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As I sit here listening to my brand spanking new Digital Devil Saga soundtrack, I am also browsing sites to find information about the newest Devil Summoner Raidou game that is only coming out in Japan so far.

Also, I am musing something that's incredibly intriguing to me, and probably boring as all hell to others: the relationship of demons in the various MegaTen games. None of the following is what I would consider spoilers. Everything can be revealed just by playing a few hours into the games.

In Digital Devil Saga, they are merely enemies, and something that you and your teammates have been forced into becoming. There's no kinship, and even your allies seem rather dangerous - there's a few just-misses with some of the teammates almost eating each other in the very beginning.

In Devil Summoner Raidou, the demons are partners. You've been trained to essentially capture them and use them as allies in your fight. There's a bit of... convincing, but once the demons join you, they're loyal. They're mostly used for tasks, and because Raidou is a silent protagonist, you can really determine your relationship for yourself. However, it's a definite that Raidou utilizes the demons whenever he can, and that, to say the very least, he doesn't outright mistreat them, because they usually have good things to say about him.

In Persona, by and large, the demons are creatures that can respond in varying ways: they can become your own persona, thus aiding your quest greatly; they can give you information; they can attack you for fun or out of anger; they can also run away. They're essentially like everything else in the world; it's only weird that you run into them in the beginning....

In Nocturne, you ARE one of them. Even though Hitoshura is another silent protagonist, there's a sense of being just like the demons you are recruiting. True, Hitoshura is only a half-demon, but you still need to speak to the demons in their own language, barter with them, and give them items - just like when you're recruiting normal characters in other rpgs...

... So yeah, I find that interesting. None of the branches of the MegaTen series are exactly alike, but they are familiar enough to all be fun. I don't expect most of the people that read this to go out and play the MegaTen series, because I understand it's not a series for everyone. Most probably won't be able to play through the first dungeon in any of them... And while that's okay, I really wish more people would get into the above series. They're truly fun, and challenging... And they even cross over into each other! Hitoshura, in particular, seems to REALLY like traversing into other games.
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Funny how Dan gets his birthday off special, whereas he told me straight out that he thinks it's an offense one should be fired for. ... Things are different for Dan, apparently. Not that I mind him having his birthday off, but that means Marc takes the day off, and I have to work on Sunday >8|

There's a random message in our bathroom at work today. One that states if someone gets 10 subs in a week, that person will get a $50 gift card.

... So, me and Andrew asked Marc tonight if that was actually legitimate, and Marc freaked out. We had assumed it was Marc that did it, since Dan supposedly doesn't care about the store's numbers (and doesn't exactly have money to throw around like that), and the DM probably wouldn't give an employee $50 just for a tiny goal like 10 subs in a week. We tried joking, saying that Marc shouldn't be pulling back on his written deal, but I don't think he got it...

.... It's weird working with Andrew recently; before, he used to really dislike me, but now we've started to think alike. It's like having Tommy and Billy from the Young Avengers working together. I'm the more level-headed one while he's exactly like Tommy minus the super-speed ...... oh, and the blowing up his school part.

Took the hand from the Dead Space display. Will probably put it in my car window 8|

MUST. FINISH. DEVIL SUMMONER. RAIDOU COMMANDS IT. .... I have to at least finish it to find out about Raido. ... vs. Raidou. I know they're alternate universe versions of each other, but how close is Raidou to Raido? Because Raidou is a silent protagonist, does that affect their differences? Is Raido a more negative version of Raidou, or do people just think that because he's got scars on his face while Raidou doesn't?

In other, random, only-in-my-mind news, still obsessed with Michael(Jump In): makes me think of Billy and Tommy.
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KAHKJGKJAJKGHKJDHF what is this?? Why is Raidou fighting Hitoshura? DX Can you capture him and summon him like Dante in Nocturne? IS THIS A FAN'S DREAM COME TRUE? YES/YES?

EDIT: After making an account on Amazon Japan, I see that they can indeed ship out of Japan >_> As I just ordered a Digital Devil Saga complete soundtrack.... hm. I'm curious to see if it's because the item is still in preorder status, or if they're just mean and won't let me have more of my Raidou fix 8|

........... time to start sending opinion cards to Atlus USA and make them bring this game over soon 8)

OR find a friend in Japan, make THEM order it, and then have them send it to me 8D SO SIMPLE
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clearly, they have lost all sight of what a persona game really is. Atlus Japan, you are officially made of fail.
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......... why do the people in Persona 3 have to shoot themselves in the head to (seemingly) summon their persona? What happened to just yelling 'PERSONA!' and having the persona just appear?

And why does Ishida Akira-sama jump on the Persona train just as it's starting to get weeeeird? I mean... yeah, Jun was weird, but... they didn't have to shoot themselves in the head. They didn't have a different art style (not just in character terms, but also in weird funky pop menus). They didn't have a different type of storyline (you have to deal with school while fighting demons??)

Hnnn... I dunno if I'll get Persona 3. It sorta creeps me out 8D

I think I'll just make due with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner. It looks SO awesome. Pardon while I squee in delight at how Sheffield-like the main hero (?) looks and acts... while retaining an apparent good about him?
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Drat. Missed Trey-chan tonight --; I'll just have to wait for her to get back, I guess x.x; I'm trying to keep myself busy, lol, but it's not working as well tonight as it did last night. I'm stuck in my story, and I'm pretty much all caught up in my reading of friends entries. Ah well, at least I know when Trey-chan should be back...

My cat is courteously draping all of his paws in front of my computer screen :D;;;;

I'm working on some Nick-based art for the 'Irish' rp Trey and I are doing. Of course, I've already done too much Nick work for this story, and my other characters feel left out ^^; But Nick is the most fun to play in that game, so I fall back on him alot :D Now if only I could draw a full body picture of him :3;;

I am in serious need of Digital Devil Saga fanstuffs. Any characters would do, you know, cause I learned to love 'em all by the time in the game I've gotten to. Oh! And I found out their voices from the Japanese version. Serph is Nojima Keiji *o* (That's Lu Xun from Dynasty Warriors and Kanone from Spiral); Heat is Midorikawa Hikaru (....uh, duh, we all know who he is); Gale is Hideyuki Hori (Ikki from Saint Seiya, lol!); Cielo is Miura Hiroaki (... He's Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors which surprises me o.O; I don't know anyone else he plays. Does anyone know??)... There's also Touma Yumi, Kuwashima Houko, Masaya Onosaka, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Ginga Banjo, Ishikawa Hideo, Tomizawa Michie, and Nobutoshi Kanna *o* All-star cast right there, yo.

Favorite quote of the day: "If you're really a Goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?"

Anyone know of any roles that Miura Hiroaki is in (other than Gan Ning of Dynasty Warriors)? Or Naomi Shindo? I'm really curious here, people!!
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Happy Halloween, minna san! I forced my way onto the computer in celebration of Rich-san's favorite holiday.

Last night, I officially finished the Kingdom Hearts game... yeah, delayed, I know, but I had set it aside quite a while ago in favor of some other games (Disgaea, Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2, Nocturne...) SO. The only thing I have to officially do is beat Sephiroth >> Damn him and his malignance! .... bah, I want Cloud on my side. ;o; He could help me win...

I'm also working on Arc the Lad Twilight of Spirits, even though I should be finishing Arc the Lad 2 and 3 first... Sorry, Elc, I love you sooo much, but twins (Kharg and Darc in this case) trump everyone else >>; So, I'll probably finish them together, because AtL: ToS mentions lots of stuff from the earlier parts of the series...

I've got lots of pictures that I had to scan and work around with and the like (this new scanner program is so annoying compared to the last one >>; but the scanner itself is neato-spiff) that I drew as sort of a peace-offering to Trey-chan because of my computer absense for so long... But I haven't seen her around yet, so I'm just waiting :D

Over the last two weeks, I've been getting sick, getting over it, and catching it again ^^; I think it has something to do with my dad's car, because each time that seems to be the catalyst... And the illness always seems to start with an increasingly sore throat XP

Held off on DDS2 because... well, in my rush to play it, I didn't beat Hitoshura-sama in the first game... I want to completely complete DDS1 before I go and finish DDS2, but... ;o;

I have lots of random things on my mind of no consequence... I'm very scatterbrained lately. I'll think something about one game, and then suddenly jump to my original stuff, and then think about a movie, etc,etc,etc... It's really quite frustration when you can't actively hold your attention on something ^^;

Sinister Hideous Anthropologist-Nabbing Nightmare from the Ominous Necropolis
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I am nerdier than 82% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Spent a good portion of tonight rambling about Harry Potter. Or more specifically, James, Severus, Sirius, Remus, Draco, and Ron... and the horrible state of Harry lately. For SHAME, Harry, I have more respect for Lucius Malfoy than you right now T.T Shame.

I've also noted that Cielo's outfit bears a strange resemblance to Arjuna's outfit from one picture. (Arjuna is a young archer from Indian myths...) Interesting, though I don't know if it's intentional or not...

It's official: Shuu and Obzy's second kid's name is 'Aspen'... while his nickname is going to be Aquamarine. So, now the only gemstone in that family that doesn't start with 'A' is Obsidian >:D; Amethyst, Amber, and now Aquamarine... Ah well, no biggie, yes?

I don't suppose being away from the computer (and human contact besides the, ugh, family) is very good for my characters. They've started to, well, hang out with each other o.o; Sininen and Saizou, for instance. Or Hirose and Mafuyu. Kiyomaru is going off into his own seperate storylines, for crying out loud!

It's painful to not look at spoilers listed by everyone who's played DDSAT's second half in Japanese... ~.~ I want to know so much. But I don't want to ruin the fun, because with games like this, knowing just takes all of the thrill out of it. Some things are rather easy to figure out, so spoilers are no big deal. But not SMT universe stuff... But I can't wait until August!! ._.

::goes off to wait for August in a dark corner, away from spoilers::
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Y'know what my problem is?

...well, yes, I realize there are a few, but I mean my problem RIGHT NOW... XD;;

I can come up with concepts galore... But I can't come up with enough to make it an actual... full-blown, finished project ~.~; For instance, I have a neat-o idea running around in my head right now for a project.

But I know I could never pull it off --; It can't even be, like, a partner project with anyone either because, like, I just have concepts... I couldn't write the story for it, but I couldn't illustrate it all either.


You scored as Neutral. You generally lean towards "Neutral".

People who follow this path of Neutrality accept that there is no right or wrong decision in life. Though easily disturbed by moral extremes, they understand that they are not perfect, and seek forgiveness for upsetting those around them. Neutral people are mostly self-aware of their place in the world, even though they may be weak at first glance. They become physically and mentally powerful when pushed.














What is your Reason - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne test
created with
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::pokes at keyboard:: wow, haven't been near the computer for so long...

Yes, it's not because I'm slacking. It's because my mom has decided to basically live on the computer --; Even to the point of not letting my siblings use the computer for homework without a big argument... Uh, lack maturity much? It's quite embarassing to have a mother who is the same maturity level as one's fifteen year old sibling... She gets in an argument anytime people slightly mention the computer or want to use it. And if you even dare TALKING to her when she wants to write, heaven forbid T.T;

In other news, met a Cielo fan! Hurrah. Good thing too, because, actually, whenever I read game forums, a large number of people don't use Cielo ._.; Why not? Just because he has the weakness towards those status effects? Frankly, he's got such a great agility rating that half the time, the status effects miss him :O ::pets Cielo:: As soon as he joined my group, I haven't stopped using him (and I was eager to play him before then too :D; )

Do you like spinoffs? Because I seem to. Rainbow Uke's blue boy Sininen's pet dog (you heard me) Lars has apparently lots of friends o.o; So, I've been working on developing his little pack, and their human 'forms' It's in brain-storm mode right now, so naturally there's very little information about it. I've made about six dog-characters, including Lars, so far... Given them each a 'job' and a breed... Maybe it'll go somewhere, or maybe I'll just be adding another set of characters into my pile :D;

Finished the first box-set of Yu-Gi-Oh. The first few episodes were a little corny, I'll admit, but once you get into it... Hoshi Souichirou is adorable as Yugi, and I swear that Mokuba's voice is familiar. I wanna use Kaiba's voice for someone :O

Still haven't watched the boxset I got of the-still-unnamed Shinsengumi anime I got. It's the second boxset in the series, only because I couldn't find the first one :/

Finished Monster (first boxset), like, the first week I got it. Hella awesome series >:D I just can't even describe how cool it is. But, I suppose it's not for everyone, since I tend to like either 1.) everything or 2.) weird stuff.

Still gotta watch the Violinist of Hameln boxset I got. The reason I am slow in watching anime is that my mom and sister both say they want to watch the series, and then never want to do it --; I usually end up watching it at night or in the morning when they are either asleep and/or at school :D; But I'll watch it soon (just to hear Rich, in, uh, yet another thing :D;) so that I can actually see the anime (since I've seen the OVAs and read some of the comics)

So, that's the end of my fruitfull week or whatever it's been.

P.S. Kiyomaru wants to be a veterenarian. Weird.
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Well, haven't written here in a long time...

It's proven. Suikoden 4 is better than Suikoden 3. Halfway through Suikoden 3, I found myself becoming bored and irritated with the game. I hated having to replay the same scenes over and over, especially with a character I could not stand. It was repetitive, it mutilated a favorite character of mine, and it kept trying to force opinions on the player. However, Suikoden 4 has gone back to the 'basics' and while there are some frustrating parts, they pale in comparison and don't affect my enjoyment of the game.

Shin Megami Tensei continues to wow me. First Nocturne was amazing (though I have to finish the final dungeon still) and now Digital Devil Saga is just as amazing. I'm disappointed that it's dubbed (like every game I got for my birthday, dammit >_< Stop taking out the Japanese track, you bastards!!) but oddly, the voices are not that distracting (though I'm disappointed that Cielo has that funky accent... But, if that's the way it is in the Japanese, I'll be more forgiving, because the actor is not too bad.) In fact, Crispin Freeman is in it, and I have respect for the man, because he's actually a fan, which is refreshing.

For Dynasty Warriors 5, I was surprised that I liked the new characters that they introduced. Before, when they introduced the likes of Cao Ren and such, I was uninpressed, and went with my defaults, and used the earlier characters such as Cao Cao and Zhang Liao. Granted, gaining unimpressive new characters boosted my love for the historical ruler of Wei, and the honorable Zhang Liao, so it wasn't a total loss... But Ling Tong (i.e. The Chinese Atobe) is actually pretty cool. His move pattern is very effective, since it's like Sun Ce. I was worried he would be a snobby diva or something, but really, having played the first four, I should have known better. And every character has their own (albeit short) story. Much better than Kindgom Play like in 4...

Gaming = love. <3
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::eyes Livejournal::

.... Haven't been here for a while o.o;

Petshop of Horrors is over ;.; .... and I loved it ;.; I won't spoil anyone who's actually reading it and hasn't finished, but the ending was so.... WELL, awesome, and rather surprising the first time I read it.

Past the 109th hour in Nocturne... :D; I really should just go and kill Baal Avatar and her cohorts, march up to Kagutsuchi and kill it, and then kick Lucifer's ass, eh? Well, I'm not going to until I've gotten Shiva so I can fill up my Demonic Compendium >.< I'm one level away from getting him, unless it flukes like it did with Michael and keeps raising his level (though I'm not using a sacrificial fusion, so it probably won't)

Next playthrough, I'm aiming for Musubi. I was trying for it this time, but since I finished/cleared the Amala Labyrinth (getting "Dollar" Dante while I was at it), I ended up aiming towards the "Other"/True Demon/Maniac's Ending. Whoops. And to think I dumped Hijiri for NO REASON :D; Shame >>;

Hey, Rival, if you still read this... Sharpies are surprisingly good for outlining :O The only saving grace for a picture I just inked was the inking itself X3;

Having the standard problems with drawing. Too many flaws ._.; And there's the problem with the fact that I would prefer to draw to writing. As you can probably tell from my rare jaunts into writing-land, I'm not... uh... well, let's just say I'm not author material.

I wonder where Trey is.

Having a blast hanging out in the Gamefaqs boards. I don't know why. Maybe it's just being around gamers and hearing them talk about games. I don't get much conversation from anyone concerning games; I usually end up being the only one talking >>; But at Gamefaqs, I can just be the listener for once XD; And the search function is hella useful, you know...

I've had the (crazy) urge to draw things in comic strip form. Maybe Herman is being playful (he and his bandmates have been cosplaying 'Herman Potter' again ._.;;;;; So, I think he's 'normal' again) and is making me think like this. It's absolutely insane because we all know I have absolutely no drive for anything of that nature.

Oh, but I have decided that my life's dream is to have a gigantic library where I can just sit and read whatever I please all day (only taking a break to game, of course). It's an orgasmic idea, don't you think?

I finally caved and got something to eat.... SUGAR... Well, okay, not sugar, but it might as well have been :D Frosted Flakes! :3 However, it's like eating Rice Krispies, since it's all crushed and full of small flakes.... ::sweatdrop::

It may be the doujinshi speaking, but listening to Roy's song Tsuki no Uragawa makes me think of a Roy and Ed duet. Yeah, it's probably the doujinshi I have with Roy sitting at what looks like a dj station, with Ed sitting on the desk near the microphone and they're both talking into it.... Might just be because I like the image.... Might just be because my dad works at a radio station?

::Ducks Trey cause of that last paragraph:: ._.; I'm not cemented on a pairing, but I'll just say that she won't be happy with ANY of the couples I like :D; ::runs and hides behind Lust before realizing that's probably not safe:: ..... ::dashes behind Hughes, content to hear about his wife and baby:: ^w^

I wish I would stop getting ideas before I actually own the talent to draw/write about them.

Went to catalogue all of my manga... and realized it was hopeless because I have no bookshelf to put them on, and thus all my categorizing would be a moot point.. HOWEVER, I did write down the first batch that I looked through... *.* I missed all my old manga like GTO, Jigoku Sensei Nube, and various others.

... Have I finished ranting? I guess so. XD I tend to write rants like this when I have no one to talk to. This looks very similar to the ones I wrote while sitting around in college... Damn, and I had sworn not to do these anymore (since they were just SO interesting that everyone just sat and stared in AWE of them >>; )
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With a few weeks under my belt, I figured it's time for REVIEWS ^^

::Pulls out trusty reporter's notebook:: I'm just going to review the things that have stuck out in my mind of my presents. There are other things that I got that I have not used yet, or haven't really made much of an impression on me... So yeah. Here we go ^^

Item: Shin Megami Tensei ~Nocture
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: original soundtrack and 400+ page game guide
Replay value (if applicable): At least three plays through.
Favorite character: protaganist/player. Though Isamu Nitta is very pretty, though very bitchy :D; I like Futomimi as well.
Least favorite character: Initially I liked Chiaki, but after events that just occured, I hate her very much T.T; More than Hikawa-san.
Best moment: Whenever your demons transform. And when High Pixie flirted with me during her level up event :D;;
Worst moment: The Mifunashiro event. ;.;
Overall: .... This game is my master. It rules my soul >D I must get Shin Megami Tensei ~Digital Devil Saga

Item: Full Metal Alchemist vol 1
Type: anime dvd box set - 2 discs
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): once I get more of it, I'll rewatch it more than once. But I've only got, like 10 episodes at best >>;
Favorite character(s): Ed and Al (of course), Roy's kinda hot >D; And Hughes!!! OMG, Hughes is probably my fave none pretty one >D
Least favorite character(s): Winry, and those one-shot characters in the first few stories >:/
Best moment: The scene in the train with Hughes, Mustang, and the phone >D; And Ed's ability to take any sort of mention about his height into some long rant. 'Who's so tiny that an ant could lift them up?!' and the like XD
Worst moment: ......... well... Winry's decision to get into some stranger's van certainly wasn't my FAVORITE T.T;
Overall: >:D I'm lovin' this series. For my birthday, I will travel to China town and buy MORE.

Item: Persona 2: Tsumi ~The Errors of their Youth
Type: cd - 1 disc
Extras: little artwork in the cd booklet
Replay value (if applicable): Oh yeah.
Favorite character: Kurosu Jun. Eikichi takes a close second >D
Least favorite character: none
Best moment: The track where Jun is doing the astrology >D
Worst moment: Maya and Tatsuya's initial track is kinda boring because it's a bunch of big words that I don't understand ;.;
Overall: well. Persona (by the guy that did Shin Megami Tensei, of course) is pretty much my obsession ^^ So, gee, what do you think?

Item: Samurai Warriors
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): .......... so.... many.... missions!
Favorite character: Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Sanada Yukimura
Least favorite character:
Best moment: EVERY time Nobunaga or Mitsuhide talk to Ranmaru, they ALWAYS tip up his chin like he was their lover or something >:D
Worst moment: ... just before Mitsuhide orders the attack on Honnouji ;.; He's so SAD about having to attack Ranmaru.
Overall: This game is much more challenging than Dynasty Warriors... but omg, I'm loving it. I haven't played everyone, but I'm steadily unlocking the various characters and their outfits :D

Item: Star Ocean ~Till the End of Time
Type: video game - 2 discs
Extras: poster of Fate/Fayt
Replay value (if applicable): two plays, at least.
Favorite character: Arbel and Roger and Nel, though Fate makes the cutest faces
Least favorite character: Maria. T.T
Best moment: Where Roger's friends catch him in his fib about Fate-tachi being his servants >D; He is ADORABLE, poking his fingers together and bopping back and forth instead of just swaying
Worst moment: the very beginning where you are stalked--er, I mean followed by Sophia. It moves very slowly and there are no save-points ._.;
Overall: I'm impatient, so the pace that this game moves is a little slow to me >:D And I don't like the maps AT ALL. But, the character designs are attractive (especially Nel and Albel), and most of the characters are likeable :3 Though there are some questionable things, it's, overall, an awesome game :D

Over and out
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Minna san he,

Happy New Years Eve.

Nothing really eventful as of late... Went to my grandmother's for Christmas and was there for a few days.

Got quite a bit of stuff for Christmas; of particular interest were:
-Full Metal Alchemist vol. 1 dvds
-Persona 2: Tsumi ~ The Errors of their Youth cd
-Detective Conan doujinshi
-Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game and game guide
-Star Ocean Till the End of Time game
-Foxtrot 2005 calendar

I also got Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends but I can't play it yet. Anyone familiar with Dynasty Warriors would realize why. Xtreme Legends is sort of like 1/2. It's only REALLY good if you add it onto the previous game, Samurai Warriors in this case. So, I'll have to wait until April, at least, until I can play that.

In other new, I'm not sure if Trey-chan got her present. In fact, I'm starting to worry that I entered the wrong address, or that she got it and didn't like it...

Suoh-chan yo.
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Your World (Part One): What is your world made of? [girls]

brought to you by Quizilla

It looks nothing like me... and the middle is not even close to what I'm like :D; I don't have a large group of friends... As for the bottom, I don't wear skirts, I don't wear pink (nothing against the color, though. I just don't wear it), and I HATE sandals or any other shoe that leaves my feet bare like that :D; All in all.... not very accurate. I do, however, like the top's description :D;

Going out for the Christmas tree today. From previous experiences, I know it won't be good >>; Not to mention, it's also my dad's birthday.

Oy vey. I'm not ready for Christmas >.<;

On the plus side.... I'm getting a plethora (gee, I'm so brain-dead recently. Is that even the right word?) of Persona 2 merchandise >D Or, should I say, Innocent Sin/Tsumi merchandise. Five doujin anthologies, three manga, and one game guide ::drools:: I have, in my possession, both Persona 1 and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment/Batsu games, but I fear I shall never gain the Innocent game. I saw it once at an online game store, but it was GONE. They did not have it in their inventory ;.; I would gladly just HAVE the Japanese version ::sob::
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Fufufufu. A series of rants. Because I can.
It's called 'Creative Writing' ... right? )

Other adventures in school )

Persona 2 )

Otakon 04 )

Rebel-tachi - Featuring Hikaru, Cassandra, and Toriya )
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OMG. I've just been 'traumatized' XD; Eikichi from Persona 2: Tsumi and Batsu is SHUU XDDDD;;;

"Eikichi hugs himself and talks about how hard it is to be so beautiful" <-- one of his 'attacks'/contacts...

He's kinda got ... that dumb Obsidian-ness about him X3;; Takes it upon himself to protect Jun, even though Jun can kick serious ass (He maims people for calling him pretty o.o;; )

"Eikichi is operating under the assumption that the two of them [he and Tatsuya] are in some kind of sexiness-contest. Tatsuya couldn't care less. " <--- one of Eikichi's group contacts ^_^; Ph33r.

Eikichi also uses a lot of English just like Taka (think Sengoku ranting like Taka, and you'll know Eikichi perfectly ^^;;; Oddly enough, as a sidenote, his father runs a sushi shop just like Taka's... So... I guess random shouting fits in Engrish is a typical sushi-kid thing?), and uses nicknames all over the place, just like Sengoku. X3;; He is, however, probably best described as the visual-kei version of Shuu and Obzy's kid XD;;

... of course, there IS fact that he dyes his hair like Seijuro and is a great artist (liked to draw manga when he was younger) ... So... Maybe ObzySeiShuu/KamioShinjiSengoku all had a big threesome O>o;;;

Well... At least Shuu's va wasn't Jun. Cause Jun's EXACTLY like him, only scarier ^_^; GIRLY. GAY. He cooks, he cleans, he is the leader of a freaky-psycho organization (think Jewel Collectors), beats people up with FLOWERS, knows bastardized-French-versions of what flowers mean (like Shuu knows all about gems), acts all sweet and innocent in a fight so the monsters are "gentle" with him o.o;;;

And, interesting to me, there's a Fujii Shunsuke in Persona 2 Tsumi. o.o weeeeiiirrddd. Too bad he dies ;.; all romantic like...

In a totally different topic... Here's the link to that Seraya picture I was talking about...

.. uh yes. I apologise for my randomness. I'm pretty tired, and bored, because no one has been online basically the whole time I have ^^;; 'm lonely~ ;.;


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