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Feel free to ignore. I couldn't find a good character cross-reference program anywhere on the internet, so I'm just gonna start slapping character information here when I want to keep information intact and 'trackable.'

These OCs are ones that I consider 'currently active' in so far as I could likely jump into playing them at any time with a minute or two of recollection.

If I feel productive, I might make 'extended profiles' here and link them in this master post :)a

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AUGH. Just got home, and my server crashes. LAME. Blah, guess I'll make food now >8|

Please read these, guys :D I worked hard to make them somewhat comprehensive, and understandable to people that don't know WoW as well. If you wanna know more, please ask!

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For my own personal reference:
Wilbur is 13 in 2037, thus making him born in 2024. Lewis is 12 in 2007, making him born in 1995.

If Lewis is 12 in 2007, then he's 42 in 2037. As such, he's 29 when Wilbur's born. (Same age as my dad when I was born 8D )

IF Lewis is gonna be 13 soon, then MAYBE Cornelius is 30 when Wilbur is born. Either way, not this HUGE gap like the fandom seems to believe.

Edit: Cornelius starts the process of inventing the time machine five years prior to the movie, making Wilbur 8 at the time. Cornelius wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with the need to create the time machine. Blueprints and scale models and several attempts are involved (at *least* 952 prototypes, with various amounts and states of matter left)

ho hum...

Sep. 12th, 2004 06:48 pm
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I was minding my own innocent business, playing Dynasty Warriors 4. Innocently levelling up characters like Pang Tong, laughing as a guy named Huang-somethingorother works for the Yellow Turbans...

When my mom kicks me off the tv so she can read her damn book T.T;

Yes, people, this is the woman who kicks me off the computer so she can obsessively and compulsively check her e-mail on a six-hour schedule. Yes, because she just gets SO MUCH e-mail T.T /sarcasm

But nothing was 'happening' online for her >.<; so she turned off the computer. Uhm, hint. She doesn't do anything online except check e-mail and read a few political columns (maybe, occassionally, she'll read ghost stories) ... none of this is ACTIVE. I don't understand how nothing can be 'happening' on the internet when she has no direct human contact!! x.X;

..... right, so /rant.

Caesar was an active seme this morning, but I was exhausted out of my mind and therefore had to go to sleep :D;; And so, I think he's snapped out of the seme-ness for now. (of course, I'm still tired now, but was woken up by my mom making a HUGE ruckus directly in front of my room door...)

~.~ Haven't gotten anything done today, yet. Even though it's this late... And I'm kinda hungry >>;

... I'm very mellow about my complaints right now XD; Maybe it's because I'm tired? And had a hella weird dream? ~.~; Probably.

I've been seeing my two Joshua characters alot recently. One Joshua is far more... advanced in his storyline than the other. Though, I've written stories about both Joshua guys and posted them here...

The first Joshua is a vampire. He's, er, the stereotypical vampire on the outside - he has dark black hair; wears dark, gothic clothing; uses make-up so that he's pale as a ghost and has black lipstick and dark eyeshadow. However, he's very cute and fluffy with the vampire he converted/created, Michael. (Michael, by the way, looks totally opposite from most 'vampires,' since he's blond, with tannish skin (not too dark, though), and wears regular clothing of the time he's living in...) He went through quite a bit with the man who turned him into a vampire, and is rather afraid of Nicolai now because of it :D; Some of the characters involved in his storyline are Cassiel (an angel), Anathin (Cassiel's demon lover? Though they fight alot >>; ), and a werewolf (that I have yet to meet...).

The second Joshua is... well... I'm not entirely sure what he is. He talks about how he's part of some secret force that is fighting... uhm... something, and that this something is very destructive. Unfortunately, no one believes Joshua, and he's been put in several ... "mental health facilities"? ... asylums! :D;; I do know that he's been spotted in various eras, and has sometimes been dragged into jails because he attacks people, saying they're that something he's been fighting... But, I'm not sure if he's sane anymore after being thrown in so many asylums - supposedly they can drive even the sane insane :D; So, he might be right about what he's saying... or he might just be suffereing delusions due to everything he's gone through... People in his storyline are few and far in-between, so I don't know who's consistent, like I do with Joshua.

...... Yeah. I think I have too many characters that run rampant too >>;;;;;

Have you ever known someone who makes trouble whenever they open their mouth? Everytime? As if they only open their mouth to cause fights. ~.~;

hm. I think I will write up a profile for... Caesar maybe. We'll see what I get done >>;
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For Ban!Sheep )

Hey~ Ya~

Mar. 11th, 2004 03:06 pm
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Shake yer MEME )

I'm hyper, despite having gotten up approximately two hours before I should have. THUS:

Survey for more Punz-tachi )

Hey, hey, Spring Break starts tomorrow after Creative Writing. Hoo!! :3 Very hyper. If the weather stays nice, I think I'll bother N-chan to hang out with me... somewhere :D;;; And if not, well, I'm definitely hoping to be online way more! Trey-chan~! <3

Edit: Quick type-up before my class starts in about fifteen minutes. I've started sorta watching Cowboy Bebop (damn dubs), and well... okay. Fine. Laugh at me. J-chan, feel free to say "I told you so" ... It's not that bad a show. Granted, I had no problem with Spike in the first place... Ed is not as bad as I had first thought. A weird, but not bad. Get rid of Faye, and I'd really like the show! :D Faye's in it WAY too much for my tastes, and well, I hate her. Very much. She's highly grating and irritating >.<; :/ But other than that.. oh! and I've noticed that some of the art in it (anime-wise) reminds me of Lupin III...
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Stupid 'rant' about Punz. For Trey-chan's consumption, mostly. )

Haaa, anyway, got out of class majorly early today. n_n;; Like, approximately forty-five minutes early. So, I've been sitting in the computer lab since then. I'm getting really hungry o.o;;;

We were talking about immortality verses eternal youth today in English. Oh, Homunculus would have been proud of me. I do believe I was able to raise points that he would be inclined to say (granted I'm not as smart as he is, nor as eloquent). Ha ha, I thought about Dr. Wagner, and how he was saying he envied Eike's youth... Mrr, you got your eternal youth >3 The 'darkness of eternal youth' as Homunculus would say...

I'm really looking forward to my next presentation in English. In fact, I've decided I'm gonna probably research it over Spring Break XD;;
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I didn't know 'Kanone' meant 'Gun' in German... learn something new everyday, I guess... I mean, technically, I should have, since it looks almost exactly like 'canon' but still :P

In light of the fact that I got nothing done today, I've decided we're all in good need of a guest star tonight. Of course, most of you will not know him, but I've been stalked by a cute, orange-haired, rping-bishonen for days on end for not talking to this guy sooner...


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Take the What Type of Friend are
quiz, and visit

... I don't believe it.
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I'm still not feeling all that great. But I have felt a smidge better than yesterday.

Didn't do much today, since I was up very very very late last night x_o; I slept all day, and would have slept longer, but my dad woke me up by opening my door and letting the horrible smell of chili waft into my room. He wanted to know if I wanted any chili, despite my constantly telling him I hate the smell of it >_<; So, now my room (as with the rest of the house) smells like chili. Blargh. As punishment, I ate some of the cornbread muffins they made >3

And now... what some of you have been waiting for...

Meet Hikaru )


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