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I have experienced my first horror tv episode with the cutest little anime cat. It's on a dvd called Omoinotama (Prayer Beads), and is 9 episodes of horror. Number 8 is called Cat's Paw, and features an adorable little samurai cat named Nyanta that 'wants to make your wishes come true'

... uhm, wow, it was adorable, which really added to how scary the episode got 8D

There were other good episodes, but none of them stood out as much as that episode did XD

Picked up Tales of Vesperia, but didn't get a chance to play it just yet. Whoever decided to not make Flynn a playable character is made of fail 8) He's so sekushi looking - just like Gai from Tales of the Abyss.

Hesitant to get the Tales of Ratatosk / Tales of Symphonia 2. It's for the wii, and you don't control your entire team. You capture monsters to help you, and want vengeance against a guy that destroyed your village... who happens to be the hero of the game prior. Maybe no one else caught it, but that's EXACTLY VERBATIM Arc the Lad II. Just because your characters are 'fluffier' looking doesn't mean you've made a new game. Just because the awesome characters from the previous game are gonna be around doesn't mean you are gonna have a good game. And actually, I DOUBT that Lloyd and Zelos are gonna be together like in MY Tales of Symphonia game, so you'll lose my interest even more than you already have.

And while Arc the Lad II was the best game of the series (die, twilight of the spirits), it is, in no way, better than Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Destiny.
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I have had the entire Silent Hill series in my hands for days, and I have yet to extensively play ANY of them :< Such is the problem with working....

Of course, Harry is incredibly hard to control. Up makes him move forward, regardless of the direction he's in, left and right makes him spin in place, and down goes backwards regardless of facing direction. ... down also makes him leap backwards in a silly way 8D It's hard to be terrified in Silent Hill when Harry hops silly. Though... I AM terrified I won't be able to fight effectively with him 8D;;

I've got to visit Beast now in KH2... of course, I've delayed seriously because I've been goofing off with my gummi ships... so I should've been farther along than I am ^^;

Question: What is the reason for making Squall older, and Seifer younger? Don't get me wrong, Seifer's cuter than he was in the original game, but wtf? And why is Zidane the only hero from 7-X2 that ISN'T in the game?? He was the best of the heroes (ranking: 1.Zidane 2.Cloud 3.Squall 3.Tidus 5.Yuna)

I'll stop boring people with game!chatter.

I'm always tired now. I don't know why. Even when I get lots of sleep, I'm still really tired. And my eyes hurt a lot now. Maybe cause I'm staring at a computer screen so much recently after hardly doing so for a long time?

Not much else to say, really. I haven't been doing much lately but work. On the weekends, I generally just veg out. Hn...


Jun. 10th, 2006 01:27 am
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Boy am I tired. All this stressing has worn me out...

Of course, I'm starting work on Monday... It's a little depressing that I basically don't 'get' any of my paychecks for a while because I have to devote them to things like a car and things along those lines (and, of course, once I get the car, I'll have even less paycheck to get because of insurance/gas) ... oh well

Finished Silent Hill 2 with some of the freetime I had this week. But I found a site online where I can buy all four games for $20 each... That's so awesome. I'm going out later today, I think, so I'll look in some gamestores to see if I can find any cheaper, and if not, I'll order from the site (yes, SH has become an obsession for me x_X)

Also, I played a little Dark Cloud 2 before starting SH2 again (for another ending). Max is so cute in his little explorer outfit (though it's hard to believe he's something like 15 years old), and Monica looks super cute in her lined dress (I think). As it is, I'm just working on building up their weapons, and soon I'll be working more on the Ridepod... Though, I can't get the Bomber Head Boom! Scoop that I need to get before continuing the storyline. It's really frustrating!
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blah. This week has not been one of my better =_=

On Saturday/Sunday, I was restless. I had just spent the previous week rping with Trey every night... and then I suddenly wasn't. It was a habit shock, you know? ^^;

Then, on Monday night, I went out and got SDK 18, placed a pre-order for Disgaea 2 (August) and .hack G.U (October), and got my cat food :9

I also gave my friend my resume to hand in at his job... But I still haven't heard anything from them, and he handed it in on Tuesday. I hate answering the phone, because weird people call our house all the time, but everyone suggested I do so until/if I get a call from them... which has made me a nervous wreck for this whole week X_X;

I played a little bit of Disgaea, and Silent Hill... but I couldn't focus on them too much -_-; So I only did a little bit (bringing Laharl to lvl 806), but I just couldn't put much effort into it --;

Thank goodness the week's over, even though I haven't gotten a response yet...


Mar. 29th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Well, still sick desu. I can't get rid of it >< But, despite that, I got online because I won't be on Friday night. I'm going out all Saturday, so I can't stay up all night ^^; Whoops. I'll be going to Sanseido, and China Town. Hopefully I'll get more Samurai Deeper Kyo manga *o* I don't really have any anime I will particularly be looking for, but Lupin the III is a high possibility :9

On the plus side, I got Kingdom Hearts 2 today. I'm still not feeling the joy, lol, but it came with lots of cool stuff <3 I got the blue cover of the guide book.

KH2 and more )

What type of Fae are you?


Mar. 17th, 2006 10:11 pm
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augh. It's been a pretty augh week =_=; I got sick at the beginning of the week, and now it's that time of the month, so I've got a terrible mix of symptoms.

On the plus side, I have almost finished the .hack series games. It's taken a while, but I just have one optional dungeon, and the item completion event (which is more than half finished) to do. It's been fun, but sadly it's coming to an end :<

I've also almost finished Lunar 2 (if I had known I only had a few more hours left in the game, I woulda finished it sooner!) It's funny, because they just suddenly shoved all sorts of shonen-ai in the end of the game XD; DynexGhaleon was there (more so than ever), and Nall->Alex was there as well (of course, that didn't show up until the second game anyway) Of course, it's produced by Gainax, so the shonen-ai isn't too surprising >XD ... I still can't stand Ghaleon's dub voice though :< Bishonen elves shouldn't sound like that! (No matter how bitchy and jealous of a goddess they may be)

Although Nash is my favorite for Lunar 1, Nall definitely is my favorite for Lunar 2... It must be that he turned into a hot guy instead of a furry white cat-dragon :9;; (Btw, although Ruby thinks she's super cute as a full-dragon, I think she's the ugliest of all of them O.O;; )

Tried the demo of Dragon Quest VIII. It looks pretty fun (and I wanna see what Angelo's like) but I've got such a large list of games on my birthday list that I've wanted for far longer XD It'd be nice if, like, I won the lottery >D;
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Happy Halloween, minna san! I forced my way onto the computer in celebration of Rich-san's favorite holiday.

Last night, I officially finished the Kingdom Hearts game... yeah, delayed, I know, but I had set it aside quite a while ago in favor of some other games (Disgaea, Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2, Nocturne...) SO. The only thing I have to officially do is beat Sephiroth >> Damn him and his malignance! .... bah, I want Cloud on my side. ;o; He could help me win...

I'm also working on Arc the Lad Twilight of Spirits, even though I should be finishing Arc the Lad 2 and 3 first... Sorry, Elc, I love you sooo much, but twins (Kharg and Darc in this case) trump everyone else >>; So, I'll probably finish them together, because AtL: ToS mentions lots of stuff from the earlier parts of the series...

I've got lots of pictures that I had to scan and work around with and the like (this new scanner program is so annoying compared to the last one >>; but the scanner itself is neato-spiff) that I drew as sort of a peace-offering to Trey-chan because of my computer absense for so long... But I haven't seen her around yet, so I'm just waiting :D

Over the last two weeks, I've been getting sick, getting over it, and catching it again ^^; I think it has something to do with my dad's car, because each time that seems to be the catalyst... And the illness always seems to start with an increasingly sore throat XP

Held off on DDS2 because... well, in my rush to play it, I didn't beat Hitoshura-sama in the first game... I want to completely complete DDS1 before I go and finish DDS2, but... ;o;

I have lots of random things on my mind of no consequence... I'm very scatterbrained lately. I'll think something about one game, and then suddenly jump to my original stuff, and then think about a movie, etc,etc,etc... It's really quite frustration when you can't actively hold your attention on something ^^;

Sinister Hideous Anthropologist-Nabbing Nightmare from the Ominous Necropolis
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I've been overly lazy recently, but I have a good excuse. The sudden drop in temperature we got in my area gave me an overwhelming cold x.x I could only sleep for 3-5 hours at a time, and could not fall asleep again until several hours later. I had bad reflexes, was a little tipsy...

The weirdest thing about my cold is that Hikaru and Rin stopped by and were actually nice (not a big deal for Hikaru). ~.~ I have not seen them for a while, and they decided to give me a sympathy visit. I considered drawing Rin in my 'new' style (Trey-chan, you've seen my recent art, so you should know what I mean by 'new' style) but just couldn't bring myself to want to put the effort into it. Surprisingly, Rin agreed to let me draw him later.

Uh, but I have practice (for driving, duh) tomorrow, so I should be in tip-top shape for that x.x; (even so, I'm going to be online today/tonight to see Trey >.< <---::determined face, yo!::)

On Friday, I drove on a big highway (Rt. 80 I think) OMGITWASFRIKKENSCARY!! but I did it twice. As a present to myself, I got Saga Frontier 1 and Wild Arms 1. Saga Frontier 1 is NOT as good as Saga Frontier 2 (the controls are more finicky, and the characters do not appeal yet. Gustave is way better XD) Wild Arms 1 is not as good as 2, yet, but it's better than 3. Wild Arms 3 (despite the horses) was just not that good. Sad.

Rody/Rudy(?) is cute X3 He reminds me of Shiyou (they look very similar) but he's got Roshiel's hair color, and Mitsuru's facial expressions XD Or maybe AU Shiyou's facial expressions. Jack is scruffy and I think he's up to no-good whenever I look at his pictures, but he seems reliable XD Hanpan is cute and I want one--er, I mean, I want him to sit on my shoulder. Not really all that interested in... uh.... what's her name? O.O;; Uh, I forgot the girl, but she's your standard, cliche princess. I think she cuts her hair as well, standard princess-turned-'adventurer' trait -good thing she's not like Virginia and isn't the main character- ... :D; The only problem with this game is there are hardly enough hot guys to drool over like there were in 2 and 3. (but Clive is married! ;.;)

Because Saga Frontier was not that great, I started playing Saga Frontier 2 again. My only problem with SF2 is that... uh... the sprites look very young and pretty but then are, like, 60!!! omg! My favorite character in Wil's scenario is 30 when he first joins x.x But he looks young like RIN! And Gustave looks good until he does that 'kingly' look thing :D; Grows his hair out long, and slicks it back, and, uh, yeah. Not a good look for him XD;

In other news (Yes, I can hear you sigh in relief that I'm done talking about gaming >D;; ), I drew a 'group' shot of Caesar, Akira, Gentian, and Yusaku. I drew Yusaku first and was like "WOAH" so I wanted to draw other peope to go with it. Caesar came next cause he's my second favorite after Yu-chan. (Second favorite because I can't nail his personality down to how I want it ;.;) Then, I got to thinking about who else to put. Akira was decided then, because I know Trey-chan likes him. But I drew Gentian first, because I wanted to put him next to Yusaku. And then Akira came, and looks way too sexy to be Akira XD

Caesar didn't want me to bring up the pictures because he came out the worst, and we all know that Aikun and Kira will both really like the Akira one >XD Yusaku came out great, but I already said that, so hopefully Mamoru will like it. Gentian came out okay, but, I haven't even really drawn him to his full potential. I'm gonna end up scanning the pictures seperately, but they'll be 'paired' together XD;

Uh, no pen-outline as usual, but I may poke at them with some color soon x.x; For now, I'm just happy I managed to draw them all looking decent! XD

And thus is my long-awaited journal entry. Or not.

EDIT: Oh, I'm happy. Not in the good way. But in the maniacal-evil-I-TOLD-you-so way. <3 Yes. Another reason for me to hate translators, and dubbers. My favorite yaoi manga in the world -Kizuna- has been translated, and also CENSORED. They cut out three pages of completely innocent stuff. Is there anything wrong with a little boy giving someone a kiss and explaining that he saw on tv that you do that with people you care for/it's a sign of affection. He's a kindergarten kid! >.<; What is wrong with THAT? There was NOTHING sexual/mature/weird/creepy about it. It was just a teeny little kiss. I've seen kids kiss their parents on the mouth in tv shows and they don't edit THAT out. >.<; And that's way more squicky!

EDIT 2: Well, I take back what I said earlier in this entry; I can't color the four pictures because, uhm, OpenCanvas has most certainly completely died. I had to completely delete it because it does not open at all. It's been there for weeks, non-operational, so I just had to delete it -.-;
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I promised myself, long ago, that I would NEVER do something like this... but. Uh. Herman is reverting, so it was all his idea.

And Yasunari's. But I digress

Even though Yasu and Cassandra have just recently gotten married, already there are brainstorms for their kid(s?) Toriya/Hikaru is thrilled cause he loves kids and stuff.

... But somehow, a kid that resembles Rin got put in there...

Eep, yo. Herman is calling for a future!kids! thing >>; I'm trying to hold him off but there may be sketches coming. At least it'll be something to update DeviantArt with.

In other news, yesterday was my sister's birthday. Because of her birthday, I now have box set 3 and 4 of Detective Conan (hurray Heiji! He's so mean XD ), Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock (Ishida Akira~ *.* ), and the first volume of Chrno Cross (hey, more Ishida Akira!) Oh. And Prince of Tennis box set 5 (also with Ishida Akira, more than likely).

She also got (for herself) Inu Yasha box set 1 (which I don't really intend to watch, actually. It's a rather boring series to me, even if it has Yamaguchi Kappei), Naruto box set 6 (with Gaara {Ishida Akira >XD} on it~), and Sonic X box set 1 (which I fully intend to watch - Tails in Japanese is just the most adorable thing ever, next to Donald Duck in Japanese)

I'm impatiently waiting for my Persona 2: Tsumi to Batsu(fanservice) cd called (get this) The Errors of their Youth. It's full of yummy TatsuJun bits >:D Including, apparently, Jun doing astrology to see if he and Tatsuya are compatible XD Oh, and Toriumi Kousuke (Shuu~) has a song on it, as well as being part of the drama tracks (cause he's Eikichi "kono Michel-sama" Shinigami-Buuchou) MMmmm, Toriumi-kun~

I want to get Persona 2: Tsumi (the GAME) but, uh, they refuse to bring it over to America (for various reasons 9.9;) so, I'd have to get it imported. The only problem (because I would totally own it even without being able to play it) is that I've only ever seen it at ONE place, and they were sold out! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I need my scary!Jun. He's not quite as gay in the game (though, my kami-sama, one of the creators swears by Jun and Tatsuya as a couple) but is actually pretty darn scary. He may look pretty and fluffy and adorable, but, uh, he's a juvenile delinquint (for various reasons) and will nearly kill you for calling him pretty to his face (unless you are someone he REALLY likes).

I want this game.

...... Maybe, some day, I shall get it, and be able to play it (a dream come true, yo.)

Someday, I'll get Cyber Formula Zero. Someday. My dad won't get it for me (even after all these years), because he think that I won't like it (it's a racing anime). What's not to like about an erratic lil purple-haired French boi named Henri???

Hn. As of late, I've been creatively handicapped. Nothing will be done... But that's mostly because I've been doing nothing but doubt. SO. Yeah. I want to do something, but I simply cannot create anything that will capture interest of people. And, my liking something is simply not enough. I want other people to like the stuff that I do :o But that has not happened yet, and I've become somewhat jaded and cynical. (nevermind that I'm lazy and can't produce anything resembling a fully developed plot or even pull it off once I DO come up with something)

On a positive note, I've got plenty of anime to watch so I won't have free time to worry about that! ^^
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hn. Just got back from the deli, and figured, hell, I might as well, you know, catch up anyone who cares :/

Got an AMP energy drink (which, consequently, tastes like slurpees, gummi bears, and something else I can't identify) and some twizzlers. The sugar high hasn't hit yet... though I usually don't get them o.O

Saw a heron, y0. He was standing stock still, like I he thought I couldn't see him ^^;

Hopefully, despite being the terrible slacker I am, Trey-chan will be proud to know that I have actually drawn a full body picture of Llwydwyn (pronounced 'Hu wi do win'), and a mostly full pic of Robin. I've also been actually planning out stuff about them, though I still don't know what illness Robin could have x.x;

I still have to fill out the questionnaire, but I'm looking for it now, so it should probably be done soon.

And if Trey-chan draws Llwydwyn, she'd probably make him cuter than I can XD; Which is good, because he's SUPPOSED to be cute... (though I wonder if she'll like his fashion sense... XD; )

::looks up:: for some reason, my cat has decided to sit on my monitor ^^; I hope he doesn't do like he used to, and drape his arm/paw down in front of the screen :3;; Oh, too late, he already did...

Watched all(most) of Slayers NEXT. I really do miss the old days where I'd play Xelloss and Phibrizio and Xelas when Hawk would play Dynast and Deep Sea Dolphin and Lina... and Gourry too, I think. No one ever wanted to play Gaav/Garv XD; Though I think we ended up asking J-chan to... (even while he played Valgaav/Valgarv and Zelgadis)

I was, uh, fangirling Ishida-sama again :3;; Oh, and laughing my ass off at Hikaru-san/Zelgadis as he instructed Lina and Amelia in the 'spell' XDDD

Though... as usual, I became angered at how L-sama, as wise and wonderful as she is, seems to really dislike the Mazoku >>; I mean, Lina being her favorite aside, L-sama really disfavors the Mazoku, doesn't she? They never catch a break ^^; Maybe it's just because they're, for the most part, after Lina...

... or maybe I just sympathise with Phibrizio too much >>;;

And, of course, I still wonder why a picture of Sylphiel takes up four tapes of the series, and yet... well... She's hardly in it o.O; In fact, it seems she's only in the last tape! :o

... yes, I don't really, uh, think that much of Sylphiel. No, I don't hate her, she just doesn't hold any of my interest. (that and I think Gourry is better with Lina >>; )

Just left Oeilvert in FF9. I am trying to get back to Treno because I hunger for cards... And I want to buy the Magical Fingertip that has yet to appear... And I want to beat the monster in the Knight's house before I switch over to disc 4. ... Damn you Kuja. Damn your I'msoobviouslygayandyetIforsomereasonlustafterGarnet ways >.<; ( I mean COME ON. Kuja liking a chick is as... rare as Toriya liking a chick. Not gonna happen!) Damn your stealing Eiko. Damn your silver dragon that looks green. Damn you for upsetting Vivi.

... uh. :D; Haa... sorry.

Glad to have Steiner back in mah posse~ He kicks serious ass, especially when teamed with Vivi. But, I'm sadly at that point where I have to swith people around and decide who I want to use, and I'm very indecisive when it comes to selecting characters...

Hm. I don't know why I like Hakobune, but I know why I like SPIRIT WAY. Because the music sounds like FF9 music. I had thought it sounded familiar when I first heard it... It's very similar to Gizamaluke's Grotto, I think...

....SP'RITU WAY~~~! ...

... s'rry.

hn. Just as I finally get off my slacker ass and draw something, my scanner fritzes. >.<; Damn him! Maybe it's waiting for the art of Brazowy .... u.u;;;

::beats Brazowy:: >.<; He's my trouble-maker, as far as character development goes. Maybe Herman has something against him... Or maybe Herman is preoccupied with Xellos o.O; In ANY case, other than a few things I've learned about Brazowy, I don't know all that much T.T;;

I think Verweile Doch! will either be my official Eike voice... or my official Nagumo voice... Hell, maybe it can be both! I mean, Eike's German. And the song has a kindof Nagumo feel to it...

Though it'd be weird having Nagumo have a German titled song when Toriya is the only one with German blood in 'im...

OOOOOKAAAY. The AMP is kicking in now, I think :D;;; I want to DO stuff, but, uh, people in my house are still sleeping desu >>; And I already went walking. ;.; I wish people would go to a mall with me.... ::SOB:: Like... N-chan. Though she probably has better things to do than just amble around a dumb ol' mall with me :D;; I mean... I just want to GO, you know? I don't want to actually do anything. Maybe scope for job openings...

My mom wouldn't go u.u; She doesn't like going anywhere in the first place, let alone to a mall. Mrf. And I can't say to her "I just want to walk around and stuff." cause she is not of the getting it. (... yes. I meant to say it that way o.O; )

Unfortunately, I have lost N-chan's number, so I cannot even call and try to see if she is available u.u; Woe is me. And I don't want to ask 'her' because the annoying fiance will probably come >.<; And I dun wanna go with Mike cause, uh, he's a guy. And doing something girly like hanging out at a mall is NOT something I wanna do with him ^^;; Especially after our whole 'I'm like Shinichi and he's like Hattori' thingy. I.E. friends/I'malwaysrightevenwhenhetriestobetheonewho'sright thingy.

So. I'm stuck, I guess... YES. I only have three rl friends T.T So what?!

u.u; No, I don't know why it's that way. Though... I am pretty damn elitist... ha... yeah. Maybe that's why... NAH! There's just hardly any cool people where I live! >:D


^^;; Okay. I hold grudges. That's a problem :3; I won't even REALIZE I'm holding a grudge until I wince at a person >>; I'll just think of a person and be all ">.x;" Which, I guess, means that if I don't like you... I stay not liking you.

You know, it only takes a well-drawn fanart to throw you back into a fandom. u.u; Yeah, I'm back on my Xel/Zel, Zel/Xel kick >>; Dammit. All for a fanart by bgeezus on dA >>;; Of course, I follow her livejournal too (and share her crazy love of Ishida Akira) but STILL. I had KILLED that side of Herman ^^; What with my Zel/Amelia-ness.... But I guess it ressurected...

...with a vengeance >>; I need to draw Xel. He is, after all, my muse's idol! He's the reason Herman mutated... er, I mean, changed (too much Persona >>; ). He apparently inherited Xel's need to harass Hawkee and really like Ser-chan ^^; Poor Hawkee!

hmmmmmmm. I wish my scanner would work so that I could color Llwydwyn... grey. ^^; Yeah, his name means 'grey' in Celtic, and uh, that means he's got to be all grey. Grey hair AND clothes... I'm sure I can work it out! >3 Or maybe I'll just wait until Trey-chan draws Llwydwyn and color THAT. hahahaha. I really would rather color her art. It's always so clean and pretty ;.; Much nicer than mine.. Only cause I'll screw up my art when I outline it and color it. But she always cleans up her stuff really well x.x; rawrgh.

... Even though I'm sure I have more to say, I've probably talked too much already >>;;
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First, I wanna major-uber apologize to Trey-chan about the phone u.u; It literally DIED. I have NO idea what happened >.<; And I couldn't even call you back to apoligize. Damn phone T.T; Well, around Saturday, the guys should come to fix it >>;

Lesse. Yes, my gamer genes have been controlling me as of late, so I've been playing ALOT. Which is good, because I haven't seen hide nor hair of the computer until now...

Stopped at Linblum in Disc 2 for Final Fantasy 9 :3;; Jeez, will I ever get through this game? ^^; I want to, trust me...

Legend of Mana. Since I could not find my old game save (actually I was too lazy to look for it) I started another game save. I've gotten very far in it x.x; But for some damn reason, I can't use the Pirate hook artifact! It won't let me set it down ANYWHERE! How very frustrating. And I named my character after the cat in Detective Conan (Aslan XD; ) because the hair reminded me of it...

Started Hoshigami. It resembles Saga Frontier 2 (I can't get Saga Frontier 1 anywhere ;.; ) only... with less characters. But at least the characters so far look, uh, younger than the misleading ones in Saga Frontier XD;;; Narsus! How DARE you be old u.u; In ANY case, I'll try it out more, but um. the main character's name is FAZZ. WTF? What kind of name is that? O.o;

Oh. Yeah. HEY HAWK. Guess who got a PS1 version of Chrono Trigger? ME? Why, yes! XD I'm entirely stoked. I can't wait to play it! I was already pointing out characters that are referred to in Chrono Cross! The only problem I have is that I don't like Akira Toriyama's artwork as much as I like Chrono Trigger's ;.; But that won't bother me TOO badly. It's got all new animated sequences... or so the box says. Hell, I don't care, so long as I HAVE IT. It came with Final Fantasy IV as well, but... eh.

I'm, like, shallow when it involves game art sometimes. And the earlier Final Fantasy games don't really appeal to me... But... who knows, I'll give it a try in any case :D Just as long as it's not like Final Fantasy 8 or X-2, I'll give it a try! (Yuna, Rinoa T.T; I hate them both, though Yuna is just for the voice actor, so who knows XD; )

So, yeah, aside from that stuff, I was also playing a lot of stuff at my friend's house. DDR included. And a bunch of shooter games, which I completely suck at u.o;; Dammit, I can't use a gun, okay? >.<;

But. I forgot Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II here in America. Which will be a problem when the REAL Tales of Destiny comes out XD; ) ;.; I wanna play it SO bad. The main character is voiced by Ishida Akira, of course >:D So, he is naturally TEH!Smex.

;.; maybe after I play all these others. (And I should have probably beaten Tales of Destiny first >>;;;;;;; )

Hn. I think being such a 'good' gamer is my downfall >>; In many games you have to do things that are not 'perfect' game play, you know? Like in Dynasty Warriors, or Chrono Cross. u.u; And I can't do them, because I have to try HARDER to not do all the requirements and stuff XD; It's really bothersome!

Rawr. I think I have officially lost N-chan's number. Dammit! T.T; So, N-CHAN! You need to call me sometime and tell me it or something! :D;;; Uhm... please?

I have a lot of things I SHOULD do, but I've been very lazy and uncooperative as far as that goes, recently. I feel bad about it, but I just haven't been in the mood, you know? I haven't wanted to watch things, or really interact with people |3;;;; I've just wanted to game and game and game. And maybe game with other people XD; But that's about it.

So, uh, apologies to everyone I've been ignoring or things like that...

I got Petshop of Horrors vol. 7 a few days ago~ Hee~ It's good! :3 Though T-chan was not in it enough ;.; When he WAS in it, though, he was suprisingly cute and bippy. He's usually VERY grumpy and all 'hmph'-ish XD But this time, he was smiling alot and getting jealous when Pon-chan gave Chris a kiss! XD ::pets T-chan:: Too bad there are only two volumes left, I think ;.; SAD

Hm. Maybe the game designers think different, but I think Zidane should sound similar to the singer(s?) in Tobira no Mukou he. It would really work, I think! ... You don't think so?


Jul. 9th, 2004 01:10 pm
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Yeah. So I was kidnapped (also known as: forced to be social) by April. She caught me at the bank (where she works).

She dragged me to her house so that I could see the wonder that is Final Fantasy 11 up close and personal. Hm. If I could afford it, I would get a lil silver-haired TaruTaru and name it Rin >:3 Or a really tall platinum-haired Elvaan bishonen and name it Nagumo.... Or get the lil uke Elvaan boy and name it Spear. Harhar.

Also found out that she WAS going to go to Otakon, but instead went to Florida and got engaged...

Now, that's all fine and good (ignoring she's only four days older than me. Yes, my best friend since 4th grade is only four days older than me ^^; ) except for the fact that it's to a guy I CANNOT stand T.T; To be completely honest, that is why I have been avoiding her for, uh, the past two years :D; And why I am iffy about calling her my best-friend now (I mean... come on, we have not really seen each other for 2 years).

He is very rude and insulting towards anything to do with the Japanese language. He says things like "if you're just going to listen to gibberish, you might as well do it with any language" !!!!!! >.<; HATE.

Also, and I have not told her this (because I honestly think she would value his opinion over anything I had to say), I think he is very degrading. He seems to treat her like she is an idiot. Now, uh, she's not smart when it comes to some things, I'll openly agree with that. But EVERYONE has things they are not good at >.<;

And the thing that pissed me off the most is that he transfers his 'you're a girl and therefore know nothing of electronics (including simple things like ps2)' onto ME.


Har. That's the (actually, one of many) very reason I broke up with he-who-shall-not-be-named. Hawk, you know who I speak of. T.T Treated me like a damn woman who could do nothing! >.<;

Look, I don't want to be treated as a guy. Okay? Let's get that straight right now. I'm not strong enough physically to be treated as an all-out guy. But, I certainly don't want to be treated like a chick (who is a moron and cannot do anything for herself, especially) even more than that. I just want to be treated as SHANNON. Work with (or don't) MY personality, and not my bloody gender T.T

You get in trouble when you do that.

Anyway. So I was also thrown for a loop when she wanted me to actually participate in the wedding X.X; That means I have to actually wear a dress >.<; Dammit. She wants me to be... uh... dammit, what's the opposite of Best Man?

Well, at least it's not the first wedding I've been in. After all, I was the flower girl at my parent's wedding (Yeah, I'm an official, literal 'bastard'... )

But. Eh. Well, I suppose I'll have to. I pretty much already said yes x.x;

In other news, my mom keeps telling me I should stop this 'rivalry' I have with my brother because I am not a boy :3;;;;; To be honest, when he's not being a prick over anime, I get along decently with him. We play video games together, and fight over who gets the biggest portion of food.

.... what? Is that really how brothers act?

So, anyway, I think I'm gonna go now. Maybe. I have a hankering to draw an oekaki, but ugh. I'm not good at it anymore (was I ever? No.) and I don't know what I want to draw x.x;

And I've got FF9 to get back to. Yeah, I started over again, and just got to Burmecia. I want Steiner back! ;.; My final party ALWAYS includes Zidane, Vivi, and Steiner. ALWAYS. I cycle out the fourth member all the time XD; I sometimes have Eiko, or Amarant, or Freya, or Quina... I avoid Dagger cause she's just about useless.

Eiko does almost everything Dagger does, and is way cuter. And doesn't get 'depressed' in the middle of the game, refusing to fight! x.x; It's fine that she's depressed, but since you HAVE to use her, it gets very irritating. At that point, she's just about the only healer you have (other than items) and she barely does anything, acts slowly, and will blatantly refuse your commands sometimes! >.<;

Granted, I like Dagger more than Yuna, but my dislike for Yuna is only because I think she's pretty darn ugly (she's not like all the other main FF girls ;.;) and I HATE her dub voice.

It has nothing to do with my standard "ewww, it's dubbed, take it away" reflex. No, it's that the Yuna voice actress cannot act. Even when Yuna is actually being tough, the voice actress still has her talking very mousy, and weak, and just... not what I would imagine.

Oh, but I'll never play FFX-2. NEVER. If I could not stand Yuna in FFX, why would I play a game where she's the main character? Though, if you could switch her OUT, I would play... Cause there's a really cute guy in it >>; And I like Rikku.

But, for me, none of the games will ever beat FF7 and FF9. Though... FF12 does look promising... The main boy is very cute! >:3 Vaguely reminds me of Hikaru, yes he does.


Since I'm probably bothering you all with my useless rant, I think I'll stop for now :D;;;
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Nyao.... u.u;

Yeah. I wanted to be online over the past couple of days (I was very restless and had nothing to do >>; ) BUT my sister decided to see how long she could stay awake! >.<; Now... how did this interrupt anything I did, you ask? Well, it involved her staying on the computer for basically the entire time she was awake T.T;

From what I hear, she was on the internet for over 3,000 minutes. >.<;;

So, then, I'll be DAMNED if I let her near this computer today at all >.<; Even if I have nothing to do (which is often >>; ) Just to be spiteful, dammit.

Anyway, got three new games, and two new gamecards (THANK YOU X.x; ) I now have Threads of Fate, Monster Rancher, and Monkey Magic.

Threads of Fate: It's cute. Though it's vaguely irritating that Rue and Mint have crossing storylines like that :D; (Like Claude and Rena only without Leon :3; ) Rue is kinda too adorable to be such a grump sometimes XD But he's got silver hair and a cute lil hat. As well as a weird axe. I haven't really played Mint yet, because, uh, well, her character profile isn't exactly.... comforting. It's all about how she's selfish and lazy and is only trying to get revenge against her younger sister (who got the throne just because she -Mint- was so lazy and selfish >>; )

Now, I haven't met the sister yet, but honestly x.x; If something like that is YOUR fault, you shouldn't really be revenging someone else who was more responsible, right?

Oh, and Elena thinks Rue is a pollywog that can turn human :3;;

Monster Rancher: Ha~ Took the name Atsushi (cause I was in a Prince of Tennis mood) and named my first monster Shinya. Hee, he has ended up being my favorite, and as such, I spoil him horribly. But dammit, it's obviously not a problem, as he's my highest ranked monster. :P

I've also got a purple dino named Amethyst.... :3;; His chibi is abso-frikken-loutely ADORABLE. And when he's resting, a butterfly comes and sits on his nose! X3 and he's all "o.o?"

Though.... I put in a Yu Yu Hakusho cd (the one with the Rin songs on it) and got.... hahahahahaha, a RIN BUNNY! (with four eyes) He's a damn tough lil bugger, and he's so damn funny when he's guarding. He's just like Rin, I tell you. Maybe I can get a silver rabbit somewhere!

Monkey Magic: ... well, I got it for 5 dollars, so I'm not gonna complain one bit. It's vaguely cute, but the opening dub song is... uh, questionable XD; It's like Dub Sailor Moon, and Dub Dragon Ball Z all in one! XD And it's got the voice actors from Ocean so... yeah, I recognize them alot :3; As far as gaming goes, it's kinda like Mario? Only more 3-D and with four magic spells :3;

Getting the life-up coins annoy me, though XD "MonKEH~!" everytime you pick one up :3;

In case you are wondering on plot line, it's vaguely Saiyuki (Only without Sanzo, Hakkai, and Gojyo) Poor Kondo (Goku) has to fight Heaven all by himself ;.; Though, technically, this is when he first is 'born,' so, really, it would not have Sanzou-ikou. They come later, and really, it's kinda Sanzou's story at that time x.x; The monkey king just joins them, I believe...

While I'm on the topic, Saiyuki~ ;.; I have to watch that again (and get more >>; ) I have to admit, I'm glad about the changes to Sanzou-ikou :3; Hakkai is MUCH nicer the way he is by Kazuya Minekura :D; I mean... he DOESN'T look like a pig, and has Ishida Akira's voice >>; What more could you want? (oh, there is the shonen-ai hints between him and Gojyo, but whatever... XD ) Nyao. Maybe I'll beg and beg and beg next time my dad goes to China Town for Saiyuki along with Detective Conan >>;


Oh yeah! Because I got new game cards, I started playing Parasite Eve. It's like Persona 2 (Batsu) but, so far, far less involved (there's hardly anything to do outside the immediate plot line, it seems >>; ). This one seems fairly straight through. I even glanced at GameFaqs, and none of the Faqs were very large (especially in comparison to, say, Chrono Cross, or Persona 2) It's less complicated, so that's good, in way. It's not like I'll get stuck, in all likelihood, but at the same time, I'll probably finish it quicker than most games I have XD;;

Watch me be completely wrong, by the way :D;

Tried to play Final Fantasy 8 again... I just... cannot do it >.<; It's SO boring ::melts into a puddle of goo:: x.x; I just can't bring myself to play more of it. I have yet to get past the part where you go to the train ::sigh:: It's so bad, how could Squaresoft even put it in the Final Fantasy series? ;.; And, gomen, N-chan, but as cute as Squall is (and as much as I want to actively see Laguna and Kiros ::insert hentai laugh here...) it's just so... hard x.x;

OH, I know XD; Maybe I could watch you play, N-chan. You seem far along. It's probably the only way I could get through it :D;

Hn. Is it bad that, when I listen to Usop Drop, I think of Shinichi? >>; He is kind of a goofball to sing like that. But, unfortunately, Shinichi apparently has, like, no ability to sing, and that translates into poor Conan (who has a famous voice actress for his voice XD; From Two-Mix, anyone?)

I am fighting amongst myself. I kind of want to make Katsuya (from Punz) have Atobe's voice... but... I only have him in Valentine Kiss so far, and well, that song just makes me laugh to no end (Hyoutei is SO gay) And, well, Katsuya is pretty damn serious, so I would hate to laugh at the poor bishonen everytime I heard him (I mean, come on, he's not Rin).

Listening to Faust (the song I think I'll give to Nagumo >>;) I am reminded that Tatsuya in Persona 2 has Koyasu-sama's voice. And I am reminded that, no matter how much I like Koyasu, he just does NOT fit a grumpy, pretty, little high schooler like Tatsuya is. I have to say I'm glad he's not, say, JUN, or something, but it just... I dunno. Doesn't work with me as much as it should, I guess.

I'm pretty lenient with seiyuu, since I usually think they fit. But... hn. Tatsuya is just... I dunno... Ah well, maybe when Koyasu is... higher?

Nevermind that the great Michel-sama has SHUU'S voice XD OMG. Just imagining Shuu saying "Kono Shuuichi-sama" would KILL me XD Eikichi (Michel) is alot like Taka from Prince of Tennis. His father runs a sushi store, and he yells crazy Engrish all the time X3 But, with Sengoku/Shuu's voice. So funny. I wish I had that game so much. But even if America brought it over, they'd dub it ;.; I want them all in pristine Japanese condition...

I wanna work at Babbages now ;.; They're very nice (and actually had Threads of Fate, unlike that damn EBX store >.<; ) and, uh... seem.... to be... kinda fanboyz |D; They were all in the store rather past when they should have been locking up and stuff, watching Spider Man XD ::rolls:: Giving me plenty of time to browse and stuff. It's a shame they didn't have Saga Frontier though :/ I guess I should just be happy I have Saga Frontier 2... It would kick serious ass to work there, though it's a bit of a drive....

It would, however, provide me with cash for the present I'm getting for Trey...
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... uhm. Hi?

Yeah. I know, I know. I haven't been on for an uber long time ._.; It wasn't my fault this time, I swear!

Get this: every single time I asked for the computer, I got a lecture about how I was already using it ALL the time o.O; WTF? And the one time I did get online, my mom misinterpreted something I didn't even say to her, and got all pissy T.T kicking me off, of course.

u.u; So, yeah, I'm back now...

Got to go to Medieval Times (because it was my mom's birthday) :o It was great, y0. The food was good, and my knight won >3 Go Black and White knight :DDD But I didn't get his autograph :/ Got a keychain with his crest though, and a t-shirt with all the knights on it :D Uhm... the Green knight's squire was really hot :D;; He was a double-swordsman, which is, like, the coolest X3 (Lu Xun, anyone?) (and he was always protecting the Black and White knight's squire XD)

I hate coloring armor T.T; Damn Mafuyu samurai having armor XD It's coming out 'okay' but, hm, not as nice as I want x.x He's really slowing down my progress :D;;; Ne, Trey-chan... I think you mentioned you had Yon-chan inked for me? Can you send him my way sometime, love, so I can color him? Maybe he'd cooperate more than Mafuyu's armor :D;;;

Whenever I was told that I couldn't use the computer, I gamed some. Uh, decided to restart Chrono Cross... Yeah, people yell at me cause I haven't played Chrono Trigger... :/ I have to FIND it first, people... It's not that I don't wanna play CT :/ In any case :3; I'm always having trouble with who I want to bring along on my trips x.x; I try to make it so that I bring whoever has a good element for the current boss I'm gonna fight, but that doesn't always work x.x;

..... So, Bancliff always comes with me :D; Karsh comes sometimes (if only cause he's a damn powerhouse :o And his dialogue is funny XD). I make Ishito-san come with me a good portion of the time... Slash is also sometimes with me, but since I haven't re-recruited him, I don't have him currently :o I had Poshul with me for a good while, cause she was strong, but she got ousted by Lazuli :3; I wanna get Pip back so I can transform him... 'Starky' is adorable, as is 'Draggy' ... so many to choose! ;.;

Uhm. None of you were using a voodoo doll of me, were ya? I mean... I was in such pain the whole time I was offline x.x; I have these mysterious cuts on my one arm, near the elbow, I have a HUGE bruise on my one leg, I bit the inside of my mouth, I've had aches and pains... ^^; maybe I'm just 'lucky' :D;;;

Got some pretty antique roses for Graduation :D I arranged them myself ::teh!proud:: They were the reddish/pinkish kind, and the yellowish kind. Very pretty... But I think some of them are starting to die already ;.;

Had a dream I was part of the Shinsengumi o.o; Of course, I was Okita Souji :D;;; There was a big extravagent battle, and a lot of the Shinsengumi died (uh, somehow o.o; ) Weird dreams >_>;

Got... nothing drawn :/ Oh! Wait! I got something done! ^v^ Hahaha, with all the Punz parents being introduced, Shuu's mom somehow got drawn. Only, I couldn't decide what hairstyle I wanted her to have as an adult, I drew her when she was Shuu's age! :D Back when she was an idol singer, y0. I'll have to scan that...

While playing through Chrono Cross, I constantly felt the need to do some sort of story with knights and whatnot... I even have a few characters in mind, but I don't know if I'll go through with creating any of them :/ Mainly cause I can't really... think of a plot I can finish x.x;

uhm. so... yes.
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>.>; <.<; o.o;;;

Yes. I apologize, Trey-chan, for not being on the last two nights -.- My mom got home and has been using it ever since >_>; ... but, uh, I have gotten a lot of sleep :3; So, here's hoping to prying it away from her tonight.

The Samurai Shuu picture is NOW complete. After days upon days of working on it, I finally dub it so. Granted, I may go back to it whenever I next get on the computer, but for NOW, I say the damn thing is complete XD

My evil plot worked... What evil plot you ask? Well, the evil plot to get lots of yummy gaming food. Triple Chocoloate Dove bars (ice cream) anyone? >:3 Fufufufufufufu. I've also got fruit roll-ups, and BBQ potato chips, and other yummy foods...

Hn~ it'll help since I am now going to be playing Legend of Dragoon over again |3 Yeah. It's one of the only rps that I've actually COMPLETED (many are near completion, causing me to turn away from the final boss and do everything else possible in the game first X3) so that means, like Suikoden I and II, I must go back and play it again. Yeah, it's mostly because I'm bored of levelling up to fight Sarah in Suikoden III (a game I assure you I probably won't re-play >_>; ) but it's also because I want to drool over Lloyd :3333

Also known as Rin with better fashion sense and a huge ass sword :D I could also go with Sephiroth with better fashion sense and a cooler sword :3; But I like Rin so much better so~ Mmm, Lloyd >|3

I've also been trying to figure out a cute boyfriend for Taitou... (grargh. Watch me get his name wrong >.<; ) But, Taitou wants a guy like Roshiel, but I don't want to make someone EXACTLY like Roshiel, so I have to be cautious :3;;

Oh, and Yasuhiko and Hyuga now have last names :3; Yasuhiko Tanaka (hahahaha, he's got such a bland last name X3; ) and Hyuga Nishiguchi. Ph33r as now all of my boiz in punz have full names :3

Anyway, toodles! :3

That's it?!

May. 3rd, 2004 02:22 am
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Well, decided to count my videogames for the Playstation 1 and 2... Alphabetized them as well, lol. Cause I had free time that I should have been taking up with something constructive, like writing a research paper :D;

In any case, I found out that I only have 75 videogames x.o; I thought I had more than that, but I guess not :/ ._.; I feel so inadequate now XD;

And... yup. That was all of the extent of my day :D; Wow, I am SO teh!Interesting, yes I am :3;

OH! N-CHAN! x.x; My parents and I devised a plan for the whole Otakon dealie :3; Provided you still want to go!

What we were wondering was this: Would your parents be alright with you driving provided that you and my parents drove down together? Like, you and me in your car, and them (with my siblings ^^; ) in their car. Because I have a grandmother that lives about two hours or so from the convention, they were thinking that we could maybe stop at her house on the way there :3; This way, you wouldn't have to worry about getting lost, or something happening with the car or anything like that! :D And you could even leave your car at my grandmother's place while my dad drops us off at the convention so you wouldn't have to pay to park it or anything!

x.x; sorry if I'm not explaining this well... But, uhm :3;;; If I really came off as totally unclear, let me know. Uh. Heck, let me know what you think ANYWAY XD;

Speaking of which, we still have to register, N-chan! ;.; Online, and QUICK

Suoh-chan, over and out.
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Okay, so Chinese class has been cancelled. As such, I have to wait out an hour or so until my dad automatically comes back to the school. :/ Luckily, that's just enough time for me to get stuff done on the computer.

And, dammit, I forgot my library books x.x; I'll have to bring them back tomorrow, I guess.

Note to self, I must finish Wild Arms 2 sometime this year x.x; I want to know what happens with Billy ;.; BradxBilly forever, yo. (Besides, I have to finish WA2 before I start WA3 :D;; )

Also, I have to somehow convince my dad to get me Cyber Formula Zero. T.T; I must MUST see Henri-kun. Cute lil bratty French race car driver that he is...

Gotta write something for Creative Writing. I'm thinking... guy/girl in a mental ward. One of those really creepy ones, where the person really IS insane, but honestly thinks they are not (mmm, creep factor) TwT because I like that sorta thing. Hehehe, it'll be a subtle poke at the class, and I bet NO ONE will get it <3

Nyaaa, art has been eluding me. I just can't get anything drawn ;.; Well, okay, scratch that... I can't get anything DECENT done. Sure, I can draw ugly little blah scribbles, but beyond that... It doesn't help that I've been looking through all of my pretty Kaimu Tachibana doujinshi (including the autographed one *.*) and knowing that I can never draw/watercolor as well as she can ;.; ::SAD::

::kicks dA account:: rawr! x.x; I haven't posted anything good in a long time. >_>; I also want to clean it out and get rid of pictures I don't like X.x; Oh! But yenreit has appeared again! She hasn't commented on my stuff for a while, so I was wondering where she went :o

Hrn. Whenever I try to write a story, I feel as if I could better portray it with art. And when I try to draw, I feel I could do better with words >.<; Why is Herman screwing with me like this? Is it because I haven't drawn Rin in a really long time? (Not my fault. Ever since Rebels ended, he's been in that damn hangar and I can't get him out >.<; J-CHAN! TASUKETE!)

I think for the first week of summer vacation, I'm just going to play video games. Nothing else. NOTHING. I'll stock food up in my room, only leaving to go to the bathroom (and MAYBE check my e-mail). I'll finish a bunch that I have been putting off, like Wild Arms 2, Star Ocean 2, Lunar 2, Clock Tower 3, and maybe Suikoden 3, though I'm not as far in that as I am in WA2 or SO2...

:x ah well, I think I'll head out to the cafeteria now, and hope that my dad and brother have shown up now :D; if not, I shall attempt to draw something x.x; as well as switch my cd...(has finished an entire disk of WA2 sound track...)


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