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Feel free to ignore. I couldn't find a good character cross-reference program anywhere on the internet, so I'm just gonna start slapping character information here when I want to keep information intact and 'trackable.'

These OCs are ones that I consider 'currently active' in so far as I could likely jump into playing them at any time with a minute or two of recollection.

If I feel productive, I might make 'extended profiles' here and link them in this master post :)a

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Well, I've been a little bummed recently due to the whole college transfer stuff ._.;

... and on a totally different topic, my wrist hurts o.o;

Anyway, today I had creative writing, and a lot of other people felt the same tension in the class that I did. However, after the class had a break, wherein everyone just got to randomly chat, the tension seemed to dissapate, at least to a good extent. I know Lee is in my class, but I also got to meet another guy who's pretty cool to talk to. He and I discussed Lord of the Rings, and the old cartoon movie versions of The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings...

I had to turn in something today for the assignment. I used Inner Threads (my story with Cindar and Mintara), but only the first chapter. While I've heard the teacher doesn't like fantasy, I don't think he can take away from my grade just for something like that :P

Inner Threads [Part 1] )

Yeah... I know it's not really THAT impressive, but that's sort of good. After all, I don't want to dazzle the class with something good, only to fizzle out, right?


Dec. 19th, 2003 12:43 am
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Does everyone know what TODAY is? :DDD Last day! I'm freeeeeeeeeeee! <3 No more school desu... Well, until next semester ^^;;;;

I had a dream... (cut for shonen-ai purposes) )

Oh, and I finally signed up for my classes, and I got every single one I wanted >3 Take that people who told me I might not get the classes I wanted. Har har. It's quite a full schedule too, so I'm vaguely concerned about my social life ^^;;;; Not that I have much of one anyway, but still!

My next semester schedule )

Okay, so now that's outta the way, today was really easy. Ignoring the fact that I was operating on one hour of sleep, I got through the day pretty well, and even took a while to study with someone who was in my English AND Latin American History class.. so, I think I did well on that...

But then I came home and slept all day ^^;; And then, was drawing in oC with Trey-chan tonight (and all of this early early morning, actually) And now we are rping desu...

Survey stolen from.. uhm...I don't remember o.O;; )

Yeah, so, sorry about all those cuts, lol...
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Well, today is my dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday to him. I was not online last night becuase most of my day (and night, and following morning) was taken up by my putting together of a computer hutch, complete with doors and shelves.

SO yeah, I put that together...

Yesterday, after school, I was completely giddy. It was my last day of school, and woo, things couldn't be better. However, just about ten minutes into the car-ride, my mom started fighting 9.9;; Weirdly enough, even though the sun had been coming out, as soon as we started to fight, the sun went away, and it was dark and cloudy.

ANYWAY, I didn't get to do anything I wanted to yesterday X_x; Which means I didn't get to send in the paper I had to do. I'll probably get points off of it ::grumbles:: well. So much for a good grade on THAT.

In other news, and I'm sure people will be shocked, I'm creating something new. It's not really for public consumption, but I'll mention it anyway. It's going to star Lucifer (as the literary figure - You know, like in Paradise Lost). The basic plot will be that God has sent Lucifer's soul to the human world (complete with memory wipe), so that he can live another life. God wants to see if Lucifer is just naturally evil, or if it was just a product of the personality that was given to him. This life time will determine if Lucifer can ever return to God's favor.

It'll have plenty of other angels and fallen angels in it. In fact, Beelzebub is going to show up eventually to look for Lucifer. Unfortunately, he's forbidden by God to tell Lucifer who he (Lucifer) really is.

So, I think that'll be neat to write.

Also, I'm planning out my Christmas cards for this year. I was thinking of making a personalize image for everyone I'm giving one to, because some people might not like certain characters... So, even though that's more work, I think I'll do that <3

And, finally, though people may be totally confused (becuase when it comes to anime, I may seem totally shallow), but I have actually piqued my intrest in regards to Reign: The Conqueror. Yes, I know that Peter Chung's artword is gruesome, and that just about NO ONE wears pants in that show... but I liked Aeon Flux (in a weird way), so I don't see how the artwork should deter me this time either... Besides, I really like Alexander (which may be helped by him being voiced by Seki Toshihiko <3) So, scoff if you must, but I like it.


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Wow! This is a long list of all of my original characters. I cannot remember half of them, so some of them I might not be able to explain. But I shall try my best if you ask <3 Characters in parentheses are not mine, but exist in the same universe :D If you recognize any of these characters, feel free to give a shout-out!

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