Billy! I will now label you witty,
Scottish, and the perfect Pippin.

Which LotR male cast member do you sound like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Billeeehh~~ Yei! ^.^ He's so funny. :3 FAVE! ... well, Elijah's physically cuter >_>; ::feels like a fangirl:: ._.;;

Weelll~ exams are over for the week. I managed to act like a good student rep. (ignoring that I am not a student rep.) and convinced my Chinese teacher to push the exam back to next Wednesday. I can handle that WAY better.. I know I'll do really well on it then ^_^

But I also now have a test on the History of China in a different class the day before that... ^^; Of course... I figure I'll do well o.O; I got 103% on the last test, and I hardly studied, and thought I did badly >_>; Ah well, at least I can talk about Jiang Wei when I speak about the Mandate of Heaven :3;;; And either get extra credit because she TOTALLY didn't lecture the San Guo period, OR get points off because she's a moron and TOTALLY didn't lecture the San Guo period :D;;;

I got my English presentation finished, and presented it today, but I don't really know how I DID. The teacher interrupted me quite a bit at the end, so I don't think I did too well by then ^^;; And I had rather limited sources >.<;

Meteorology was easier than I expected it to be, but I still don't think that I got a perfect score. I'm sure I'll get half credit for some ^^;; Oh! And the teacher omitted the fifty states and capitals part, as well as the Storm of the Century part >_>; LUCKY. Though a lot of people were complaining because they really studied that. I was like "Shaddup, or he'll give it back to us! >.<; That's, like, 100+ things we DON'T have to remember! LOVE IT!" >_>;;;

I got to 'chat' with Trey-chan today before I went to study my brains out, and you have NO idea how much better that made me feel @_@ I mean, it was like... everything was mounting to crush me, and then I get nice lil messages from her at DA, and just... wow. SO... happy <3

Oh! someone in my meteorology class looked at the Ser!picture I'm working on for Hawk, and told me that I should make an online comic, because it'd be really popular o.O; I'm flattered, but I really don't think it's true ^^; After all, I have such a small group of friends, that it'd never really spread, ya know? Still, it's nice to hear things like that :D

I got that scholarship I was talking about before. Turns out it's worth 1,000 dollars. Sweet. It's not A LOT, but everything counts, ya know? Definitely make paying off this college WAY easier ^_^ Won't get me anywhere else, but that's okay. I've pretty much settled on working for a year... I was figuring, if I could, on moving to Seattle with Trey-chan, and working there to get a Seattle-citizenship-thingy, so I can finish college there <3

Of course, my dad is insisting that I'm gonna finish my college education after CCM. But you know... I really doubt it. I can't afford it. I'm gonna be one of those creepy 30+ year olds going back to college to finish my BA ^_^;;; ewww...

Stolen from TEH Shama )

Harhar. Made Toriya take the survey )

AND Shuu took it too  )
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Toriya/Hikaru and Hikaru/Yasunari have been bombarding me with techno/dance music all today. Not that it's a bad thing... oh wait, yes it is, because one looks very silly dancing around to 'Cotton Eye Joe' by oneself. >_>; Maybe they're doing it to get me to draw them o.o;;;

Got 7,998 on Trey-chan's counter T_T; 2 away from getting the Kiriban. Of course, that's my luck, so... Granted, even if I got it, it wouldn't matter, cause I'm here at school ^^;; I wouldn't be able to show proof anyway >.<;

English was good today, though we did not get to watch anymore Tartuffe. We did, however, continue discussing it, so ... Oh, and more wacky discussions before AND during class ^^;;

Modern East Asia... is now totally considered an EVIL class. We finished the presentations, but did not even get a chance to review. Meaning, of course, that no one had any idea about what the test covered except for the vague "Vietnam War" heading. Crap. The professor was all "I've made it almost TOO easy. So easy, in fact, that I almost want to skip it." When I got the test however, kami-sama, it was way too difficult. >.<;

In Meteorology tonight, I have a test on the states and their capitals. Damn. I used to be able to do this so easily back in 4th and 6th grade. I always got a 99% though, because, for some reason, I cannot spell Tennessee. >.<; Hopefully, I'll still be able to do it, but just in case, I've been listening to my old Animaniacs cd where Wakko sings the states and their capitals XD;

I found myself waking up without an alarm again today, which was largely due to the fact that I fell asleep well before midnight. I was just so tired last night, after having stayed up all day and the like ._.;

I had intended to hop on the computer long enough to finish the Atobe/Mizuki rp that I was part of, but I just couldn't make it >.<; I'll have to apologize to my rp companion for that when I next talk with them. But we're almost finished. I feel almost... embarassed to post it XD Smut ahoy.

Oh! Yes. I must remember to find pictures of Ten-chan from Lum... I had been planning on drawing him tonight if there was any free time from studying. >:3 I <3 Ten-chan, yes I do~

In other news, I've taken to re-reading Blood Red Moon again (as in, I have re-read it numerous times before), just because I enjoy the story quite a bit. One of these days I will comment, honestly I wiil. After all, it's my absolute favorite fanfiction of all time. Ah, curse my lack of courage when it comes to things like this. In fact, it was an amazing feat all of it's own that I even contacted Trey-chan when I did...

As I am now the proud owner of a quite stiff neck, I shall seek sanctuary in front of my Meteorology classroom where I will, inevitably, begin walking around again. However, it shall provide a place for me to put my incredibly heavy bookbag... (which, coincidentally, was suspected of carrying a bomb today before English, entirely due to the weight of the infernal thing...)
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Eh. Just an angsty lil Toriya and Atsushi blurb. It's useful for those of you who have NO FRIKKEN clue as to who Atsushi-san is :D;

Um, yeah, so it gives an insight to poor Toriya's bad mental health for a while there o.o; And I'd like to warn people, his strange behavior is brought about by the medication he was on. ._.; It makes him have strange mood swings and violent behavior... Ano... He's okay now, cause he was taken off it when the conversion into Hikaru was complete, but... ah well, just read, okay? :D Please? I'll give you a cookie~

Just click and read :D )
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:x Well, I've been busy, not that anyone cares ^_-

Colored a picture of Rin and Hikaru, and tossed it up here:

Um, yeah, if you can't comment at DeviantArt, please, feel free to comment here ^_^ It'd be nice to hear what people think...

:o And, I just realized that I have to put up a picture of Soushi... and Nagumo too... I've got Toriya pictures up, and Hikaru ones, and of course Rin ones...

Well, I'll have to make some for those two. Only problem is that they're not as easy to draw as Rin, Hikaru, Toriya, and Yasunari XD;;

Granted, they are... well, Soushi is... much easier to color. Yasunari's got this hair color... that is, like... impossible for me to repeat X_x;

Saa, oyasuminaohayou minna-san :D (phrase stolen from J-chan :D; )
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Well, my Meteorology class was cancelled... But knowing my luck, I'll still have Chinese tomorrow ^^;;;

OH! Trey-chan made me a cute lil animated Aim icon :DDD Well.. Okay, two. :3 One's of Sengoku saying "Lucky" and the other's of Mizuki saying "Nfu" X3

Another picture was put up on Deviant Art :D;;;; Rin'll be mad at me, for it's him (again) Head on over if you'd like to see :DD

Granted... it stopped looking REALLY like Rin as soon as I made him smile. XD; But Toriya begged, so I just HAD to. Damn Toriya and his sway over me.

Well. Technically Rin got off EASY. It was initially going to be him and Hikaru sitting together asleep. >3 Very cutesy. But then, well... it morphed o.O;

Ah well... c'est la vie.
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Well, I got out of Meteorology approximately 1hour and 45 minutes early. While I COULD technically call home and get picked up early... erh... lazy...

So, I bounced over to the computer lab and tadaa, here I am. Because I know you all just LOVE hearing about my oh-so-interesting life :P

Jeez, I gotta pick up textbooks >.<;; I usually have before now(I'm usually forced into it right after I register ^^; ), but... I dunno..

It's slippery as all hell on the sidewalks around here ^^;;; I've considered actually walking IN the snow some of the time...

Snow burns hurt like hell :D

If Rin has not started eating better, I'll lock 'im in a room with Toriya until he does.

I wonder why my Shuu picture got favorited twice, and so many people like it so much... but other pictures I spent way longer on hardly got comments ::ponder:: I'm not being ungrateful or selfish or even mad. I'm just curious, ya know? Like... I wonder what's different about my Ruki picture and my Shuu picture compared to the others... I'll have to study that, and see if I can figure out what makes those more popular o.o

Since my schedule is wonky, I might not be available online much, except for the weekends (after 2:15 on Friday, I'm free until Tuesday). So. Unless something else comes up that blocks that part of my schedule, I'll have to wait until the weekends ^_^ So, please, people. I won't get as much time to talk to you (fortunately/unfortunately for you as the case may go), which means that you'll all have to COMMENT more >3 mwahahaha. Part of my secret plot, yes it is~

okay, not really :/ But it's probably gonna be the best way to talk to me during the week (for those of you that wish to, that is ^^;; )

Upon further inspection into Komisch, I've discovered that Seiya looks alot more like Hikaru... well, his hair does, that is. And his dad reminds me (physically, at least) of Nagumo. Couple that with the fact that Seiya and Hikaru are both possessing of similar personalities.. well ::grin::

Hey~ someone from my Chinese class is in my Meteorology class :D And she's even in my group now. Not bad, not bad...

I'm quite in the mood for plotting of some sort. I don't quite know of what. But something...

Poor Toriya. He's been so clumsy today o.o; There doesn't even really seem to be a reason why. He's not even usually a klutz. I'll have to investigate that as well...

In the meantime, I must get him to STOP leering at Eyes from Spiral ^^; Baka Toriya ^^;;

OH! I've also noticed an odd trend. People who look like Rin... they all have Ishida Akira's voice o.O; Almost makes me want to change Rin's voice from Takahashi Hiro to Ishida Akira X3;; But I won't. Rin's voice is much too yummy as it is.

Hmm... Is it telling that I like Akito from Fruits Basket? x_o;

Now I'm getting WAY too random... But unfortunately, I don't have anything else to do XD; So, I guess I'll just finish this entry, and then play around on the internet for about 45 minutes or so.. mrf.


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