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Have I mentioned how much I hate morning shifts? Probably! Well, now I've got THREE this week. ARGH. And most are me by myself for hours on end before the next person comes in. Fail. At least I bought munchkins the other morning.

This distaste of morning shifts comes solely from the fact that no matter what I do, I'm almost always the only one in the store that *has* to accomplish things. Other people get complained at, but it's almost as if everyone assumes the others aren't gonna get it done. I either have to get everything finished before the other manager comes in, or I have to finish everything because they opened and didn't. SO, although the work is basically the same for me, it more of a pain to have to go to sleep early, get up early, and then have my day taken up by working. Sigh.

Even with not wanting to go on WoW, I can't drag my lazy ass off my computer and play something else. I just got Mercenaries 2, and Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica and yet I haven't turned on my 360 since I last played Left 4 Dead. I'm a failure as a gamer!

I must look battery powered recently, though, since I almost always have my iPod on nowadays.

Did my good WoW deed of the day yesterday, when I (a level 75 badass-looking blood elf paladin) randomly helped out a lower level player (a level 8 Tauren... warrior?) beat something 4 levels higher than him. I normally help lower levels anyway, but I was in an especially good mood after getting the Delicious Chocolate cake recipe and making one. He was confused as to why I was in a much lower level area, but was very grateful. I like it better when I help someone and they greatly appreciate it than when someone begs for my assistance and then just assumes I'll follow them around, accomplishing things for them. I did almost everything in WoW myself (aside from dungeons), so I am not sympathetic to people that want to get run through everything.

Must... have... more... Young Avengers.... Damn you Allan Heinberg, stop doing other projects and get back to work, you slacker!

I understand the need to draw the Transformers as girls muuuuuch more than I understand the need to draw them as wolves. For real. (not that I like it any better - both deprive me of the intense yaoi possibilities. But at least there can be cute girl designs)

Had to explain the appeal of dating games to my boss at work. He... doesn't really get it, I think. 8| But then again, he's married, lol.

Enough disconnected rambling; I think I'll head to bed.
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Had to leave work today because I woke up this morning really sick. I mean REALLY sick. Naturally, I'm the only person that's ever available to cover someone else's shift, and clearly I can't cover myself so... Dan was nice enough to work an iron and call Andrew in earlier. Of course, I'm losing quite a few hours so my paycheck will continue to get slimmer and slimmer. Sigh, at least reviews are coming up. Maybe I'll actually get closer to what I was promised when I started.

Got into Transformers recently. I finally watched the live-action movie by Michael Bay, and it actually rocked pretty hard. Very few complaints: I wasn't fond of the voice they gave Bumblebee, but at least it was quick; it was really obvious when Bumblebee and Barricade showed up that they weren't normal cars; and, finally, Optimus was kinda... not as charismatic as I'm used to. Usually, Optimus is the compassionate leader that tries to help all of the autobots whenever he can. However, in this, he seems more obsessed with the 'idea' of not hurting humans, even at the expense of his troops (*cough*Bumblebee*cough*) Still rocked, though.

So close to a flying mount in WoW. Just 50 more gold, but I'm feeling way too crappy to earn it tonight. I'm kinda pissed because I wanted it by tonight, but I guess not. Fail. At least my guild is finishing Molten Core on Sunday.

Been developing actually stories and personalities for my WoW characters, and, interestingly enough, getting Marc into doing the same. Our Death Knights are gonna be comrades, and we easily took half an hour just discussing their backstory at work. It's actually pretty funny; my belf pally has a crush on the other belf pally in the guild, but she 'travels' with the troll and belf warlock a lot more.

I wish that there were more episodes of SuperJail. I have all the episodes on my iPod now (affectionately dubbed Jailbot v. 2.0), so at least I can watch them when I want.

Night all, gonna try and sleep some more.


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