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Okay, so a few days ago, I put forward an application/resume for EB Games/Gamestop. I don't care, at this point, if they pay slightly less (which I have not confirmed yet), or if the hours are not standard 9-5ish. I just want out of my current job and to be somewhere else. I want to be able to be in a place that doesn't SOLELY focus on how many calls you take a day.

Besides, unless I advance and start getting awesome bucks at the game store in a reasonable amount of time, it's only a temporary thing until I find some SUPER place to work. After all, it'll be my 1 year anniversary at Samsung on the 12th, and I'm STILL not going to get any sort of pay increase, because you have to be in your position for a year, not with the company for a year.

C'est la vie. I hate that place. A good portion of the other department that works with my department is looking for a new job. We're all tired of how we're being treated. And you know what? I would not be sad if both departments had most/everyone leave, and they realized just how screwed up everything is going to be without us taking all this crap from customers and management. >O We do alot, dammit. And we don't get any praise for any of it. We just get told "Shut up, and do better"

RRRRGH. It pisses me off just thinking about it.

Oh, and I'm horribly sick right now too. My throat hurts, I'm losing my voice, my head is killing me, my stomach hurts, my shoulders ache, my back aches. I just want to pass out =A= I'm planning on talking as little as possible so that I can get better. Luckily, the interview is supposed to be sometime next week... I gotta schedule something! I wonder... is it better to do the interview sooner in the week, or later...?
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So, I've got my new car U_u

And now I don't have any money to buy anything else D<;;;

I need to shop for insurance. It's gonna be expensive no matter what, but... I need it *less* expensive D:;;;

And, as usual, I'm sick of my job and hate it so much D<; I want to get out of there as soon as possible!!!!

Oh, and I'm tired of people telling me to do what I want, and what makes me happy. Then, when I say what I want to do to reduce stress in my life, the same people tell me I can't do whatever it is for whatever reason T___T I'm sick of hearing double-talk, both in my job and in my personal life >O<;

Is it too much to ask that I have a job that doesn't make me want to cry every time I think about it? I mean... I just want a job that, at worse, I can feel 'blah' about. This job has gone way beyond 'blah' to 'argh!' As anyone who reads this can tell, this job has stressed me out to the point that I can hardly function outside of work anymore T_T; I mean... I'll be doing something I enjoy, and suddenly I'll think "I have to go back there" and feel like I'm gonna be sick X_x;

If I hadn't just bought my new car, I could just quit and be done with it D<



May. 25th, 2007 11:32 pm
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I feel like hell... I know other people work for a lot longer each week than I do but... I was just at the office for 11.5 hours... And the first thing in the morning, we had a meeting about how bad management thinks we suck.

I got home at 7:30. Had to eat and such, so I ended up getting to bed at 8:45. I just got up now, and I still feel sick ><;

The only positive I can think of is that I got 4.75 hours of overtime this week. But that's completely counteracted by Monday, because my temp agency does not pay for holidays, no matter what. So... although I got more this week, I'm missing a whole day next week automatically.

And... it's looking like I'm gonna have to get my car this weekend.

It's hot. I hate today. I feel like I could sleep forever, and not be rested.
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Hey, awesome. My supervisor who was out on maternity leave is back! She's pretty awesome, and I can go and vent about terrible customers to her XD Her daughter was born on my birthday :3~

Besides that, though... This week is already getting off on a bad foot D: I slammed my pinky between my chair and desk =A=;;; And, I have to work TWO late nights this week, both Tuesday and Friday. AND, I have to come super early on Friday because we have a 'team meeting' that day... And we've got a sucky new system that's messing up all over the place D<

The positive things are... the supervisor I really like is back, we get an employee luncheon where we go to Hopatcong State Park for 3 hours, and I get a bunch of overtime this week. Like, four hours worth :O Happy Money Time.
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Man, I need a new job. Every day, I don't want to go in. U_U My stomach hurts just thinking about having to go into this place. The people are pretty nice (though I don't really like my manager - I feel like he's always judging everything I do), but I just can't handle the job anymore.

... so I'm looking elsewhere. D< Sadly, I'm unable to quit this stupid place until I get a different place ... or so says my parents. Grr. D< So, I'm looking as fast as I can, because I can't stand this place anymore.

I'm tired of not wanting to do anything when I come home. I'm tired of not having the energy or interest to do things that I really love, like playing games or watching anime. I don't even have the time to discuss Heroes with my friends at work anymore.

Oh yes. I'm also sick and tired of people thinking Samsung is a Japanese company. IT'S NOT, OKAY???? I see customers all the time saying "How would you like it if I stood out on the street with flyers about how Japanese companies are not treating me right?" and I'm like "Well, I don't think SAMSUNG WOULD CARE." Or, how about this...? When I told a customer that Samsung was actually a Korean company, and not a Japanese company, a customer said "... Oh? Really?? Man, and they're usually nicer than the Japanese" ...???? Or, a letter I just got recently. This customer was complaining about how his experience with Samsung was not a good one. He then proceeds to bring up Toyota and Honda, and goes on about how he's certain that their policies are nothing like Samsung's. ......... Well, DUH. First off, they're a car company, and Samsung is an electronics company. And secondly, they're companies from DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. I'm sure there are bound to be differences!!

..................... ::DEEPBREATH:: Okay, I'm feeling better. There are just so many things about this job that frustrate me =A=;;; Hopefully, I can find something new, soon.
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Hnnnn, I'm exhausted, both physically and emotionally. ~__~

I finally actually got on the phones in my new department. The first day wore me out because I was incredibly nervous about just answering calls. Friday had me answering all the calls for the day, and most of them went semi-smoothly. One call was just too too complicated. u_u; The woman would not listen to me, so the person I'm shadowing had to get on the phone...

Then, of course, I've been harped for half of the week by my mother T_T; I'm tired of my mother and my sister heckling me for everthing I do in my life. T___T now my mom's basically rushing the whole car buying process.

So. Today, I went out looking at car models. The Scion tC that I wanted to look into is WAY too small. Terribly small. Very uncomfortable. Some of the cars I liked, though, are the Scion xB, Accord or Civic, and the Tucson. Two cars I ruled out were the Sonata and the Rabbit. The Sonata is almost exactly like my mother's car, which I hate btw, and the Rabbit is just ... meh. It's average. I don't really like it.

I got home at 5 pm =_= but I at least got some chicken parm sandwiches from Burger King. Since I've narrowed it down, I need to set up test drives, find insurance rates, figure out my credit score, and ... well, buy the car. Then I will be able to drive wherever I want with minimum stress.

Still, I'm tired. I haven't had time to play any video games recently. The only thing I've watched has been Voltron box set 1, and that was because I was borrowing it from someone and wanted to get it back to them quickly. It was good, but some of the dubbing had a lot of problems. It's okay, though, because after the company puts out all of Voltron, I believe they'll start putting out Golion! Which is the original series that was chopped up to *make* Voltron. I'm eager to see it.

Well, I'm gonna go to bed. My eyes hurt. Oyasumi, and Happy New Year to everyone.
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Hm~ Three things to talk about briefly.

I'm not feeling very well. My throat's soar, and I'm lethargic/sore. It's been like this since earlier today...

But I didn't let it bother me from the Christmas party today! We had Italian and Korean food out to eat... I had penne pasta with a delicious sauce (I forget the name of it), lasagna, rice, and cookies. My friend accidentally had kim chee 8D;;;; I refused to try it. It scares me :<;;;

Also, today was my last day in my old position. Starting Monday, I've been upgraded! Not early enough to get the upgraded Christmas gift, but the temp gift is way better anyway >_>; IF I can do the job well, I'll become an actual Samsung employee, as opposed to being a temp working for their call center. I'll be an 'Executive Customer Relations agent' ... basically the people that negotiate with overly unsatisfied customers to get them something that works better. I'll apparently get good benefits, but I don't know most/all the details yet X3;;;

I'll tell ya'll about it once I know more...


Nov. 10th, 2006 11:36 pm
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Jeez. This week has been the most morale crushing week ever. Mentally, I realize that good things have happened over the week, but my body is just exhausted by everything that just went wrong.

I didn't want to say anything about it, because I was worried someone would think I was mad at them. I'm not mad at anybody, because noone's done anything, lol. Even though I work only 8 hours a day, you could very easily have convinced me this week that I worked double that. The hours just went TOO long, you know?

And I was literally bored 7/10ths of the time at work. Usually, I am not bored, because (for instance), I talk with Dave about various weird things, like shows we watch, or games, or movies, or whatever. But since he was on vacation this week... T_T

Of course, it didn't help that it was just a bad customer week. There were lots of calls from Koambra, which in itself is always bad, but today was almost nothing but refunds, replacements, and people pissed off ._.;

Oh, and there were all sorts of glitches to deal with this week D: SOB. So my call total for this week was absolutely abysmal.

The only solace is that Katie was there every day for me to talk to during break and lunch. Or else I would have gone insane D: And she's moving the 24th ><; Shoot.

.... Well, anyway, just wanted to complain about that. Again, I'm not mad at anything, but it's just been a generally bad week ._.
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So. Ran out today to buy office supplies now that I have a HUUUGE desk to work at. Okay... so I share the desk with Dave, but it's still more than enough for both of us. Especially since we don't do anything very important.

Now that I've got the English version of Misery, I can actually read it 8D

Also, I picked up a little magazine called Asian Cult Cinema. Lol, it's got stuff, from what I saw so far, about Kekko Kamen X3 We all remember her, right? Well, it's the LIVE action version. LOL. I haven't looked through much of it, though.

Rich-san has already started making the house autumny. And since Halloween is getting close, he's getting ready for that too ^^; Roshiel beware <3;
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;o; Heroes just gets better and better. Damn them for only having it new on Mondays.... >w< I love the show so much. Sure, lots of people point out that there are errors here and there, but none of it is really bothersome... Like, I've rarely been pulled out of the story because of the errors.

Nikki is hard to be sympathetic for, though :/ And I want to smack Mohinder a lot >>; He was very mean to Peter, when he's completely confiding in that girl for NO reason other than she saved him in a very set up sort of way.

And, of course, everyone loves Hiro. Because he is Super-Hiro <3

I'm usually skeptical about tv shows because they're not all that good usually. But this one is so good. I recommend it for everyone >>; So... like... watch it, okay?

Work has been okay. Nothing special. Apparently, some people think I sound like a recording, though ._.

One week, I made 1037 calls X_X; Too... many... calls...

Oh, and N-chan. Thank you for your extraordinarily comprehensive advice about cars X3 I've definitely taken what you've said into consideration!
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Wow. You know I'm bored when I update my journal with nothing really to say.

Tomorrow's a floating holiday, and since I don't feel like working late to make up the amount of money I would lose by taking off, I'm gonna work. Hm. I'll probably get way more calls done than usual since more people are gonna be home. ._. I hate when people pick up.

I've got plenty of things I should be doing, but since I've gotta sit and tape some stupid show for my mom, I'm not getting involved with anything I would lose track of time with.

::sigh:: My grandmother is still in the hospital. If I didn't have to work, I'd be down in Delaware so I could visit her. ~___~; I hope she'll be okay.

WHY do I keep seeing pictures of Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) paired with Kagome (InuYasha)? ::SHUDDER:: T_T; Is it just because Kurama Youko vaguely resembles InuYasha? ... If that's the case, why is she never abusing him? Hm, probably because he's not stupid enough to take it?

I'm a Heroes fangirl now >>; Of course, I'm *mostly* a fan of Hiro-kun, but yeah :9 It's a pretty interesting show; I'm glad I looked into watching it, because I was skeptical at first. ... GO WATCH IT T___T;

Anybody have any tips about looking for a car? I'm... floundering here, people 8D I really have no idea what I'm doing. I can't just go "Oh, that's a pretty car" because all the cars I like are sporty and will probably run me over with insurance costs.

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I've decided to put my video game thoughts/rants/ideas up as a character journal. Enjoy if you decide you wanna look :3

Not much else to say, other than I got off of work early today (with pay) because the system my division uses was not updated properly and we couldn't make calls too well.


Aug. 16th, 2006 06:54 pm
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Why is it that now that I'm working, I have just as much to say as when I wasn't? ._.

Well, I'm gonna try something out tomorrow. I'm working OVERTIME! Instead of getting off at 5:30, I'm gonna be leaving at 9. It'll get me money faster, and I won't have to be home as often. Now I get to bother you west coasters that much more into the day! ENJOY

August 22nd is when Silent Hill (the movie) comes out. After reading so much junk about it, I don't think I want to get it anymore. It's bad enough that they completely took out Harry, but there's just so much more wrong with it. Hn. Maybe I'll get it just so I can complain about it with knowledge.

August 29th is the tentative date for Disgaea 2. At least, I think it is. Hopefully, it is the correct date, and I'll be getting a happy new game to play... even though I haven't even started Suikoden 5.

Got a new Lupin Sansei boxset as well as another of Yu-Gi-Oh. I've completed one disc of Lupin, but I haven't even started the Yu-Gi-Oh yet. Maybe more over the weekend?

I have decided that Rin needs a last name. Or I need to be informed of a last name that I've already given him and simply forgotten? J-chan~ You would probably know best of anyone if I've already given him one. If not, I'm just going to have to make one up myself!
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Wow. Today was a total dead day at work. Hardly anyone picked up their phones. And there was no one in the cafe either... If not for the people in my office, I would've thought the whole world underwent an apocolypse...

I had to go through Anti-trust training with the SEA Legal team. D: I cannot 'talk shop' with any of you so don't ask! D8! ::ohsodramatic!:: ^^; well, it was valuable information, so it wasn't so bad. I was yawning a lot though X_X It was late in the day so I was tired!!

I now have three games sloted to come in sometime in the next few months. Disgaea 2 for August 29th now, and then sometime after that is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, and then it's .hack G.U. with the figurine :9 Games~ <3

Oh, and I got my visa check card today :3~ So now I can spend like a fiend! .... okay, no, I can't 8D I have to pay back N-chan (uh, I don't remember the exact amount o_o It was 150-ish...), and then I'm paying for those three games 8D (unless they get near Christmas, and then I'll whine for them to be Christmas presents >w<), and then I'm setting money away for the con... And any of what's left over goes to ::DUNDUN:: my car <3 8D Car payments will not be the hard-part, you know? It'll be all the crazy insurance and gas D: I'll be soooo broke (I wanna inherit like Toriya so I can go around harassing cute lil silver-haired shonen D:)

Well, that's all. So I guess I'll skeedaddle now D:
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Attention people of the US.

Samsung does NOT call you to solicit your business ><; They call to either follow up on a repair you supposedly had done within the last two months, AND if you are dealing with our technicians and they SAY they will call.

T____T Please stop thinking I'm some solictor, kay? Thanks.
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Okay, so I'm home from Palisades :9 I went to Dave and Busters *o* They didn't have any DDR games though, just the weird five-button dance pads :<

But, I got some cool moves 8D Avenging Eagle, and The Sword Stained with Royal Blood. :9 They're both old-style kung-fu theater movies AND I believe both have the Venom actors in them 8D Yei.

I didn't find any Silent Hill though :<

Okay, so about my first week of work at Samsung. Monday, I just learned the system, and listened in while Dave made calls -just to get the flow, you know. And then, on Tuesday, I started the actual calls.

D: In my first hour and a half, I got three unsatisfied customers who ranted at me alot D:

And then, on Thursday, around 4 in the afternoon, I got TWO bad calls. Here is the basic transcript of call 1: Me:":D Hello, is *insert name here* in?" Woman: "He's dead >:O ::hang up::" Me: "O_O;;;;;;" ... then the second call goes: Me:":> Hello, may I speak to *insert name here*? :DD" Woman: "He's been dead for a while >:O Whaddaya want?!" Me: "O_O;;; ::again?:: Ah, well, I was just calling from Samsung--::cut off by woman hanging up:: .............. ._.;;;;;"

.... ._.;; How am I supposed to know this stuff?? I just call who the computer tells me to call!

... Friday was good though :9 At 12:30, we all got to go out for a barbeque 8D I got chicken, and a burger, and melon, and cake ....and sushi 8D! And I learned various trivia facts about Samsung... and I didn't have to go back to work until 1:30 8D Yei employee barbeque~

So, essentially, work has been good 8D This Thursday, N-chan, I can pay you back~


Jun. 7th, 2006 11:40 am
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Okay, so quick entry.

The Samsung place called... I had given up over half a week ago! And, after being disappointed for the past half-week, I'd finally gotten over it. I'm not sure if I'm feeling elated that I still have a chance, or panicked because, well, I still have a chance.

...interviews always make me nervous! But I have to be calm and composed because I have to call people for the job... Hopefully, I'll be more relaxed tomorrow. And hopefully, it won't be raining tomorrow (or too hot) so I can go in relatively well-dressed.

Cross your fingers that everything goes well tomorrow. If it DOES, I'll have me a job that pays pretty well...
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::SIGH:: Well, this week hasn't been all that good, just like last week. Anytime I tried to think of something for myself (like about games, or my original characters) I would just have a headache.

Basically, I did nothing this week except get odd sleep patterns and wait for a call that never came. -_-;

...well, I played a bit of Nocturne, trying to win some Burial Chamber battles, and earn money for a Grimhekala with 'pierce'... of course, I didn't enjoy it while I played, which is sad, because it's one of the greatest games ever ._.

Mike says I should just go to a Temp agency. ._.; I... guess I should. I'm still disappointed about not getting the job with Samsung, though.

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blah. This week has not been one of my better =_=

On Saturday/Sunday, I was restless. I had just spent the previous week rping with Trey every night... and then I suddenly wasn't. It was a habit shock, you know? ^^;

Then, on Monday night, I went out and got SDK 18, placed a pre-order for Disgaea 2 (August) and .hack G.U (October), and got my cat food :9

I also gave my friend my resume to hand in at his job... But I still haven't heard anything from them, and he handed it in on Tuesday. I hate answering the phone, because weird people call our house all the time, but everyone suggested I do so until/if I get a call from them... which has made me a nervous wreck for this whole week X_X;

I played a little bit of Disgaea, and Silent Hill... but I couldn't focus on them too much -_-; So I only did a little bit (bringing Laharl to lvl 806), but I just couldn't put much effort into it --;

Thank goodness the week's over, even though I haven't gotten a response yet...


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