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Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:38 pm
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"Well, I thought you were... |D"

... XD

Yes, well, got another volume of Samurai Deeper Kyo yesterday, along with volume four of Mermaid Saga.

Still over a month until DDS2 comes out ~.~ Argh, I'm so impatient ;_;

Trey-chan told me, a few days ago, 'Draw more Mitsuru! :D' SO, because she is so cute, I have decided to draw her more Mitsuru. Unfortunately for her, he comes with other people XD The first two pictures from the set of three have Rich, Hyuga, and Yasuhiko as well as Mitsuru... The third one, however, has Mitsuru with Shiyou and the kids :D <3 ... well, it's not done yet, but it's in the process and all XD;;;

I have the insane urge to make plushies. I just need some sort of sewing device... Preferably one of those neat-o hand-held ones... If I had one of those, I'd march down to the craftstore and get to work right away.. Hm...

Rewatched Samurai Deeper Kyo the other day.... and may I just say that I did NOT remember the anime being so...well... cracky! Holy Crap(c) Hotaru was, like, in love with Kyo in that ::roll:: and here I thought Kyo's girlfriend was Akira >:D; What the hell was with that 'happy face' thing between Kyo and Hotaru? >:D; I was like "Omg,Hotarudoesn'tsmile!!" but then I remembered sure he does! Like when he's about to maul Bontenmaru!! :D

I'm also sad that Bontenmaru doesn't appear in the anime except that ONE time where he's riding with Yukimura's army. How WTFY!

Poor Sasuke. I remember thinking the same thing as when I first watched the anime - Sasuke is so poorly represented... Nevermind lack of screen time (since this mushes the first... like... 9 volumes of the manga into the first 2/3rds of the anime... and then the next however many -at least 15- into the final third), his personality is just weird o.O; They throw his 'urusenai!' around too much for trivial things ^^;

Ah well, at least the manga is still love *.*

... and that's... about it :D

Well, uh...

Jun. 4th, 2005 01:16 pm
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Okay, so I got tagged to do some meme... Not enough people read/respond to this journal for me to answer the last question in each of them... but... I'll do them, just cause Trey-chan wanted me to...

Couple of meme )
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Snuck online to, you know, do stuff before my mom gets up and takes it T.T; Had a doujinshi that I wanted to read, had to check my e-mail, and look at a bunch of deviations, after all...

HavocxRoy is now my OTP >:D ....... Okay, not really XD But it's cute in the small increment that is in this doujinshi...

Still have three and 1/2 dvds to watch of Full Metal Alchemist. Just finished the Rush Valley episode, and started 'Sensei' ... Kowaaiiii XD;;; She's nice to everyone except Ed and Al, I tell ya! XD

WTF on the ending of just Winry and the dog?

Took a long walk this morning because it's the first day of the week that wasn't rainy and blech. Woo, it feels good to go walking. Makes me forget that I'm coming down with whatever sickness my sister had and gave to us all >>; (Probably gonna lose my voice because of it :D;) But I'm exhausted now >D; and yuckysweaty. Need a shower, but I'll do that later, since I have a limited time on the computer.

My brother's coming back today. Rargh. He went on his Washington Trip (Byram eighth graders go every year for three days), which I consequently wasn't allowed to go on, because my parents wouldn't let me raise the money, nor would they pay for it. ~.~;

I've got a couple pictures that need coloring. For some reason, though, as I make more and more characters for this new series, their pictures get smaller and smaller >>; Kiyomaru/Joel started out pretty large, then Blair/Thilleseus got smaller, and now the third person (unnamed) is, like, tiny >>; Damn full body pictures... Unfortunately, the series doesn't have a name, or a plot, but I've already started killing off chracters...

Hrm. I think I will rewatch all five seasons of Saint Seiya sometime :o After all, it's so nice to finally have the series-tachi translated. Of course, I still don't have the movies translated, so I have NO idea why Loki is stealing Saori, or why Lucifer feels the need to fight with Seiya... ::sweatdrop:: But at least I know about Sorrento-kun, and Muu-kun... Maybe I'll just jump around for my favorite boys >:D;

I had more to say, but it took me a while to write out this journal and now I have to go ^^;;;;; Maybe an update later.
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::pokes at keyboard:: wow, haven't been near the computer for so long...

Yes, it's not because I'm slacking. It's because my mom has decided to basically live on the computer --; Even to the point of not letting my siblings use the computer for homework without a big argument... Uh, lack maturity much? It's quite embarassing to have a mother who is the same maturity level as one's fifteen year old sibling... She gets in an argument anytime people slightly mention the computer or want to use it. And if you even dare TALKING to her when she wants to write, heaven forbid T.T;

In other news, met a Cielo fan! Hurrah. Good thing too, because, actually, whenever I read game forums, a large number of people don't use Cielo ._.; Why not? Just because he has the weakness towards those status effects? Frankly, he's got such a great agility rating that half the time, the status effects miss him :O ::pets Cielo:: As soon as he joined my group, I haven't stopped using him (and I was eager to play him before then too :D; )

Do you like spinoffs? Because I seem to. Rainbow Uke's blue boy Sininen's pet dog (you heard me) Lars has apparently lots of friends o.o; So, I've been working on developing his little pack, and their human 'forms' It's in brain-storm mode right now, so naturally there's very little information about it. I've made about six dog-characters, including Lars, so far... Given them each a 'job' and a breed... Maybe it'll go somewhere, or maybe I'll just be adding another set of characters into my pile :D;

Finished the first box-set of Yu-Gi-Oh. The first few episodes were a little corny, I'll admit, but once you get into it... Hoshi Souichirou is adorable as Yugi, and I swear that Mokuba's voice is familiar. I wanna use Kaiba's voice for someone :O

Still haven't watched the boxset I got of the-still-unnamed Shinsengumi anime I got. It's the second boxset in the series, only because I couldn't find the first one :/

Finished Monster (first boxset), like, the first week I got it. Hella awesome series >:D I just can't even describe how cool it is. But, I suppose it's not for everyone, since I tend to like either 1.) everything or 2.) weird stuff.

Still gotta watch the Violinist of Hameln boxset I got. The reason I am slow in watching anime is that my mom and sister both say they want to watch the series, and then never want to do it --; I usually end up watching it at night or in the morning when they are either asleep and/or at school :D; But I'll watch it soon (just to hear Rich, in, uh, yet another thing :D;) so that I can actually see the anime (since I've seen the OVAs and read some of the comics)

So, that's the end of my fruitfull week or whatever it's been.

P.S. Kiyomaru wants to be a veterenarian. Weird.


Mar. 28th, 2005 03:41 am
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Finally! We lost our phone lines for some reason for the last few days, and then had a guy come to the house to fix it. No internet for me, le sigh.

And damn Yaoi-con for never being near me. ::whines:: They're probably having Kazuma Kodaka be their guest of honooooor ;.; She is like tehomgbest!manga and doujinka EVER ;.;

I hate the rain, and it's yucky outside today... But maybe if it lets up, I'll drive... somewhere. Maybe Rockaway or Ledgewood to see if either of them have Final Fantasy 6! ... Okay, I know, I know, my birthday is coming up soon but... blah! The one game I really really really really want might not even be out by then ~.~ so I might not get that. Which'll make me a saaaad panda, mmkay?

In brighter news (bright? On a day like today?) I got to drive and ddr and stuff a few days ago. But I got lost on the way home because I was being stubborn and didn't want to take the highway. And because I was foolish enough to listen to my sister, of all people, for directions (she was the only person in the car with me) But! Luckily for me, I have a good sense of direction and made my way back home with relative ease. Why did I take her directions in the first place? Well, my mom's car is teh!suck, so it was kinda acting up. I was trying to watch the road and listen to the car for strange noises, and wanted her to give me directions... Never again, I say...

Also, soon my Persona package will arrive. Hee, so much good stuff coming in that package that I can't possibly be less impatient.

And, I finished Excel Saga. It's literally the funniest series I have ever watched. But I'm giving it back to my friend sometime soon (I have to call and find out when she's gonna be home). BUT, maybe my family will buy it, because it's really awesome X3 And Trey-chan! Omi Minami (Akira Ijyuin's voice~) is in it! Well, okay, there were plenty of familiar voices in it (Aya Hasakawa, Koyasu Takehito, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Takagi Wataru, etc, etc, etc...) Key's voice was familiar too, but I just couldn't place it... Oh well.

Well, got lots of candy for Easter, but I'm not really interested in a good portion of it. Well, I mean... I have lots of fruit to eat, which is way better than most candy. Except for Palmer Peanut Buddies *w* I love the candies so much that I, uh, named a character after the company that makes them >:D Rich Palmer, anyone? MMm, he's sweet like candy *w*

Oh, and Trey-chan, I found a song that Gentian's seiyuu sings alone! It's called Daydream Generation. And, if you don't have it, I'll put it up in Steamload or something :D You might not have it/be able to find it, because it's a cover, and is originally sung by someone else! >D; Good ol' Yu Yu Hakusho and their need to have their characters cover their own songs! (Yusuke doesn't sing Rin's song well enough though >D;;;)

::scampers back to Monsabaiya::
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Can't wait for my Persona-package to come in the mail *.* It may take a while cause it's coming from Brazil, but still. Hahaha, to all you people who doubted it; the money got to her :P

When it comes, my little Persona collection will grow by quite a bit :3 So far, I only have Persona 1, Persona 2 Batsu, Persona 2 Tsumi postcards, and Persona II Tsumi ~ The Errors of Their Youth cd... A good set of items, but by no means enough, ya know?

Got tenative plans to hang out with N-chan the Thursday after the next. But it might not go through. After all, my dad won't let me drive if I don't have insurance. And he's known to postpone things when it comes to me, conveniently having 'forgotten' T.T; So, it might be a few months before he does anything about it.

In other news, I started watching Excel Saga. Although the person letting me borrow it hated it, she only watched the first two episodes of the dub, even though it's the entire series box set. Well, the sub is HILARIOUS. The ending theme is SO cute too ;.; Poor Menchi. XD I feel bad that I even considered asking to keep it since she hated it so much... But it's the whole set, so I probably won't. If it was just the one dvd or something, maybe I would, though.

Game: .hack//Quarantine, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
Anime: Excel Saga, Puchi Puri Yuushi
Wish-list: Shin Megami Tensei ~ Digital Devil Saga, Suikoden 4
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First and foremost, this is overdue squishyness. Trey-chan, I got your present on the 17th, but I've been so distracted watching them over and over again (I kid you not) that I, uh, kinda hadn't gotten online promptly :D;

Peace Maker Kurogane... Hm. There are quite a bit of interesting changes between the anime and comic XD; Shinpachi and Sanosuke seem to be the only ones who are EXACTLY like they are in the comic. I guess since Suzu is LESS gay in the anime so far, they have to make Okita and Heisuke and Susumu ten times more gay X3;

Doesn't Susumu have Tagorou's voice? o.O

Shinpachi is without a doubt my favorite guy X3; Followed by Susumu, and I think they made Okita's scary eyes much... prettier and less threatening/psychotic in the anime :D I do kinda miss psycho Suzu though... X3;

Petite Princess Yucie is ADORABLE. I am far more smitten with it than I had originally expected. Like, I thought I would just like Cube and be sorta iffy on the rest of the characters. BUT NO! They are ALL adorable. Like the father X3; And of course I just couldn't think of anyone but Saizou whenever Glenda showed up.


The giraffe things were too too cute. I did not expect them at all X3 But I heart them! However, Ethan has become quite smitten with the sticker and has run off with it :D; And Alek took the metal one... ^^; Caesar and Yusaku were fighting over the card, but Kiyomaru just casually walked past and yoinked it from both of them, tucking it into his pocket and leaving :D;

Hm, I have a song called Truth I Need (from my Persona cd) sung by Don McCow, and I really want to use it for one of the second generation Punz bois. However, I don't know who it would fit best. I'm torn between BT and Kiyomaru. The voice itself would fit with either of them, but I'm not sure who I can picture singing the song better XD; Like, Kiyo would totally be singing like that for Shigeru, though X3 It might be more like BT............. BUT, while the whole song is in English, most of it's completely.... Engrish that cannot be understood :D;

If my computer could recognize the cd format, I would totally send it to you... ::sweatdrop:: But maybe there's a chance you can find it online, since you have other Persona songs.

There's also a song that... hm... makes me think of the Atobe songs, but it's by a woman, so... I thought, oh, hey, that could be Toyomi-chan. She's not very refined sounding, cause it's very dancy sounding. ANYWAY. It's called "Open your heart ~ Up-rifting house mix" and it's sung by Rie Ishiyama. I'm sending you the lyrics from both songs in gmail, incase you can't find the songs. (And I'll be trying to get the computer to recognize them too XD; )
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::eyes Livejournal::

.... Haven't been here for a while o.o;

Petshop of Horrors is over ;.; .... and I loved it ;.; I won't spoil anyone who's actually reading it and hasn't finished, but the ending was so.... WELL, awesome, and rather surprising the first time I read it.

Past the 109th hour in Nocturne... :D; I really should just go and kill Baal Avatar and her cohorts, march up to Kagutsuchi and kill it, and then kick Lucifer's ass, eh? Well, I'm not going to until I've gotten Shiva so I can fill up my Demonic Compendium >.< I'm one level away from getting him, unless it flukes like it did with Michael and keeps raising his level (though I'm not using a sacrificial fusion, so it probably won't)

Next playthrough, I'm aiming for Musubi. I was trying for it this time, but since I finished/cleared the Amala Labyrinth (getting "Dollar" Dante while I was at it), I ended up aiming towards the "Other"/True Demon/Maniac's Ending. Whoops. And to think I dumped Hijiri for NO REASON :D; Shame >>;

Hey, Rival, if you still read this... Sharpies are surprisingly good for outlining :O The only saving grace for a picture I just inked was the inking itself X3;

Having the standard problems with drawing. Too many flaws ._.; And there's the problem with the fact that I would prefer to draw to writing. As you can probably tell from my rare jaunts into writing-land, I'm not... uh... well, let's just say I'm not author material.

I wonder where Trey is.

Having a blast hanging out in the Gamefaqs boards. I don't know why. Maybe it's just being around gamers and hearing them talk about games. I don't get much conversation from anyone concerning games; I usually end up being the only one talking >>; But at Gamefaqs, I can just be the listener for once XD; And the search function is hella useful, you know...

I've had the (crazy) urge to draw things in comic strip form. Maybe Herman is being playful (he and his bandmates have been cosplaying 'Herman Potter' again ._.;;;;; So, I think he's 'normal' again) and is making me think like this. It's absolutely insane because we all know I have absolutely no drive for anything of that nature.

Oh, but I have decided that my life's dream is to have a gigantic library where I can just sit and read whatever I please all day (only taking a break to game, of course). It's an orgasmic idea, don't you think?

I finally caved and got something to eat.... SUGAR... Well, okay, not sugar, but it might as well have been :D Frosted Flakes! :3 However, it's like eating Rice Krispies, since it's all crushed and full of small flakes.... ::sweatdrop::

It may be the doujinshi speaking, but listening to Roy's song Tsuki no Uragawa makes me think of a Roy and Ed duet. Yeah, it's probably the doujinshi I have with Roy sitting at what looks like a dj station, with Ed sitting on the desk near the microphone and they're both talking into it.... Might just be because I like the image.... Might just be because my dad works at a radio station?

::Ducks Trey cause of that last paragraph:: ._.; I'm not cemented on a pairing, but I'll just say that she won't be happy with ANY of the couples I like :D; ::runs and hides behind Lust before realizing that's probably not safe:: ..... ::dashes behind Hughes, content to hear about his wife and baby:: ^w^

I wish I would stop getting ideas before I actually own the talent to draw/write about them.

Went to catalogue all of my manga... and realized it was hopeless because I have no bookshelf to put them on, and thus all my categorizing would be a moot point.. HOWEVER, I did write down the first batch that I looked through... *.* I missed all my old manga like GTO, Jigoku Sensei Nube, and various others.

... Have I finished ranting? I guess so. XD I tend to write rants like this when I have no one to talk to. This looks very similar to the ones I wrote while sitting around in college... Damn, and I had sworn not to do these anymore (since they were just SO interesting that everyone just sat and stared in AWE of them >>; )
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With a few weeks under my belt, I figured it's time for REVIEWS ^^

::Pulls out trusty reporter's notebook:: I'm just going to review the things that have stuck out in my mind of my presents. There are other things that I got that I have not used yet, or haven't really made much of an impression on me... So yeah. Here we go ^^

Item: Shin Megami Tensei ~Nocture
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: original soundtrack and 400+ page game guide
Replay value (if applicable): At least three plays through.
Favorite character: protaganist/player. Though Isamu Nitta is very pretty, though very bitchy :D; I like Futomimi as well.
Least favorite character: Initially I liked Chiaki, but after events that just occured, I hate her very much T.T; More than Hikawa-san.
Best moment: Whenever your demons transform. And when High Pixie flirted with me during her level up event :D;;
Worst moment: The Mifunashiro event. ;.;
Overall: .... This game is my master. It rules my soul >D I must get Shin Megami Tensei ~Digital Devil Saga

Item: Full Metal Alchemist vol 1
Type: anime dvd box set - 2 discs
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): once I get more of it, I'll rewatch it more than once. But I've only got, like 10 episodes at best >>;
Favorite character(s): Ed and Al (of course), Roy's kinda hot >D; And Hughes!!! OMG, Hughes is probably my fave none pretty one >D
Least favorite character(s): Winry, and those one-shot characters in the first few stories >:/
Best moment: The scene in the train with Hughes, Mustang, and the phone >D; And Ed's ability to take any sort of mention about his height into some long rant. 'Who's so tiny that an ant could lift them up?!' and the like XD
Worst moment: ......... well... Winry's decision to get into some stranger's van certainly wasn't my FAVORITE T.T;
Overall: >:D I'm lovin' this series. For my birthday, I will travel to China town and buy MORE.

Item: Persona 2: Tsumi ~The Errors of their Youth
Type: cd - 1 disc
Extras: little artwork in the cd booklet
Replay value (if applicable): Oh yeah.
Favorite character: Kurosu Jun. Eikichi takes a close second >D
Least favorite character: none
Best moment: The track where Jun is doing the astrology >D
Worst moment: Maya and Tatsuya's initial track is kinda boring because it's a bunch of big words that I don't understand ;.;
Overall: well. Persona (by the guy that did Shin Megami Tensei, of course) is pretty much my obsession ^^ So, gee, what do you think?

Item: Samurai Warriors
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): .......... so.... many.... missions!
Favorite character: Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Sanada Yukimura
Least favorite character:
Best moment: EVERY time Nobunaga or Mitsuhide talk to Ranmaru, they ALWAYS tip up his chin like he was their lover or something >:D
Worst moment: ... just before Mitsuhide orders the attack on Honnouji ;.; He's so SAD about having to attack Ranmaru.
Overall: This game is much more challenging than Dynasty Warriors... but omg, I'm loving it. I haven't played everyone, but I'm steadily unlocking the various characters and their outfits :D

Item: Star Ocean ~Till the End of Time
Type: video game - 2 discs
Extras: poster of Fate/Fayt
Replay value (if applicable): two plays, at least.
Favorite character: Arbel and Roger and Nel, though Fate makes the cutest faces
Least favorite character: Maria. T.T
Best moment: Where Roger's friends catch him in his fib about Fate-tachi being his servants >D; He is ADORABLE, poking his fingers together and bopping back and forth instead of just swaying
Worst moment: the very beginning where you are stalked--er, I mean followed by Sophia. It moves very slowly and there are no save-points ._.;
Overall: I'm impatient, so the pace that this game moves is a little slow to me >:D And I don't like the maps AT ALL. But, the character designs are attractive (especially Nel and Albel), and most of the characters are likeable :3 Though there are some questionable things, it's, overall, an awesome game :D

Over and out
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Minna san he,

Happy New Years Eve.

Nothing really eventful as of late... Went to my grandmother's for Christmas and was there for a few days.

Got quite a bit of stuff for Christmas; of particular interest were:
-Full Metal Alchemist vol. 1 dvds
-Persona 2: Tsumi ~ The Errors of their Youth cd
-Detective Conan doujinshi
-Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game and game guide
-Star Ocean Till the End of Time game
-Foxtrot 2005 calendar

I also got Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends but I can't play it yet. Anyone familiar with Dynasty Warriors would realize why. Xtreme Legends is sort of like 1/2. It's only REALLY good if you add it onto the previous game, Samurai Warriors in this case. So, I'll have to wait until April, at least, until I can play that.

In other new, I'm not sure if Trey-chan got her present. In fact, I'm starting to worry that I entered the wrong address, or that she got it and didn't like it...

Suoh-chan yo.
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unyaaa.... suu.


Went to see Hero. I was a little hesitant because, well, I know the plot-line already (I've seen other movies and a comic book involving the people in the story. I mean... come on, who worth their salt in what I study all the time DOESN'T know about the king of Qin?? ... noone, that's who :P ) and so I was worried Quentin Tarantino would ruins it, our preciousssss >>;

So, it was weird seeing the first half of the movie, cause I was like "eh? That person wasn't like that to MY knowledge..." but then, it just got better. Oh ho ho ho.

Though, I feel sorry for Moon-chan ^^;;;;;;; A lot of hell for her, you know. And Broken Sword disappointed me, but eh. It was an overall good movie, but I suspect that's both because I already knew the characters, and because it was subtitled >:DDDDDDDD

However, one bad thing: it had that stupid 'flying move' that got popular in Crouching Tiger... >>; It's SO dumb looking and really screws up the fight scenes. I don't mind the huge leaps and spinning in mid-air or anything like that. But the damn flying...

Also, I was listening the SukiShou cd Trey-chan burned for me when I visited her... It's scratched now, dammit, so it starts skipping EXACTLY on the Ishida Akira interview T.T; It goes past Hikaru Midorikawa, Houshi Souichirou, Koyasu Takehito, Yamaguchi Kappei, AND Miki Shinichirou T.T;; I mean, I like them alot, yes, but Akira-sama is my favorite. That also means it skips on Okiayu Ryoutarou and Daisuke Sakaguchi, my second favorite seiyuu men ;.;

(on a note, Okiayu Ryoutarou is Nagumo's voice, and Daisuke Sakaguchi was going to be Yasunari's voice, but Yasunari instead got Rika Matsumoto -sexy voiced thing that she is XD)

I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to find voices for the Punz-children. It's hard now, because I've nearly exhausted my stock of voices I love... My Rebels, my already voiced Punz boys, and various other characters such as Ruin and Gavin/Aillen... They've got plenty of great voices... and I have so few left XD;; (though, there was a bit of teasing going on yesterday :D; Toriya was teasing Nagumo about singing 'Love, Love, and Lust' fufufufu~)

BUT. I think I might have found at least Caesar a voice >>; MAYBE. Like, I like the singer (I haven't looked up his name just yet) but I don't know if I want him for my precious adorable Caesar... hm. The song is called 'A Proof of Birth' which would be really kicking for Caesar, cause, you know, he doesn't feel like he fits into his family at all... And the voice is deep-ish like Rich (and Rosh >>; rawr, they both have deep voices, and it would hurt poor Caesar if I gave him a NOT deep voice :D;; )

Akira (Kotogiri, not the voice actor) on the other hand, wanted a character that said things like, say, 'Seigi(justice) will triumph!' ... >>; ^^;

hm. Choices. Choices.
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Couple of comments first:
- Gaara's story is SOO omg-sad! T.T I just finished watching the part with Yashamaru and ::yells incoherently:: They tricked me with Hoshi Souichirou!!! T.T;;; Though it's funny that Hoshi and Ishi(da Akira) are in a lot of things together (where their characters are directly linked). And Ishida/Gaara was crying ALOT. woah. Ishida's 'crying' is SO sad and stuff ;.; Must be why he's uke alot :D;

- Shaman King's ending SUCKED. T.T; I'll leave it at that >>;

-it's WEIRD to think that JUN (Mr.Creepy-FightsWithFlowers-MaimsOthers-ObsessedWithTatsuya!Jun >>; ), of all people, has the voice of Gene Starwind...

Okay, now that I've gotten THOSE outta the way, I've been ... busy? recently.

Out of the six dvds of Detective Conan to watch, I've only finished two :3;; Slacker right here, y0. But that is because I've also watched two dvds of Chrno Crusade (CHRNO IS ADORABLE, though mostly because he's voiced by Ishida Akira >X3), and one of Saiyuuki (also with Ishida Akira in it), and a bit of Inu Yasha (which Ishida's in, oddly enough O.o;), and a few episodes of Sonic X (which I was disappointed in). SO... yeah...

Also, I've been playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life like an insane fiend. My sister is eager to get the girl's version when it comes out, but I'd rather not play a girl (I like being a cute farm shonen). I married Nami :o and our son, Aki, is the most adorable thing EVER!

AND, of the Punz!Kids, I've 'finished' RoshRich's kid, HiroMilo's kid, KatsuTaitou's kid, and ObzyShuu's kid. However, the only kid REALLY interacting with me is ObzyShuu's kid. :3;

ObzyShuu's boy is named Gentian (Ask Shuu, he's got this whole big reason for it - he was researching and stuff all night >>;), KatsuTaitou's daughter is named Toyomi, HiroMilo's boy is named Ethan, and RoshRich's boy is named Caesar (he wants to be a racecar driver o.O;;;; ):D And though I have not drawn MafuYon's boy, I DO know what his name is going to be: Yusaku.

Gentian has Shuu's eye color and Obzy's hair color. He's not really short like Shuu, but he's not really tall like Obzy. He's kinda in the middle... (I have the find the height chart again to compare him to one of the present Punz-tachi). He LOVES peanut butter with a passion unrivaled by even Shuu's love for Obzy. He's constantly eating those peanut butter Skippy snackbars :3; He also likes basketball, and inherited Obzy's madl337 skillz for it, so he, you know, plays with his papa all the time :D He also has an interest in cooking (just because Shuu cooks so MANY different foods for them to eat), but sadly, he has NO skill to speak of in that field :3;;;; He also really gets along with his uncle and aunt (Shuuhei and Shuuko, of course) and even drags Shuuhei into basketball games with him (Shuuhei got the tall genes in his family, and so is actually, like, twice Shuuichi's size, despite being his lil brother. Shuuko's just average height - though still taller than Shuuichi X3) The list is.. uh, uncompleted so far. He probably likes other things...

So far, I've only found out two things that Gentian does not like. Tuna fish is one, and the other is rivals to his favorite basketball team (who are yet to be revealed :o ). He's an agreeable kid, ain't he? :D;;

Oh. Btw. ::whisper:: Gentian wears a choker just like Shuu-mama >:3 And his nickname (Bad Shuu) is Amber.

You know, as happy as I am with Gentian, Caesar is definitely the most attractive so far XD But that's just personal preference, you know? But, even without a reference of Roshiel (I was away from the computer at the time), I think I managed to capture a bit of him too. Which is good x.o; But Caesar is way more happy lookin' than Rosh OR Rich, because he's hyper like that :D;; His picture is what he calls "My Good Boy face" because he's all pleasant and smiling in it :D;;

More to come, y0.

You are a Sailor Senshi! by jyuni
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Senshi ofMilk
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I promised myself, long ago, that I would NEVER do something like this... but. Uh. Herman is reverting, so it was all his idea.

And Yasunari's. But I digress

Even though Yasu and Cassandra have just recently gotten married, already there are brainstorms for their kid(s?) Toriya/Hikaru is thrilled cause he loves kids and stuff.

... But somehow, a kid that resembles Rin got put in there...

Eep, yo. Herman is calling for a future!kids! thing >>; I'm trying to hold him off but there may be sketches coming. At least it'll be something to update DeviantArt with.

In other news, yesterday was my sister's birthday. Because of her birthday, I now have box set 3 and 4 of Detective Conan (hurray Heiji! He's so mean XD ), Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock (Ishida Akira~ *.* ), and the first volume of Chrno Cross (hey, more Ishida Akira!) Oh. And Prince of Tennis box set 5 (also with Ishida Akira, more than likely).

She also got (for herself) Inu Yasha box set 1 (which I don't really intend to watch, actually. It's a rather boring series to me, even if it has Yamaguchi Kappei), Naruto box set 6 (with Gaara {Ishida Akira >XD} on it~), and Sonic X box set 1 (which I fully intend to watch - Tails in Japanese is just the most adorable thing ever, next to Donald Duck in Japanese)

I'm impatiently waiting for my Persona 2: Tsumi to Batsu(fanservice) cd called (get this) The Errors of their Youth. It's full of yummy TatsuJun bits >:D Including, apparently, Jun doing astrology to see if he and Tatsuya are compatible XD Oh, and Toriumi Kousuke (Shuu~) has a song on it, as well as being part of the drama tracks (cause he's Eikichi "kono Michel-sama" Shinigami-Buuchou) MMmmm, Toriumi-kun~

I want to get Persona 2: Tsumi (the GAME) but, uh, they refuse to bring it over to America (for various reasons 9.9;) so, I'd have to get it imported. The only problem (because I would totally own it even without being able to play it) is that I've only ever seen it at ONE place, and they were sold out! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I need my scary!Jun. He's not quite as gay in the game (though, my kami-sama, one of the creators swears by Jun and Tatsuya as a couple) but is actually pretty darn scary. He may look pretty and fluffy and adorable, but, uh, he's a juvenile delinquint (for various reasons) and will nearly kill you for calling him pretty to his face (unless you are someone he REALLY likes).

I want this game.

...... Maybe, some day, I shall get it, and be able to play it (a dream come true, yo.)

Someday, I'll get Cyber Formula Zero. Someday. My dad won't get it for me (even after all these years), because he think that I won't like it (it's a racing anime). What's not to like about an erratic lil purple-haired French boi named Henri???

Hn. As of late, I've been creatively handicapped. Nothing will be done... But that's mostly because I've been doing nothing but doubt. SO. Yeah. I want to do something, but I simply cannot create anything that will capture interest of people. And, my liking something is simply not enough. I want other people to like the stuff that I do :o But that has not happened yet, and I've become somewhat jaded and cynical. (nevermind that I'm lazy and can't produce anything resembling a fully developed plot or even pull it off once I DO come up with something)

On a positive note, I've got plenty of anime to watch so I won't have free time to worry about that! ^^
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Well, I figured I had better elaborate on Otakon, you know? Just so people didn't think I had a bad time or something....

Granted... I don't think I'll get to go to Otakon again (if it's always in Balitmore). My dad got hit and was almost scammed out of money. And then a tire blew out. There was apparently a ton of hectic stuff for my family...

Anyway, that aside...

I didn't get any of the stuff I said I would look out for ^^; I DID, however, see Detective Conan cosplayer and hear a few Two-Mix songs... Not a single Persona item to be found, though ;.;

I got tonnes of stuff, you know? Most of it Prince of Tennis related... but a good portion of it was Ishida Akira related (hahaha~)

I took almost three cameras worth of pictures (at twenty seven pictures each, there were only about five left on the third camera). There were tonnes of video game characters whicih really made me happy. I saw a Leon from Star Ocean 2, a Zidane from Final Fantasy 9, a lot of people from Suikoden (3 mostly, though), and even some people from Dynasty Warriors! Those are just a few of the people I took pictures of...

I even got my picture taken three times on the third day :o I was wearing my Fudomine-chu shirt that day (I wasn't cosplaying though - I bought it at the con). Some people had me pose with a racket ^^; I don't know who they could have thought I was... I have really long hair, and I can't really think of any character in TenniPuri with hair like mine... Ah well. All's good.

I got sick at one point, so I could not go to the concert. It's a real shame... but at the same time, the line was insane, so I'm sort of glad I didn't stand in THAT @.@;;

I got plushies of most (not all ;.;) of my favorite characters from Tennis no Oujisama... I even got a little Atobe keychain, but the soles of his shoes were not pink! The pure blasphemy! ... uh. Well, I don't really care, actually :D; He's just mostly there to give company to my Mizuki plushie that is being snubbed by my Fuji plushie (who refuses to come out of his plastic bag because I sit him next to Mizuki ^^;;) whenever my chibi Shinji is not having tea with him.

In other news, Yasunari stole my Black Gema Gema Dan armband :D;;;; And Rin left real early and didn't return until the end... Though Yasunari claims to have seen him at the concert. Hikaru stuck by me for most of the con, going to the various Lupin the Third stuff I went to :D

I have to remember to get either Cassandra or Nagumo on Yasunari(Hikaru)'s case ^^;; He was... uh... well. Continually flirting with Hikaru(Toriya), dancing until dawn, staying up late all the time, and hanging out at the convenience store for a good portion of Saturday night ^^; He's not acting like a groom I tell ya... let alone a straight one ^^;

Rin suggested castration :D;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I got kinda angry when some people in one of the showings of Lupin yelled "I'm allergic to Japanese! Play the dub!" >.<; Rawr. That just... well... pisses me off. If you don't like Japanese, don't watch their damn cartoons! >.<;

Hm. That's about it offhandly. I don't wanna get too into writing a rant or anything, since I'm not really... into it. Just mostly a public service announcement :D;;
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Your LJ Friend RPG Party by Jennifurret
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The Perfect One that Dieshawks
Badguy gone Goodrasuberrypie
The Androgynous Looking Oneoyamadayoh
Pointless Fanservice Hot Oneangstboyrin
Furry Useless Mascotzehavit_lamasu
And the real villian is...lishypo
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.... YES. I told you Rin! You ARE the Pointless Fanservice Hot one. Now you see why all the fangirls (and Toriya) love you.

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Lust? ... Really? o.O; I would have figured greed or something... Hn. But I really think it matters on your color choice :x

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Kissing Skill Level - 9%
Cudding Skill Level - 36%
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Why They Hate You You take more than you give.
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.......... woah >>;

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