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No, really

Jan. 1st, 2010 08:26 pm
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Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice came out today. While I'm totally rocking the soundtrack (which I got from preordering -silly me), I don't even have a ps3 to play the game. And with the advent of the 80gb ps3 with NO backwards compatibility, one of those overpriced doorstops are going to take even longer to enter this household.

Games that I NEED on PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4.

Game I need on xb360 : too numerous to count... D:

okay, so, maybe my opinion will change when Phil comes in and says OMGMAOISCOOLERTHANLAHARL. Which, honestly, not highly likely. My Laharl could wipe the floor with just about any other character 8) But I'm still open to the possibility. Of course, Phil also likes Etna, so ... his opinion can have its flaws. (At least they still have the archers ::swoon:: If I were cute, I'd so cosplay as the archers. Too bad I'm not 8D )

I needs me a day off to just sit and play games 8)

Had something else to talk about but... geez. Dunno now. Oh well!
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8| My name is Suoh-chan, and I would like to ask that you stop going out every night. I understood when you went out the night before last, because a tree fell on some of your lines, and there was lightning...

But last night was just silly. It was hot, and I was IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUEST WITH MARC.

At least you are not biased. You went out in the middle of my Alliance progress the night before, and this time, I was with the Horde...

Even so, please try to refrain from this behavior 8| It's rude, and inconsiderate to people that have the next day off and wanna stay up late earning imaginary money and gear 8| A lot of people.


Okay, so, I'm a lot less annoyed as I write this than I was when it actually happened last night at about 1:30... man, why does our power keep going off? It better not be intentional >_>

In other news, I wish PS3s weren't so expensive. Gotta go and deposit my $600 into the bank 8| The guys at work said I should buy a PS3, lol. Even though I wanna get Metal Gear Solid 4, a PS3 is outta the budget right now. Oh, and nevermind that my parents would kill me if I came back with ANOTHER big purchase after my 360 and my laptop...

EDIT: WHY DOES INTERNETZ HATE ME? Doh, I forgot that WoW was gonna be down for some time today ><; I didn't realize it was PDT, not EST.


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