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For you unaware, Street Fighter 4 is hard. Like... more so than it should be. It took me six tries to beat the end boss (Seth) on 'Easiest' ... Not natural. The only person I seem to be any good at is Vega. I'm not even that good with him. It's more aggravation than is necessary.

I do, however, like that there is a full Japanese track, down to changing the opening song to Japanese. Also, everyone's opening and ending is done in full anime style, which is awesome. The anime style is much nicer than the actual game graphics, though Cammy and Chun-li look nice anyhow. Even with Chun-li's gorilla sized hands.

Got Secret Invasion: Runaways and Young Avengers in the mail today. Skimmed through most of it; still annoyed by how easily Nico and Victor believe Xavin is against them. Also, Teddy is a big whiny baby at the beginning (I blame Yost's writing) and Billy has to pretty much lead him around ilke an overgrown child. There's an obvious, comfortably brother relationship between Tommy and Billy shown, though, which I really like. Most fans tend to have them just short of ripping each other's throats out, even though there's no real evidence of that sort of reaction occuring with them. The closest is in the additional story, where Billy and Tommy go to look for the Scarlet Witch, and they make witty comments at each other.

... Tommy catching a sai out of mid-air is pretty cool though :B

So, I deposited my tax refund in the bank... and come home to the state refund. Dammit, I hate going to the bank, and now I have to take two trips there :| Nice to be back in my comfort zone for my finances, though!

Ever been in a fandom where seemingly everyone has an idea about a character, but you have no clue where they all got the impression? Poland cross-dressing in the Hetalia fandom, for example, or Billy acting like a pms-ing 14-yr old girl in Young Avengers.

Wanna make someone in Punz know Systema. Thinking... Theo? Mostly because he's the last person you'd expect to be capable of dropping you with just a few moves 8D
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Funny how Dan gets his birthday off special, whereas he told me straight out that he thinks it's an offense one should be fired for. ... Things are different for Dan, apparently. Not that I mind him having his birthday off, but that means Marc takes the day off, and I have to work on Sunday >8|

There's a random message in our bathroom at work today. One that states if someone gets 10 subs in a week, that person will get a $50 gift card.

... So, me and Andrew asked Marc tonight if that was actually legitimate, and Marc freaked out. We had assumed it was Marc that did it, since Dan supposedly doesn't care about the store's numbers (and doesn't exactly have money to throw around like that), and the DM probably wouldn't give an employee $50 just for a tiny goal like 10 subs in a week. We tried joking, saying that Marc shouldn't be pulling back on his written deal, but I don't think he got it...

.... It's weird working with Andrew recently; before, he used to really dislike me, but now we've started to think alike. It's like having Tommy and Billy from the Young Avengers working together. I'm the more level-headed one while he's exactly like Tommy minus the super-speed ...... oh, and the blowing up his school part.

Took the hand from the Dead Space display. Will probably put it in my car window 8|

MUST. FINISH. DEVIL SUMMONER. RAIDOU COMMANDS IT. .... I have to at least finish it to find out about Raido. ... vs. Raidou. I know they're alternate universe versions of each other, but how close is Raidou to Raido? Because Raidou is a silent protagonist, does that affect their differences? Is Raido a more negative version of Raidou, or do people just think that because he's got scars on his face while Raidou doesn't?

In other, random, only-in-my-mind news, still obsessed with Michael(Jump In): makes me think of Billy and Tommy.


Sep. 24th, 2008 03:03 am
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So, Nightwing is in Lego Batman 8) His hair is very Goku-esque, but I'm just glad he's in it!

Was playing WoW after I got home, but lost interest after the first couple of battlegrounds. Went to quest, but I was pretty much the only person on (no Marc, Sean, or John...), and it was pretty dull...

SO, decided to watch Fantastic Four (animated series, thank you, not that horrific movie) and turn on Aim. Not chatting, but you never know, might get a message if I leave it on long enough 8O

Anyway, about F4... First off, Chris Yost is involved. 8| ... That scares me.

For those not in the know, Yost-san has a habit of killing characters. At this very moment, he's working on the Young Avengers crossover with Runaways.... And the entire fandom is scared that he's gonna kill one of the Young Avengers. The creator of Runaways have already killed their own people, so that's not as much of a worry. But if they kill Billy... Tommy... Teddy... Hell, if they kill ANY of the Young Avengers (Cassie doesn't count at the moment because she's part of the Initiative, not the YAs), I will be just as upset as everyone else...

Secondly, the art is a little... weird. The characters all have arched down eyebrows, so they always look angry, or smirky. It's kinda hard to get used to... If I watch enough episodes, though, I think I'll get used to it.

However! They have the ever-present bickering between Johnny and Ben. There's a lot of UST between the characters anyway... Sure Johnny is a known 'player' but... those are always the types of characters that are covering something up >_> ANYHOO, during Civil War, Johnny was attacked and put in the hospital (cause he wouldn't fight back against normal people). Ben got upset and ran away... But came back because he felt bad about abandoning Johnny 8| ... Not that he wanted to rejoin the team, but because he left Johnny. ... My brain may be wired in a weird way, but that's as obvious as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers LIVING TOGETHER FOR YEARS. HELLO.

In honor of Teddy, I skipped the first couple of episodes, and went right to My Neighbor Is a Skrull. Lol, exciting 8)

EDIT: Lol, as much as Billy hates Skrull, I think even he would get a kick out of the skrull in this. "Oh, that Benjamin Grimm. He's such a nice young man - by the way, could you tell me exactly what his skin density is, and what his upper body strength limits are? ^o^" .... LOL SO SUBTLE IN THEIR INFO GATHERING

EDIT 2: ... Maybe I'm outta the loop, but... I don't recognize the blind chick Alisha 8| And, uhm, how can she sculpt Ben if she's blind?? While maybe vaguely plausible, it's extraordinarily unlikely, right? RIGHT?

... In better news, Johnny's all "My powers are the best thing that happened to me; but Ben..." then he hesitates, and almost as an after thought to save face, says "....he got real ugly. So if Reed did this on purpose, how can we trust him" ... I'm sure you can tell what I was thinking~
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>8| Get out of my ring!

HATE the Apprentice. Overpowered, in all honesty. If he hits you once, you're screwed D:>

Cassandra is still my best character, but Talim has been restored to SC2 standards, and thus much easier to use again (AND STILL CUTE. Her alternate costume is adorable.)

The game itself is not all that complex, but I've come to accept that's the way with most Next-Gen games. They take games with a lot of depth, and reduce them to pretty graphics.... But quite pretty D:

Made a Billy character, named him Wiccan... Hee hee, his build is so much like Billy, and I made him have Kilik's fighting style so he has a staff...


Oh, and there's some art by Oh!Great, artist for Air Gear. Some of the extra characters are a little weird, seeming like they're also guest characters... 8|; Like, Ashlotte, who might actually be created by Oh!Great.

Only been playing for one day, but already got 13 of 50 achievements 8| Woulda had more but Marc didn't come on and fight me >8| ::fighter's pose:: ... Nanchatte! ^o^; Still, I made him borrow the game so we could fight...

WELL, at least I'm having fun creating the characters ^o^/) (though, I'm disappointed you don't buy the extra stuff from three cute store clerks. Irrashaimase~ )
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Yes. YE~S

Finally got my YA/R comic yesterday 8|

Tommy and Billy are cute as always. Teddy is written a little weird, but not badly like in the online comic.

I have discovered a love for Xavin that I never realized I would have. Poor Xavin 8| The second the other Runaways saw the Skrulls attacking, they thought Xavin had something to do with it, and wanted to kill him/her.

Okay, so my peeve: I can't stand when characters who have no reason to distrust a companion suddenly think they are a traitor. The best example of this is whenever Jigen and Goemon distrust Lupin because they see in the newspaper that Lupin is suddenly killing someone. It's like the characters just forget everything about the other person, including how trust-worthy they are.

Nevermind, Xavin is pretty hot as a girl 8|; (Sadly) hotter than her boy form - but then again, some of that can be blamed on the fact that the other Runaways comic I have doesn't have very good art 8|;

Man, I'm undercover pairing Xavin/Teddy and Tommy/Billy ._.; Yeah, yeah, it's not ever gonna happen, because Billy and Teddy are only focused on each other ("Have to find... Teddy"), and Xavin is totally in love with Karolina("No! Beloved!"). And trust me, I LOVE it that way 8| (okay, Tommy and Billy can do whatever they want - twincest demands it)

Always tired. I could sleep forever, and still be tired. Doesn't help i only have one day off this week. And that's gonna be spent sleeping.

Not sure if I want to pick up FF4 or not for the DS. Gotta save for Soul Caliber IV after all... (seekritly wants a Young Avengers game) And My Japanese Coach.

Keep Moving Forward 8|

Lol really?

Jun. 1st, 2008 12:04 am
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Sooo, got the Last Avengers story.

Oh man, it's so different from the Earth 616 world. Billy goes from unknowingly sexy teenager to giant, musclebound skeletor type guy calling himself the Grim Reaper XD Kang was... Kang; you really can't change him, for the most part >_> Ultron as well...

Though, I was immensely disturbed by Oddball. Uhm, why does he use a line that Teddy from Young Avengers says all the time?? And why was The Grim Reaper SO insistent that Oddball always be with him, and why did he protect him from Ultron and Kang??

... I'm horrified to think that he's the Teddy of the universe =A= Ewwww~ Though, everyone else but Eli and Kate (and Cassie, but I like to pretend she doesn't exist :D ) were represented... Man, so scary!

So far, though, my Young Avengers Presents Wiccan and Speed has been my favorite gaiden of the YA series. The characters were accurate, drawn not too badly... the only problem I had was that Teddy was always in Hulkling mode, except for the part where he shifted to play Billy. Now, the later part of YA shows that Teddy really does look normal with blonde hair - the Super Skrull's revealer orb showed that.

It's just nitpicking on my end, and it doesn't really detract from the story.

oh oh! Found some cheap, but awesome Marvel t-shirts... Hohoho, they're really awesome 8|

And, much to my joy, Leon S. Kennedy is set to be in the next Resident Evil movie *3* I was hoping for as little as a cameo, but it looks like he's gonna play a big part =v= Jill too... It takes place during the outbreak where poor Leon started his first day of work and arrived to find a zombie outbreak 8D Oh, it's gonna be great~

To finish off this entry... I've really been into Raver!boy characters owO; go fig.

Yare yare

May. 29th, 2008 10:59 pm
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So, after having a 14-day trial disk forced upon me >w>; I finally uploaded WoW...

and proceeded to have 3 or 4 days where I had to sit and wait, bored out of my mind, while a bajillion patches downloaded.

I created an female undead rogue... The guys at work are the ones who insist I play, which is why I went with Horde for the moment (sorry Hawk D: ). If I actually go with continuing to play, I will probably make a blood elf rogue of some sort. They think I'd be good at playing a rogue >x> But I dunno. That's why the character I'm testing the game with is a rogue.

If I get into WoW, I'll talk about it on belltrigger, not here, since it's a game 8|

Continuing to fangirl over the Young Avengers, I've picked up everything that even slightly mentions the twins (Billy and Tommy). That means, of course, everything pertaining to House of M, and Avengers Disassembled. I haven't gotten the AU that has Billy as a supervillain (lol), but it's on it's way 8|

Oh, had some buffalo chicken pizza the other day *v* It's really good... I sorta wish I had some left over for when I watched Rambo dvd I just picked up =3=

It came with a Rambo shirt *3*; I've been into getting different t-shirts lately, even though I can't wear them to work 8| Oh well, at least they're all cool. Wearing the 'Gamer.' shirt I just got from Jinx today, actually.

In other news, I got a pretty sweet mouse for my laptop. I wonder if there's any other accessories I need 8| Lol, a printer. I was thinking I might need a tablet, but... eh.... I think I last drew when I was down at my grandmother's house :O And that was just Billy, Teddy and Tommy XD;



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