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Feel free to ignore. I couldn't find a good character cross-reference program anywhere on the internet, so I'm just gonna start slapping character information here when I want to keep information intact and 'trackable.'

These OCs are ones that I consider 'currently active' in so far as I could likely jump into playing them at any time with a minute or two of recollection.

If I feel productive, I might make 'extended profiles' here and link them in this master post :)a

WIP! )
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Tagged, so I'll do these before falling dead asleep

Tagged Chara meme )

What type... )
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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabblet/ficlet related inspired by each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterward! No matter how whacked out your drabble is. :)
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

.... I apologize in advance for these 8|;; Fandom is ::drumroll:: Punz.

Song Meme )
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For you unaware, Street Fighter 4 is hard. Like... more so than it should be. It took me six tries to beat the end boss (Seth) on 'Easiest' ... Not natural. The only person I seem to be any good at is Vega. I'm not even that good with him. It's more aggravation than is necessary.

I do, however, like that there is a full Japanese track, down to changing the opening song to Japanese. Also, everyone's opening and ending is done in full anime style, which is awesome. The anime style is much nicer than the actual game graphics, though Cammy and Chun-li look nice anyhow. Even with Chun-li's gorilla sized hands.

Got Secret Invasion: Runaways and Young Avengers in the mail today. Skimmed through most of it; still annoyed by how easily Nico and Victor believe Xavin is against them. Also, Teddy is a big whiny baby at the beginning (I blame Yost's writing) and Billy has to pretty much lead him around ilke an overgrown child. There's an obvious, comfortably brother relationship between Tommy and Billy shown, though, which I really like. Most fans tend to have them just short of ripping each other's throats out, even though there's no real evidence of that sort of reaction occuring with them. The closest is in the additional story, where Billy and Tommy go to look for the Scarlet Witch, and they make witty comments at each other.

... Tommy catching a sai out of mid-air is pretty cool though :B

So, I deposited my tax refund in the bank... and come home to the state refund. Dammit, I hate going to the bank, and now I have to take two trips there :| Nice to be back in my comfort zone for my finances, though!

Ever been in a fandom where seemingly everyone has an idea about a character, but you have no clue where they all got the impression? Poland cross-dressing in the Hetalia fandom, for example, or Billy acting like a pms-ing 14-yr old girl in Young Avengers.

Wanna make someone in Punz know Systema. Thinking... Theo? Mostly because he's the last person you'd expect to be capable of dropping you with just a few moves 8D


Oct. 17th, 2008 01:30 am
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Universe: Punz 2 (and 1/2?)
Character: Shigenari/Masaya
Prompt: Dramatic

Overdramatic )
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Universe: Punz
Character: mentions of Jotaru/Blair, Yusaku
Prompt: Subtle

These are all so short -_- And Yusaku is weird.

Random )

Just for knowledge, a yakuyoke is when a Shinto shrine purifies you of your personal bad luck for a fee.
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Universe: Punz 1
Character: prominently Rich and Mitsuru
Prompt: Panic

Another quickie before bed, this one's actually longer. Enjoy. Thinking the next one will be Rebels related....

You tell the weirdest stories! )

The beginning of a beeyootiful friendship!

Ficlet #3

Jun. 24th, 2008 12:23 am
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So short. Ohman, this is so short, lol. Blame it on how tired I am XD I'm gonna crash now.

Universe: Punz 2
Character: Rich, Caesar
Prompt: Get up

Like father like son )
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So. Ran out today to buy office supplies now that I have a HUUUGE desk to work at. Okay... so I share the desk with Dave, but it's still more than enough for both of us. Especially since we don't do anything very important.

Now that I've got the English version of Misery, I can actually read it 8D

Also, I picked up a little magazine called Asian Cult Cinema. Lol, it's got stuff, from what I saw so far, about Kekko Kamen X3 We all remember her, right? Well, it's the LIVE action version. LOL. I haven't looked through much of it, though.

Rich-san has already started making the house autumny. And since Halloween is getting close, he's getting ready for that too ^^; Roshiel beware <3;


Aug. 13th, 2006 04:32 am
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Hohoho, I was looking over the new DeviantArt (late, I know), and hm. I figured I would look over the 'popular' view of my own art.

Hee, Rin, you're popular. Two in the top five. Way to go my lil man <3 Shuu beats you in the top five (because he doesn't hit people?) because he takes the top three slots. But! Rin has more pictures in the popular first page.

Lol, I'm not too certain what counts in the popularity -hits? -faves? Dunno.

Interesting note, the pictures of Rin that are high up? Pictures with Hikaru <3;; (Too bad the one with them 'bickering' over the mecha isn't on the first page :< )

Oh yes. Also, I threw a picture up onto dA, and pretty soon I'll be posting a fic. Most of you won't care, but I figured I'd give you a heads up!

8D This post was written by a severely sleep deprived Suoh-chan so there's a chance that it won't make sense/there are things that aren't really funny but amuse me at the moment. Forgive me~?
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As probably the only person in the universe that has yet to touch Kingdom Hearts 2, I have other things to occupy me ^^; I got to go to Sanseido and China on Saturday.

In Chinatown, I picked up the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, YuGiOh boxset 3, D.N.Angel, Lupin the III box 5, .hack//SIGN, and Prince of Tennis: Present from Atobe. Also, I got two sets of Naruto figurines with Chouji, Shikamaru, and Hyuga in them *o* Wai. I found a bunch of awesome Samurai Deeper Kyo posters as well as one Naruto one with Shikamaru on it. Oh yes, and my prize possessions, Shin Megami Tensei figurines *O* I didn't get the Jack Frost one though! ;o; I DID, however, get Varna *v* Wai Varna!

(Atobe->Kabaji = Very Yes)

Then my dad and I went to Sanseido and Mitsuwa. I picked up the two latest volumes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, of course. GAH. So much dramatic stuff has happened! ;~; Ganbare, Kyo! While there, I also grabbed a random volume of Full Metal Alchemist... I'm totally lost in it, though XD I also grabbed several magazines, including two ps2 ones in anticipations of Samurai Warriors 2 *______* Nagamasa-samaaa ~<3 Of course, reading the magazines, I have discovered I want the anime Princess Princess >DDDD

Then, in Mitsuwa, I picked up a Gaara chibi keychain, because they change the toys in Mitsuwa all the time --; :9 And I also got some rice candy... but it's such a small package that I've eaten it already ;~; And caramel pocky is pretty good :o OH. I also found a volume of Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna *~* Ureshiii I picked that up along with two volumes from Jigoku Sensei Nube <3

... So as you can see, I've got lots of things to keep me busy, and with my birthday in such a short time, I doubt I may get to KH2 soon ^^;;;;; Oops.

Sketches for Trey-chan )


Nov. 30th, 2005 06:27 am
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Anime meme stolen from Trey-chan )

.... I have no pictures of Yon ;.; I just realized that as I was looking at my files. I don't have pictures of a lot of other people either, but Yon struck me the most. Possibly because I was trying to explain his hair to someone (I was having trouble drawing it, and I couldn't explain to them why x.x; ) Trey-chan, maybe you could send me some? :3
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Drat. Missed Trey-chan tonight --; I'll just have to wait for her to get back, I guess x.x; I'm trying to keep myself busy, lol, but it's not working as well tonight as it did last night. I'm stuck in my story, and I'm pretty much all caught up in my reading of friends entries. Ah well, at least I know when Trey-chan should be back...

My cat is courteously draping all of his paws in front of my computer screen :D;;;;

I'm working on some Nick-based art for the 'Irish' rp Trey and I are doing. Of course, I've already done too much Nick work for this story, and my other characters feel left out ^^; But Nick is the most fun to play in that game, so I fall back on him alot :D Now if only I could draw a full body picture of him :3;;

I am in serious need of Digital Devil Saga fanstuffs. Any characters would do, you know, cause I learned to love 'em all by the time in the game I've gotten to. Oh! And I found out their voices from the Japanese version. Serph is Nojima Keiji *o* (That's Lu Xun from Dynasty Warriors and Kanone from Spiral); Heat is Midorikawa Hikaru (....uh, duh, we all know who he is); Gale is Hideyuki Hori (Ikki from Saint Seiya, lol!); Cielo is Miura Hiroaki (... He's Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors which surprises me o.O; I don't know anyone else he plays. Does anyone know??)... There's also Touma Yumi, Kuwashima Houko, Masaya Onosaka, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Ginga Banjo, Ishikawa Hideo, Tomizawa Michie, and Nobutoshi Kanna *o* All-star cast right there, yo.

Favorite quote of the day: "If you're really a Goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?"

Anyone know of any roles that Miura Hiroaki is in (other than Gan Ning of Dynasty Warriors)? Or Naomi Shindo? I'm really curious here, people!!
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Well, since my game release date got pushed back (AGAIN!OMGWTF??), I've been trying to be productive without the use of computer --;

Therefore, I've been mercilessly drawn into the world of Sudoku. I'm not one to be recruited into fads, but I'll make an exception this time. It's a logic puzzle, after all, and this world is so illogical, I could go for a good dose of nice, ol' logic.

Also, I've been working on new characters for the.. uh... Irish rp...thingy that Trey and I are doing. Now that Pellinore is completed, both sides (Shea and Blair) are equal. But then I went and made another character so they're totally unequal again XD; His name is Sean Dunnahan (...), but in the future, he'll go by Lloyd Webber. Go me and my total lack of creativity! Anyhoo, he's all into Cu Chulainn, who is his big ol' hero, apparently >>;

And thirdly, I've decided to draw (chibi of course) lil pictures of the Punz1 and Punz2 characters that I play. They're in sets of two, categorized by parent and child(ren). Therefore, some parents, and some kids won't be represented ^^; (Sorry Nick! ;o;) The people completed are as follows: Milo & Ethan, Shigeru & Kiyomaru, Rich & Caesar, Shuuichi & Gentian & Aspen, Katsuya & Toyomi, Mitsuru & Akira, and Yasuhiko & Brandon-Thomas. Mafuyu and Yusaku are the only ones left, I THINK. I've got a terrible memory ever since I started... well, doing nothing every day :D

I'm also sitting around waiting for Samurai Deeper Kyo #16 to hurry up and come out. I already have the Japanese version, but I need the English because I can't figure out what Hotaru is talking about >>; I wanna know EXACTLY what's going on this time around >>;

Oh, and I'm trying to write some Punz for Halloween, but we'll see how it goes ^_^; After all, Halloween is Rich's favorite holiday >:3 I imagine he probably tells scary stories to all the kids XD

Blah, I miss Trey-chan --
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You Are The Key Character
"It's what I was meant to do."

You are the true enigma. No one knows much about you, you do not understand much of yourself, and your life seems to carry no purpose. Yet regardless of everything around you - everyone knows that you are here for some reason, even if no one yet knows what that is. Things seem to simply fall into place for you. Almost as though some force is working either through you, for you, or around you. No matter your troubles, ou have been sent here to unlock something. This is your destiny.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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Mint Tea
Mint Tea...
You are Mint Tea!
Naturally sweet you have a happy-go-lucky attitude.
The world is full of fun and wonder! Although
you can be naive at times and quite aloof to
your surroundings you know how to have good
clean fun! Most people see you as cute and very
gentle by nature and it is most likely true.
You have a great outlook on life and you try
not to let things get to you. Go you!

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
brought to you by Quizilla

Currently working on a picture of Remus Lupin. Trying new methods, both in the drawing, and in the coloring. Don't know how it'll turn out, so cross yer fingers. Aiyah. How do people use these watercolors, anyway? @.@

Gonna draw the other Marauders as well, of course... Though maybe not Wormtail >:D; No one likes him anyway. But definitely James. James is, after all, probably my favorite Harry Potter character XD; He, Draco, and Tom Riddle, of course...

Oh, yes, Trey-chan? When did Obzy find out that Shuu didn't graduate? :O Cause I doubt Shuu told him right away since they 'lost touch' after Obzy graduated... It's not a big deal, I was just curious XD
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I am nerdier than 82% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Spent a good portion of tonight rambling about Harry Potter. Or more specifically, James, Severus, Sirius, Remus, Draco, and Ron... and the horrible state of Harry lately. For SHAME, Harry, I have more respect for Lucius Malfoy than you right now T.T Shame.

I've also noted that Cielo's outfit bears a strange resemblance to Arjuna's outfit from one picture. (Arjuna is a young archer from Indian myths...) Interesting, though I don't know if it's intentional or not...

It's official: Shuu and Obzy's second kid's name is 'Aspen'... while his nickname is going to be Aquamarine. So, now the only gemstone in that family that doesn't start with 'A' is Obsidian >:D; Amethyst, Amber, and now Aquamarine... Ah well, no biggie, yes?

I don't suppose being away from the computer (and human contact besides the, ugh, family) is very good for my characters. They've started to, well, hang out with each other o.o; Sininen and Saizou, for instance. Or Hirose and Mafuyu. Kiyomaru is going off into his own seperate storylines, for crying out loud!

It's painful to not look at spoilers listed by everyone who's played DDSAT's second half in Japanese... ~.~ I want to know so much. But I don't want to ruin the fun, because with games like this, knowing just takes all of the thrill out of it. Some things are rather easy to figure out, so spoilers are no big deal. But not SMT universe stuff... But I can't wait until August!! ._.

::goes off to wait for August in a dark corner, away from spoilers::
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First and foremost, this is overdue squishyness. Trey-chan, I got your present on the 17th, but I've been so distracted watching them over and over again (I kid you not) that I, uh, kinda hadn't gotten online promptly :D;

Peace Maker Kurogane... Hm. There are quite a bit of interesting changes between the anime and comic XD; Shinpachi and Sanosuke seem to be the only ones who are EXACTLY like they are in the comic. I guess since Suzu is LESS gay in the anime so far, they have to make Okita and Heisuke and Susumu ten times more gay X3;

Doesn't Susumu have Tagorou's voice? o.O

Shinpachi is without a doubt my favorite guy X3; Followed by Susumu, and I think they made Okita's scary eyes much... prettier and less threatening/psychotic in the anime :D I do kinda miss psycho Suzu though... X3;

Petite Princess Yucie is ADORABLE. I am far more smitten with it than I had originally expected. Like, I thought I would just like Cube and be sorta iffy on the rest of the characters. BUT NO! They are ALL adorable. Like the father X3; And of course I just couldn't think of anyone but Saizou whenever Glenda showed up.


The giraffe things were too too cute. I did not expect them at all X3 But I heart them! However, Ethan has become quite smitten with the sticker and has run off with it :D; And Alek took the metal one... ^^; Caesar and Yusaku were fighting over the card, but Kiyomaru just casually walked past and yoinked it from both of them, tucking it into his pocket and leaving :D;

Hm, I have a song called Truth I Need (from my Persona cd) sung by Don McCow, and I really want to use it for one of the second generation Punz bois. However, I don't know who it would fit best. I'm torn between BT and Kiyomaru. The voice itself would fit with either of them, but I'm not sure who I can picture singing the song better XD; Like, Kiyo would totally be singing like that for Shigeru, though X3 It might be more like BT............. BUT, while the whole song is in English, most of it's completely.... Engrish that cannot be understood :D;

If my computer could recognize the cd format, I would totally send it to you... ::sweatdrop:: But maybe there's a chance you can find it online, since you have other Persona songs.

There's also a song that... hm... makes me think of the Atobe songs, but it's by a woman, so... I thought, oh, hey, that could be Toyomi-chan. She's not very refined sounding, cause it's very dancy sounding. ANYWAY. It's called "Open your heart ~ Up-rifting house mix" and it's sung by Rie Ishiyama. I'm sending you the lyrics from both songs in gmail, incase you can't find the songs. (And I'll be trying to get the computer to recognize them too XD; )
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::pokes LJ:: I rarely post anymore. I just have no real interest in doing so... My life isn't exactly that interesting that I have to write about it...

The Wanderer...

What was your job in a past life? (LOTS of results & Anime Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Thinkin' about various stuff but I've gotten nothing done. I've been sick for what seems like forever, and it's a really lingering cold >>;

It's funny reading the log where Mitsuru-tachi first showed up. Rich was so... grumpy back then. He even scared Shiyou. So different from now when we're pairing the two up in some rps >>;;
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I don't understand why everyone liked Devil May Cry. Sure, the music was good, the animations were violent and awesome >D, and the background are great... but the plot was TERRIBLE. It had such an obvious plot and the characters were unlikeable and totally uninteresting. Blah. Probably won't ever play THAT again T.T;

Best part of the third Harry Potter movie (which was a complete disaster in most senses, mind you): when the Divinations Prof. said that Hermione has a shriveled heart >DDDDDDDDDDD I was laughing OHSOMUCH when she said that, and Hermione only proved it by shoving the crystal ball off the table and storming out >D BWAHAHAHA

Though the old-man makeout scene between Sirius and Remus was kinda gross :D;;;;;; >>;;;;; ('quarelling like an old married couple' eh? >>; we all know what THAT means.)

<3 In case you are all wondering, yeah >D I have funky Harry Potter pairings >DDDDD LuciusxJames anyone? >DDD Or perhaps Severus->James, and Peter->James (oh yes, I have a whole idea for that). Naturally, there's also SiriusxRemus and HarryxDraco (NO seme Draco T.T; )

Been sick for a while. Sore throat, groggy, overall exhaustion. Weird x.x;

Luckily, I've been able to avoid going to Thanksgiving dinner with my relatives T.T;;; I'm still going to visit my grandmother, of course, but I'm staying at her house while the rest of them go and eat and socialize. >>;;;

Played a lot of .hack... That game gets a little slow when you have to level up and search for Virus cores, but ohman is it good in most other cases :>

Posted up a log at punz_talk. And drew some punz art. Not very good, but decent full-body standing poses that I haven't been able to do recently.

It's weird... My dad hasn't asked me to add into paying for the college funds... :OOO So, if he doesn't ask me soon, I'm gonna dig into my bank account to pay for Trey's present... It's the only money I have that would pay for it :D; I wonder how to take the money out and pay for it online O.<;

~.~ I wish I had a working PS2. Not having one makes things most difficult. I've had to keep borrowing my brother's...

Lately, I've been playing with Blair-kun alot. Blair-kun is my gamer-boy, who shares my love for gaming XD Since I have no one else, I had to make someone up. He's got cute hair, and that piercing style that I have so much :3; He's got a handsome, rich boyfriend with a name that's pending, but I'm thinking of giving him the name 'Seymore' >>; ::pets Blair::

By the way, does anyone know of a good questionaire to answer about pairings? I remember one way back when, but maybe there's a more current issue running about? If not, I'll have to look back through my old entries....


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