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The Shin Megami Tensei people are (hopefully) smiling down upon me, as there are TWO SMT games coming out within the next couple months. One is for the PS2, and the other is for the DS. The PS2 one, I know, is gonna rock; don't know ANYTHING about the DS one. Kinda nervous.

The temperature keeps fluctuating from really cold, to nice and warm. Pick nice and warm!

More District Manager woes at ye olde store. I don't know, maybe I'm just a dumb person, but how is getting a customer to cancel 7 reserves, and only reserve 2 things after that good for ANYONE'S business? And the DM brushed it off as we were having "too good" a week for reserves and subs. WHAT? Clear sabotage of our store.

Just getting tired of my life being waylaid by jackassery in general. My patience in most things has been worn thin in the last couple of days.

That said... FOR PONY!
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So... unable to get to work today. We had so much snow that it was impossible to get my car out of our driveway (which is only the length of a car in the first place) and onto the road. They didn't even plow all day until just a few minutes ago.

Of course, the district manager didn't close the store because the mall stores (at least 15 or so miles away) had only slightly bad weather.

Normally, I wouldn't care. Except for the fact that the stupid store closes at 11 tonight. Jackassery of the highest degree in the first place, but because I was unable to come in to close, my manager has to work the entire day. From 8 in the morning to 11 at night. Yeah, that fucking sucks. I hope he's able to drive home alright.

Almost finished Devil Summoner Raidou, and just reached a really sad part 8| But, at least the Narumi/Raidou stuff just keeps piling up. ~<3 Just one chapter left and I can start Persona 4. Yousukeeee~
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So, the figma series Miku figure that I have is apparently so hard to get in Japan that it's like the Wii/Wii fit rush here in America. Is it bad to feel excited that I have it as well as Rin and Ren figures?

Got my Devil Summoner Raidou soundtrack as well as my Shin Megami Tensei 3 art book. Pretty~ I love Kazuma Kaneko's art, for some reason, and that's probably a driving reason that I play most of the Shin Megami Tensei games (and the Trauma Center games too). Of course, Persona 3 and 4 are not drawn by him; with Persona 3, it was almost like the artist was trying too hard to match Kaneko-san's style. Persona 4 is a lot better, as if the artist merely wanted to create a style that had a flow with Kaneko-san's style.

Got involved in the Winter Veil event in WoW because a lot of it was cooking centered... :9 I like to cook in reality, so even though my friends think it's a waste of time to spend effort on the cooking skill in WoW, I still do it 8| I can make gingerbread cookies and egg nog in WoW now, lol.

Feeling lazy, but like I should do something... You know, like play a video game, or do a little room cleaning, or transferring music onto my laptop. BUT SO LAZY.

EDIT: Played on WoW and worked on earning gold for my flying mount. THEY HAVE MAGIC CARPETS. Made me wanna sing songs from Aladdin. I so need one of these right now.
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Just spent too much monies at work today (Too bad there's no mood for 'poor'). Bought Prince of Persia, Persona 4, a WoW timecard, Luminous Arc 2, Naruto The Broken Bond, and Eternal Poison.

..... yaargh. At least it's all good stuff. Got an art book with Persona 4, and soundtracks with PoP, LA2, P4, AND EP.... haha, rolling in the soundtracky goodness.

Of course, I really really should finish my Devil Summoner game. I still have 3 or 4 chapters to go... But I want to play Persona 4 and see Yousuke so bad ;^; He's so cute.

So, it continues to happen despite my best efforts. People seem to think I'm deeper than I really am, finding hidden depth and meaning in things I've hardly thought over myself. While I'm flattered that people think so highly of my mental capabilities, it's kinda mostly funny by this point. lol.

Going to bed now; swapped shifts with Dan so I'm working ANOTHER Sunday. It's cool though; it wasn't last second, and it actually got me out of having to go see family. Others might like visiting with family, but I really don't like pretending I get along with people that I never see the rest of the year. I'm disappointed that I probably won't get to see my grandmother this year for Christmas because I probably will have to work sometime close to the actual day. ... and it's too far to drive to her house for only one day. Sigh.

Bed time now.
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It's too bad my thoughts can't be streamed to this journal. I usually don't get here until after whatever's worth writing about is too 'distant' a memory.

Been having a tough week with the manager deciding he's fed up with stuff going on at work. In between being overworked, and getting my period, I've had very little patience for stupid people in the workplace. Customers are also being none too pleasant for incredibly stupid, unnecessary reasons. Honestly, when one of my coworkers tells you he's getting a game for you, I'm *not* going to walk halfway across the store to pick the display case up for you when it's right next to you, seriously. It's not ME being an asshole.

Also, and this is really not a serious thing, but pisses me off anyway; I was under the impression Marc and I were gonna play Gears of War 2 co-op, but on the day he forced me to go in instead of working himself, he was playing through it...


In better news, got into the Beta for Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online. Yay; SMT is my favorite series, probably, and to finally have the online game come to an American audience is really exciting. (don't know how exclusive the beta is, so I feel special, lol)

Also, getting a keychain from Jinx because I leveled up so high on their website.

Persona 4 is coming out soon, and although I was spoiled for something that's kinda disappointing, I'm actually excited for this one. Much more excited than I was for Persona 3, so I think I'll actually end up playing this one, haha. And most important, I'm getting a Teddy plushie~ ... To be fair, I'm mostly excited for a pairing I've come to love JUST because of fanart. How lame am I? 8)

Been on a Silent Hill kick thanks to playing so much Left 4 Dead. But I've lost my strat guide >8| I don't need it to play, but it's more principle because it's annoying that I can't find it, when I've looked everywhere for it.

Tired. I can has sleep now?
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As I sit here listening to my brand spanking new Digital Devil Saga soundtrack, I am also browsing sites to find information about the newest Devil Summoner Raidou game that is only coming out in Japan so far.

Also, I am musing something that's incredibly intriguing to me, and probably boring as all hell to others: the relationship of demons in the various MegaTen games. None of the following is what I would consider spoilers. Everything can be revealed just by playing a few hours into the games.

In Digital Devil Saga, they are merely enemies, and something that you and your teammates have been forced into becoming. There's no kinship, and even your allies seem rather dangerous - there's a few just-misses with some of the teammates almost eating each other in the very beginning.

In Devil Summoner Raidou, the demons are partners. You've been trained to essentially capture them and use them as allies in your fight. There's a bit of... convincing, but once the demons join you, they're loyal. They're mostly used for tasks, and because Raidou is a silent protagonist, you can really determine your relationship for yourself. However, it's a definite that Raidou utilizes the demons whenever he can, and that, to say the very least, he doesn't outright mistreat them, because they usually have good things to say about him.

In Persona, by and large, the demons are creatures that can respond in varying ways: they can become your own persona, thus aiding your quest greatly; they can give you information; they can attack you for fun or out of anger; they can also run away. They're essentially like everything else in the world; it's only weird that you run into them in the beginning....

In Nocturne, you ARE one of them. Even though Hitoshura is another silent protagonist, there's a sense of being just like the demons you are recruiting. True, Hitoshura is only a half-demon, but you still need to speak to the demons in their own language, barter with them, and give them items - just like when you're recruiting normal characters in other rpgs...

... So yeah, I find that interesting. None of the branches of the MegaTen series are exactly alike, but they are familiar enough to all be fun. I don't expect most of the people that read this to go out and play the MegaTen series, because I understand it's not a series for everyone. Most probably won't be able to play through the first dungeon in any of them... And while that's okay, I really wish more people would get into the above series. They're truly fun, and challenging... And they even cross over into each other! Hitoshura, in particular, seems to REALLY like traversing into other games.
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Funny how Dan gets his birthday off special, whereas he told me straight out that he thinks it's an offense one should be fired for. ... Things are different for Dan, apparently. Not that I mind him having his birthday off, but that means Marc takes the day off, and I have to work on Sunday >8|

There's a random message in our bathroom at work today. One that states if someone gets 10 subs in a week, that person will get a $50 gift card.

... So, me and Andrew asked Marc tonight if that was actually legitimate, and Marc freaked out. We had assumed it was Marc that did it, since Dan supposedly doesn't care about the store's numbers (and doesn't exactly have money to throw around like that), and the DM probably wouldn't give an employee $50 just for a tiny goal like 10 subs in a week. We tried joking, saying that Marc shouldn't be pulling back on his written deal, but I don't think he got it...

.... It's weird working with Andrew recently; before, he used to really dislike me, but now we've started to think alike. It's like having Tommy and Billy from the Young Avengers working together. I'm the more level-headed one while he's exactly like Tommy minus the super-speed ...... oh, and the blowing up his school part.

Took the hand from the Dead Space display. Will probably put it in my car window 8|

MUST. FINISH. DEVIL SUMMONER. RAIDOU COMMANDS IT. .... I have to at least finish it to find out about Raido. ... vs. Raidou. I know they're alternate universe versions of each other, but how close is Raidou to Raido? Because Raidou is a silent protagonist, does that affect their differences? Is Raido a more negative version of Raidou, or do people just think that because he's got scars on his face while Raidou doesn't?

In other, random, only-in-my-mind news, still obsessed with Michael(Jump In): makes me think of Billy and Tommy.
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KAHKJGKJAJKGHKJDHF what is this?? Why is Raidou fighting Hitoshura? DX Can you capture him and summon him like Dante in Nocturne? IS THIS A FAN'S DREAM COME TRUE? YES/YES?

EDIT: After making an account on Amazon Japan, I see that they can indeed ship out of Japan >_> As I just ordered a Digital Devil Saga complete soundtrack.... hm. I'm curious to see if it's because the item is still in preorder status, or if they're just mean and won't let me have more of my Raidou fix 8|

........... time to start sending opinion cards to Atlus USA and make them bring this game over soon 8)

OR find a friend in Japan, make THEM order it, and then have them send it to me 8D SO SIMPLE
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clearly, they have lost all sight of what a persona game really is. Atlus Japan, you are officially made of fail.
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I have had the entire Silent Hill series in my hands for days, and I have yet to extensively play ANY of them :< Such is the problem with working....

Of course, Harry is incredibly hard to control. Up makes him move forward, regardless of the direction he's in, left and right makes him spin in place, and down goes backwards regardless of facing direction. ... down also makes him leap backwards in a silly way 8D It's hard to be terrified in Silent Hill when Harry hops silly. Though... I AM terrified I won't be able to fight effectively with him 8D;;

I've got to visit Beast now in KH2... of course, I've delayed seriously because I've been goofing off with my gummi ships... so I should've been farther along than I am ^^;

Question: What is the reason for making Squall older, and Seifer younger? Don't get me wrong, Seifer's cuter than he was in the original game, but wtf? And why is Zidane the only hero from 7-X2 that ISN'T in the game?? He was the best of the heroes (ranking: 1.Zidane 2.Cloud 3.Squall 3.Tidus 5.Yuna)

I'll stop boring people with game!chatter.

I'm always tired now. I don't know why. Even when I get lots of sleep, I'm still really tired. And my eyes hurt a lot now. Maybe cause I'm staring at a computer screen so much recently after hardly doing so for a long time?

Not much else to say, really. I haven't been doing much lately but work. On the weekends, I generally just veg out. Hn...


Jun. 10th, 2006 01:27 am
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Boy am I tired. All this stressing has worn me out...

Of course, I'm starting work on Monday... It's a little depressing that I basically don't 'get' any of my paychecks for a while because I have to devote them to things like a car and things along those lines (and, of course, once I get the car, I'll have even less paycheck to get because of insurance/gas) ... oh well

Finished Silent Hill 2 with some of the freetime I had this week. But I found a site online where I can buy all four games for $20 each... That's so awesome. I'm going out later today, I think, so I'll look in some gamestores to see if I can find any cheaper, and if not, I'll order from the site (yes, SH has become an obsession for me x_X)

Also, I played a little Dark Cloud 2 before starting SH2 again (for another ending). Max is so cute in his little explorer outfit (though it's hard to believe he's something like 15 years old), and Monica looks super cute in her lined dress (I think). As it is, I'm just working on building up their weapons, and soon I'll be working more on the Ridepod... Though, I can't get the Bomber Head Boom! Scoop that I need to get before continuing the storyline. It's really frustrating!
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blah. This week has not been one of my better =_=

On Saturday/Sunday, I was restless. I had just spent the previous week rping with Trey every night... and then I suddenly wasn't. It was a habit shock, you know? ^^;

Then, on Monday night, I went out and got SDK 18, placed a pre-order for Disgaea 2 (August) and .hack G.U (October), and got my cat food :9

I also gave my friend my resume to hand in at his job... But I still haven't heard anything from them, and he handed it in on Tuesday. I hate answering the phone, because weird people call our house all the time, but everyone suggested I do so until/if I get a call from them... which has made me a nervous wreck for this whole week X_X;

I played a little bit of Disgaea, and Silent Hill... but I couldn't focus on them too much -_-; So I only did a little bit (bringing Laharl to lvl 806), but I just couldn't put much effort into it --;

Thank goodness the week's over, even though I haven't gotten a response yet...
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Mrf. I almost didn't get the computer tonight -_- My sister threw another one of her psychotic episodes and slammed the button on the stack in.... I had to pry it out with a nail file. Yargh.

Well, because of that, I got no sleep today ^_^; I'm very exhausted, but I can deal with that to be with Trey :9 Wai Trey.

Nyao, I'm tired of my mom and sister being total ... well... unreasonable ***holes whenever their personal status is affected (i.e. not enough sleep, nearing that time of the month, slightly hungry, sick...) It's driving me CRAZY. If only I had enough money for a car ><; The only cars cheap enough for me to buy are the ones that need a lot of work done, thus eliminating their good 'deal'

.... well, in good news, most of the carpet is out of my room. You wouldn't think it would take me this long, but yeah. I've done most of it by myself... I don't think I like my new bed, though. It doesn't... feel like it's mine. Hopefully, I'll adjust to it, but it just feels like I'm using someone else's bed, which prevents me from sleeping too deeply.

I've also decided, since playing a few hours of Silent Hill 2, that I must watch the new movie that is out. Yeah, I know it's based on the first game, but I couldn't borrow that :< (The person I'm borrowing from sold it >>; ) ... but the game is so awesome ;~; wai, I'm gonna try out SH3 AND 4 as well o/~

I'm over 101 hours in Disgaea. Laharl is about lvl 630-somethin now :3;;; AND, I finally unlocked the angel class. I'm still levelling up Perenia, cause she's my super favorite, but Kazuma is highest level pupil so far... 126? Yeah, something like that. I finally opened the Alt. Netherworld, but argh, it requires tossing, so Laharl can't just clean up all the monsters himself :< ::too used to this method:: And man that Dark Assembly is annoying XD Laharl can beat them all himself, sure, but there's just so damn many of them that hate you... and it doesn't help that when you kill them, they hate you more. Oh well, I can get the use Force 100 times ending quicker now! :D

Just for the fun of it, I went through the human world. The ending was a bit meh, becuase it was just one picture the whole time, but the song "Ode to Laharl-sama" is great XD;
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Have you ever feen icky/ill for no apparent reason? I'm not hungry, it's not ... near that time of the month yet, ... maybe I'm just still tired? Hm. Maybe I'm coming down with something...

In other news, I WAS going to go out and get Suikoden V... but when I got up in the afternoon to do so, my dad had already gotten it for me :O AND, he managed to get the pre-order items O_O Wow. Also, he brought home the list of new games coming out; if Disgaea 2/the new .hack game come with anything neat, I'm gonna preorder them. Otherwise, I think I'll just wait until they come out ^_^ ...maybe. I can get impatient for games sometimes, and preordering makes it more bearable XD

I'm disappointed with Majo no Ochakai. They (the company, I mean) cut out the Ponica and Megumi arcs to make the game playable by all audiences??? ... They still rated the game mature (you can see panties, and some of the characters have... rather large breasts ^^; ) .... Megumi, maybe, could be cut out for overly mature scenes, considering how she acts sometimes... But Ponica?! ._.; I wanted to try to get Ponica because she reminded me of Rin ..... >>;; what.

I played more Disgaea last night through this morning. Laharl is still only lvl 336. At this rate, I'll never be able to fight Marjoly or Baal x_X; Well, all I can do is keep extreme!levelling at CoO3, ne? I'm close to unlocking the angel class (my f.knight is lvl 86, my f.cleric is lvl 85, and my several times over transmigrated archer/ace archer lvl 63), but nowhere near getting the Majin ^^; (Lvl 200 is so mean... well, I won't think that when I get all those characters there, but for now-- it's mean! XD; )

I'm on the last legs of Wild Arms: Alter Code F. I had been playing it for several days in a row, and now that I have all three additional characters, I'm tackling everything in the game. I've got quite a bit of things left to do, but levelling up in order to be able to do those extra dungeons and characters was getting monotonous... which is why I started playing Disgaea again this morning. Lol, it's not that I'm bored with WA:ACF yet, I just needed a break, ne? :D

....what's a good way to store magazines? Stacks and stacks of magazines are taking up WAY too much space in my room now X_X; that, and books. I have ALOT of books >>; I mean, like, piles and piles of them. I need to figure a good way to store them (we have these really awful moths in my house that get in the books if you don't securely store them ><;; )

Nyao, I've wanted to play Suikoden V for days now. But it's my motivation for cleaning/ordering my room, and since nothing is put away (my whole room is full of stacks of things), I don't feel like I can play it yet. That, and I haven't decided what I want to name the main character. Now, I'm not one of those people that think the Suikoden heroes (except for 3) have REAL names. This whole idea that Botchan/McDohl is really named Tir is just silly (nevermind that I HATE the name Tir). My heroes are named (in game order): Aaron McDohl, Killie, Hugo, Rin, and ... well, I haven't figured his name out yet. No names really JUMP at me for him.

Having not played the game yet, there's one thing that's standing out and bothering me... What is with recent games and making the main character (male) having a FEMALE bodyguard?? Augh, it's irritating. Women are weaker, by default, than men. And the main character, by default, is the strongest character in the game (since most main characters require being in the party at most, if not all times) ..... --; It probably won't affect my enjoyment of the game (I'll just treat her like Nanami, who I'm really fond of, until it's shown I should treat her otherwise), but it's just a pet-peeve of mine...
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Unyaaa. I want to stop cleaning. I'm soooo tired of cleaning things! ><

I'm thinking of getting Suikoden V tomorrow. It's not a matter of whether or not I want it. It's more of "Will tomorrow be the day I'm going to get it?" ... I'm sad that I missed the pre-order items ;~; BUT, ohwell, what's done is done :< ... Maybe when I go out tomorrow, I'll look at the pre-order list and see if anything awesome is coming out *o*

Yes, yes, I know what you're going to say... I still have to finish Wild Arms Alter Code F... and I still have to start Kingdom Hearts 2... as well as all the other games I have... But I want Suikoden V so that I have more of the series *o* Suikoden is, after all, my second most favorite game series (Tied for first is Shin Megami Tensei and Wild Arms) so it would be awful if I didn't have it!! I even have Suikoden 3, and THAT was an abomination, so....

Hm, I still have to watch DNAngel and .hack as well.... But I haven't had any time with all of the cleaning I've been doing =_=; I haven't been getting much sleep either...

If I were a millionaire, I would buy all the awesome games that are out right now -_-;
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well, I spent my whole week playing Wild Arms: Alter Code F. I feel bad that I haven't finished Wild Arms before playing it, but it's so addictive! I should probably be farther than I am, but I was playing Soul Caliber III a lot in the early week.

WA:ACF thoughts and spoilers )

I have Palmer Peanut Buddys *0* and Jelly beans. I am a happy person <3

OH, and speaking of Palmer... Trey-chan drew me a super-spectacular picture for my birthday *0* augh, it's of Roshiel and Rich and they're so cute, and they're at a festival ::dies from overload:: :>~ It's a very happy-making picture <3


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