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have cute little puppy girls in them )
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I got the Samurai Deeper Kyo art book 'You' ... and it's FABULOUS.

No. Seriously. This is the best art book I have. It has so many awesome things in it... Akimine Kamijyou is the greatest person who has ever lived ;~;

I will never give this art book up >_____> NEVER.

I got some other things along with it, such as a Tales of Symphonia guide book, three Suikoden books, and three Dynasty Warriors 4-koma doujinshi.

D: It's all awesome stuff, but the SDK artbook outshines the rest. Seriously.
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My legs hurt :D I set up DDR for the first time in my house two nights ago. Took a bit of cleaning up, of course, but I did it... and the last two nights, I've DDR'd myself out x.X; My cat is fond of my dance pad, though XD;

Rich and Roshiel are back together, so I've been in a better mood ^^ ... of course, it doesn't help that I think I'm catching a cold ^^;

Finished Paranoia Agent *o* Best anime series EVER. ...maybe I've said that before, but this one really shines. It's probably not for everyone, but man, I love it *w*

I haven't gotten to watch Gankutsuou just yet >>; I want to, but people in this house insist on watching it too, but never 'have the time' or the interest to watch it --; I'll probably just watch it in my room like I'm doing with Arc the Lad.

Speaking of Arc the Lad, I'm disappointed that Elc doesn't have the same voice as in the game. It's not even close ^^; But luckily Hiyama Nobuyuki still plays Toshi ^___- and Arc is way hotter in the anime *__* Poco's adorable too :9 Paundit's kinda freakier looking though, but really no concern of mine. I hardly use him anyway.

I'm not sure if I like Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom, or Disgaea better... Phantom Brave has the plus of the female lead is NOT out to ruin the main character's life >>; But it's troublesome that Ash and company can only be confined for a short amount of time x.X; Makai Kingdom seems limiting so far, but once I get farther, I'm sure it'll pick up. And Disgaea is obvious, because I'm progressing quite nicely through that ^__^

I'm really eager to play Magna Carta, but I want to look up some stuff about it first. The 'strategy guide' that was included was really quite unhelpful in explaining stuff about the game. It just gives you a streamlined set of actions to take to finish the game (seemingly as quick as possible, I'd think). It makes the game seem quite short. The art is very pretty, even though I'm not as much a fan of Korean stuff. Minus the large chests, several of the characters remind me of Shaman king characters... I really can't explain without showing pictures, so I'll have to find them if anyone wants to see them :9;

I also got lots of new Samurai Deeper Kyo manga *o* It was allllll so nice. A few things were revealed that, quite frankly, I was expecting ^^; I mean Tokito was rather obviously-- ... uh, well. Yes ^o^; Most of the volumes were quite Akira centered. Now, I go back to my original thought of BonxAkira, but there's also ToraxAkira... though they're sort of rivals (mostly when involving Yuya xD; ) but they definitely don't act as rivals in these later ones.... Oh Akira. He really upsets Akari there for a while, but Hotaru calms Akari down in a jiffy... *o* Oh Shiseiten, I love you all...

:9 and that about sums it up.
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"Well, I thought you were... |D"

... XD

Yes, well, got another volume of Samurai Deeper Kyo yesterday, along with volume four of Mermaid Saga.

Still over a month until DDS2 comes out ~.~ Argh, I'm so impatient ;_;

Trey-chan told me, a few days ago, 'Draw more Mitsuru! :D' SO, because she is so cute, I have decided to draw her more Mitsuru. Unfortunately for her, he comes with other people XD The first two pictures from the set of three have Rich, Hyuga, and Yasuhiko as well as Mitsuru... The third one, however, has Mitsuru with Shiyou and the kids :D <3 ... well, it's not done yet, but it's in the process and all XD;;;

I have the insane urge to make plushies. I just need some sort of sewing device... Preferably one of those neat-o hand-held ones... If I had one of those, I'd march down to the craftstore and get to work right away.. Hm...

Rewatched Samurai Deeper Kyo the other day.... and may I just say that I did NOT remember the anime being so...well... cracky! Holy Crap(c) Hotaru was, like, in love with Kyo in that ::roll:: and here I thought Kyo's girlfriend was Akira >:D; What the hell was with that 'happy face' thing between Kyo and Hotaru? >:D; I was like "Omg,Hotarudoesn'tsmile!!" but then I remembered sure he does! Like when he's about to maul Bontenmaru!! :D

I'm also sad that Bontenmaru doesn't appear in the anime except that ONE time where he's riding with Yukimura's army. How WTFY!

Poor Sasuke. I remember thinking the same thing as when I first watched the anime - Sasuke is so poorly represented... Nevermind lack of screen time (since this mushes the first... like... 9 volumes of the manga into the first 2/3rds of the anime... and then the next however many -at least 15- into the final third), his personality is just weird o.O; They throw his 'urusenai!' around too much for trivial things ^^;

Ah well, at least the manga is still love *.*

... and that's... about it :D
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::eyes Livejournal::

.... Haven't been here for a while o.o;

Petshop of Horrors is over ;.; .... and I loved it ;.; I won't spoil anyone who's actually reading it and hasn't finished, but the ending was so.... WELL, awesome, and rather surprising the first time I read it.

Past the 109th hour in Nocturne... :D; I really should just go and kill Baal Avatar and her cohorts, march up to Kagutsuchi and kill it, and then kick Lucifer's ass, eh? Well, I'm not going to until I've gotten Shiva so I can fill up my Demonic Compendium >.< I'm one level away from getting him, unless it flukes like it did with Michael and keeps raising his level (though I'm not using a sacrificial fusion, so it probably won't)

Next playthrough, I'm aiming for Musubi. I was trying for it this time, but since I finished/cleared the Amala Labyrinth (getting "Dollar" Dante while I was at it), I ended up aiming towards the "Other"/True Demon/Maniac's Ending. Whoops. And to think I dumped Hijiri for NO REASON :D; Shame >>;

Hey, Rival, if you still read this... Sharpies are surprisingly good for outlining :O The only saving grace for a picture I just inked was the inking itself X3;

Having the standard problems with drawing. Too many flaws ._.; And there's the problem with the fact that I would prefer to draw to writing. As you can probably tell from my rare jaunts into writing-land, I'm not... uh... well, let's just say I'm not author material.

I wonder where Trey is.

Having a blast hanging out in the Gamefaqs boards. I don't know why. Maybe it's just being around gamers and hearing them talk about games. I don't get much conversation from anyone concerning games; I usually end up being the only one talking >>; But at Gamefaqs, I can just be the listener for once XD; And the search function is hella useful, you know...

I've had the (crazy) urge to draw things in comic strip form. Maybe Herman is being playful (he and his bandmates have been cosplaying 'Herman Potter' again ._.;;;;; So, I think he's 'normal' again) and is making me think like this. It's absolutely insane because we all know I have absolutely no drive for anything of that nature.

Oh, but I have decided that my life's dream is to have a gigantic library where I can just sit and read whatever I please all day (only taking a break to game, of course). It's an orgasmic idea, don't you think?

I finally caved and got something to eat.... SUGAR... Well, okay, not sugar, but it might as well have been :D Frosted Flakes! :3 However, it's like eating Rice Krispies, since it's all crushed and full of small flakes.... ::sweatdrop::

It may be the doujinshi speaking, but listening to Roy's song Tsuki no Uragawa makes me think of a Roy and Ed duet. Yeah, it's probably the doujinshi I have with Roy sitting at what looks like a dj station, with Ed sitting on the desk near the microphone and they're both talking into it.... Might just be because I like the image.... Might just be because my dad works at a radio station?

::Ducks Trey cause of that last paragraph:: ._.; I'm not cemented on a pairing, but I'll just say that she won't be happy with ANY of the couples I like :D; ::runs and hides behind Lust before realizing that's probably not safe:: ..... ::dashes behind Hughes, content to hear about his wife and baby:: ^w^

I wish I would stop getting ideas before I actually own the talent to draw/write about them.

Went to catalogue all of my manga... and realized it was hopeless because I have no bookshelf to put them on, and thus all my categorizing would be a moot point.. HOWEVER, I did write down the first batch that I looked through... *.* I missed all my old manga like GTO, Jigoku Sensei Nube, and various others.

... Have I finished ranting? I guess so. XD I tend to write rants like this when I have no one to talk to. This looks very similar to the ones I wrote while sitting around in college... Damn, and I had sworn not to do these anymore (since they were just SO interesting that everyone just sat and stared in AWE of them >>; )
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With a few weeks under my belt, I figured it's time for REVIEWS ^^

::Pulls out trusty reporter's notebook:: I'm just going to review the things that have stuck out in my mind of my presents. There are other things that I got that I have not used yet, or haven't really made much of an impression on me... So yeah. Here we go ^^

Item: Shin Megami Tensei ~Nocture
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: original soundtrack and 400+ page game guide
Replay value (if applicable): At least three plays through.
Favorite character: protaganist/player. Though Isamu Nitta is very pretty, though very bitchy :D; I like Futomimi as well.
Least favorite character: Initially I liked Chiaki, but after events that just occured, I hate her very much T.T; More than Hikawa-san.
Best moment: Whenever your demons transform. And when High Pixie flirted with me during her level up event :D;;
Worst moment: The Mifunashiro event. ;.;
Overall: .... This game is my master. It rules my soul >D I must get Shin Megami Tensei ~Digital Devil Saga

Item: Full Metal Alchemist vol 1
Type: anime dvd box set - 2 discs
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): once I get more of it, I'll rewatch it more than once. But I've only got, like 10 episodes at best >>;
Favorite character(s): Ed and Al (of course), Roy's kinda hot >D; And Hughes!!! OMG, Hughes is probably my fave none pretty one >D
Least favorite character(s): Winry, and those one-shot characters in the first few stories >:/
Best moment: The scene in the train with Hughes, Mustang, and the phone >D; And Ed's ability to take any sort of mention about his height into some long rant. 'Who's so tiny that an ant could lift them up?!' and the like XD
Worst moment: ......... well... Winry's decision to get into some stranger's van certainly wasn't my FAVORITE T.T;
Overall: >:D I'm lovin' this series. For my birthday, I will travel to China town and buy MORE.

Item: Persona 2: Tsumi ~The Errors of their Youth
Type: cd - 1 disc
Extras: little artwork in the cd booklet
Replay value (if applicable): Oh yeah.
Favorite character: Kurosu Jun. Eikichi takes a close second >D
Least favorite character: none
Best moment: The track where Jun is doing the astrology >D
Worst moment: Maya and Tatsuya's initial track is kinda boring because it's a bunch of big words that I don't understand ;.;
Overall: well. Persona (by the guy that did Shin Megami Tensei, of course) is pretty much my obsession ^^ So, gee, what do you think?

Item: Samurai Warriors
Type: video game - 1 disc
Extras: none
Replay value (if applicable): .......... so.... many.... missions!
Favorite character: Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Sanada Yukimura
Least favorite character:
Best moment: EVERY time Nobunaga or Mitsuhide talk to Ranmaru, they ALWAYS tip up his chin like he was their lover or something >:D
Worst moment: ... just before Mitsuhide orders the attack on Honnouji ;.; He's so SAD about having to attack Ranmaru.
Overall: This game is much more challenging than Dynasty Warriors... but omg, I'm loving it. I haven't played everyone, but I'm steadily unlocking the various characters and their outfits :D

Item: Star Ocean ~Till the End of Time
Type: video game - 2 discs
Extras: poster of Fate/Fayt
Replay value (if applicable): two plays, at least.
Favorite character: Arbel and Roger and Nel, though Fate makes the cutest faces
Least favorite character: Maria. T.T
Best moment: Where Roger's friends catch him in his fib about Fate-tachi being his servants >D; He is ADORABLE, poking his fingers together and bopping back and forth instead of just swaying
Worst moment: the very beginning where you are stalked--er, I mean followed by Sophia. It moves very slowly and there are no save-points ._.;
Overall: I'm impatient, so the pace that this game moves is a little slow to me >:D And I don't like the maps AT ALL. But, the character designs are attractive (especially Nel and Albel), and most of the characters are likeable :3 Though there are some questionable things, it's, overall, an awesome game :D

Over and out
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Minna san he,

Happy New Years Eve.

Nothing really eventful as of late... Went to my grandmother's for Christmas and was there for a few days.

Got quite a bit of stuff for Christmas; of particular interest were:
-Full Metal Alchemist vol. 1 dvds
-Persona 2: Tsumi ~ The Errors of their Youth cd
-Detective Conan doujinshi
-Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game and game guide
-Star Ocean Till the End of Time game
-Foxtrot 2005 calendar

I also got Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends but I can't play it yet. Anyone familiar with Dynasty Warriors would realize why. Xtreme Legends is sort of like 1/2. It's only REALLY good if you add it onto the previous game, Samurai Warriors in this case. So, I'll have to wait until April, at least, until I can play that.

In other new, I'm not sure if Trey-chan got her present. In fact, I'm starting to worry that I entered the wrong address, or that she got it and didn't like it...

Suoh-chan yo.
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I've been overly lazy recently, but I have a good excuse. The sudden drop in temperature we got in my area gave me an overwhelming cold x.x I could only sleep for 3-5 hours at a time, and could not fall asleep again until several hours later. I had bad reflexes, was a little tipsy...

The weirdest thing about my cold is that Hikaru and Rin stopped by and were actually nice (not a big deal for Hikaru). ~.~ I have not seen them for a while, and they decided to give me a sympathy visit. I considered drawing Rin in my 'new' style (Trey-chan, you've seen my recent art, so you should know what I mean by 'new' style) but just couldn't bring myself to want to put the effort into it. Surprisingly, Rin agreed to let me draw him later.

Uh, but I have practice (for driving, duh) tomorrow, so I should be in tip-top shape for that x.x; (even so, I'm going to be online today/tonight to see Trey >.< <---::determined face, yo!::)

On Friday, I drove on a big highway (Rt. 80 I think) OMGITWASFRIKKENSCARY!! but I did it twice. As a present to myself, I got Saga Frontier 1 and Wild Arms 1. Saga Frontier 1 is NOT as good as Saga Frontier 2 (the controls are more finicky, and the characters do not appeal yet. Gustave is way better XD) Wild Arms 1 is not as good as 2, yet, but it's better than 3. Wild Arms 3 (despite the horses) was just not that good. Sad.

Rody/Rudy(?) is cute X3 He reminds me of Shiyou (they look very similar) but he's got Roshiel's hair color, and Mitsuru's facial expressions XD Or maybe AU Shiyou's facial expressions. Jack is scruffy and I think he's up to no-good whenever I look at his pictures, but he seems reliable XD Hanpan is cute and I want one--er, I mean, I want him to sit on my shoulder. Not really all that interested in... uh.... what's her name? O.O;; Uh, I forgot the girl, but she's your standard, cliche princess. I think she cuts her hair as well, standard princess-turned-'adventurer' trait -good thing she's not like Virginia and isn't the main character- ... :D; The only problem with this game is there are hardly enough hot guys to drool over like there were in 2 and 3. (but Clive is married! ;.;)

Because Saga Frontier was not that great, I started playing Saga Frontier 2 again. My only problem with SF2 is that... uh... the sprites look very young and pretty but then are, like, 60!!! omg! My favorite character in Wil's scenario is 30 when he first joins x.x But he looks young like RIN! And Gustave looks good until he does that 'kingly' look thing :D; Grows his hair out long, and slicks it back, and, uh, yeah. Not a good look for him XD;

In other news (Yes, I can hear you sigh in relief that I'm done talking about gaming >D;; ), I drew a 'group' shot of Caesar, Akira, Gentian, and Yusaku. I drew Yusaku first and was like "WOAH" so I wanted to draw other peope to go with it. Caesar came next cause he's my second favorite after Yu-chan. (Second favorite because I can't nail his personality down to how I want it ;.;) Then, I got to thinking about who else to put. Akira was decided then, because I know Trey-chan likes him. But I drew Gentian first, because I wanted to put him next to Yusaku. And then Akira came, and looks way too sexy to be Akira XD

Caesar didn't want me to bring up the pictures because he came out the worst, and we all know that Aikun and Kira will both really like the Akira one >XD Yusaku came out great, but I already said that, so hopefully Mamoru will like it. Gentian came out okay, but, I haven't even really drawn him to his full potential. I'm gonna end up scanning the pictures seperately, but they'll be 'paired' together XD;

Uh, no pen-outline as usual, but I may poke at them with some color soon x.x; For now, I'm just happy I managed to draw them all looking decent! XD

And thus is my long-awaited journal entry. Or not.

EDIT: Oh, I'm happy. Not in the good way. But in the maniacal-evil-I-TOLD-you-so way. <3 Yes. Another reason for me to hate translators, and dubbers. My favorite yaoi manga in the world -Kizuna- has been translated, and also CENSORED. They cut out three pages of completely innocent stuff. Is there anything wrong with a little boy giving someone a kiss and explaining that he saw on tv that you do that with people you care for/it's a sign of affection. He's a kindergarten kid! >.<; What is wrong with THAT? There was NOTHING sexual/mature/weird/creepy about it. It was just a teeny little kiss. I've seen kids kiss their parents on the mouth in tv shows and they don't edit THAT out. >.<; And that's way more squicky!

EDIT 2: Well, I take back what I said earlier in this entry; I can't color the four pictures because, uhm, OpenCanvas has most certainly completely died. I had to completely delete it because it does not open at all. It's been there for weeks, non-operational, so I just had to delete it -.-;
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First, I wanna major-uber apologize to Trey-chan about the phone u.u; It literally DIED. I have NO idea what happened >.<; And I couldn't even call you back to apoligize. Damn phone T.T; Well, around Saturday, the guys should come to fix it >>;

Lesse. Yes, my gamer genes have been controlling me as of late, so I've been playing ALOT. Which is good, because I haven't seen hide nor hair of the computer until now...

Stopped at Linblum in Disc 2 for Final Fantasy 9 :3;; Jeez, will I ever get through this game? ^^; I want to, trust me...

Legend of Mana. Since I could not find my old game save (actually I was too lazy to look for it) I started another game save. I've gotten very far in it x.x; But for some damn reason, I can't use the Pirate hook artifact! It won't let me set it down ANYWHERE! How very frustrating. And I named my character after the cat in Detective Conan (Aslan XD; ) because the hair reminded me of it...

Started Hoshigami. It resembles Saga Frontier 2 (I can't get Saga Frontier 1 anywhere ;.; ) only... with less characters. But at least the characters so far look, uh, younger than the misleading ones in Saga Frontier XD;;; Narsus! How DARE you be old u.u; In ANY case, I'll try it out more, but um. the main character's name is FAZZ. WTF? What kind of name is that? O.o;

Oh. Yeah. HEY HAWK. Guess who got a PS1 version of Chrono Trigger? ME? Why, yes! XD I'm entirely stoked. I can't wait to play it! I was already pointing out characters that are referred to in Chrono Cross! The only problem I have is that I don't like Akira Toriyama's artwork as much as I like Chrono Trigger's ;.; But that won't bother me TOO badly. It's got all new animated sequences... or so the box says. Hell, I don't care, so long as I HAVE IT. It came with Final Fantasy IV as well, but... eh.

I'm, like, shallow when it involves game art sometimes. And the earlier Final Fantasy games don't really appeal to me... But... who knows, I'll give it a try in any case :D Just as long as it's not like Final Fantasy 8 or X-2, I'll give it a try! (Yuna, Rinoa T.T; I hate them both, though Yuna is just for the voice actor, so who knows XD; )

So, yeah, aside from that stuff, I was also playing a lot of stuff at my friend's house. DDR included. And a bunch of shooter games, which I completely suck at u.o;; Dammit, I can't use a gun, okay? >.<;

But. I forgot Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II here in America. Which will be a problem when the REAL Tales of Destiny comes out XD; ) ;.; I wanna play it SO bad. The main character is voiced by Ishida Akira, of course >:D So, he is naturally TEH!Smex.

;.; maybe after I play all these others. (And I should have probably beaten Tales of Destiny first >>;;;;;;; )

Hn. I think being such a 'good' gamer is my downfall >>; In many games you have to do things that are not 'perfect' game play, you know? Like in Dynasty Warriors, or Chrono Cross. u.u; And I can't do them, because I have to try HARDER to not do all the requirements and stuff XD; It's really bothersome!

Rawr. I think I have officially lost N-chan's number. Dammit! T.T; So, N-CHAN! You need to call me sometime and tell me it or something! :D;;; Uhm... please?

I have a lot of things I SHOULD do, but I've been very lazy and uncooperative as far as that goes, recently. I feel bad about it, but I just haven't been in the mood, you know? I haven't wanted to watch things, or really interact with people |3;;;; I've just wanted to game and game and game. And maybe game with other people XD; But that's about it.

So, uh, apologies to everyone I've been ignoring or things like that...

I got Petshop of Horrors vol. 7 a few days ago~ Hee~ It's good! :3 Though T-chan was not in it enough ;.; When he WAS in it, though, he was suprisingly cute and bippy. He's usually VERY grumpy and all 'hmph'-ish XD But this time, he was smiling alot and getting jealous when Pon-chan gave Chris a kiss! XD ::pets T-chan:: Too bad there are only two volumes left, I think ;.; SAD

Hm. Maybe the game designers think different, but I think Zidane should sound similar to the singer(s?) in Tobira no Mukou he. It would really work, I think! ... You don't think so?
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Hooray for teh!Toriya, for he is now a year older without managing to, uh, change ages. Because I do not do that to my boiz all that often :3;

If I WAS changing ages, well, uh, he would be ::thinks:: 26 right now. :O Making Rin 24. Poor Atsushi-san would be in, like, his mid-thirties by then! 34 desu yo (cause, he's eight years older than Toriya, making him ten years older than Rin...)

I have not... done... anything for him >>; Because yesterday I went out to the deli for ice cream, made my sister play tennis with me, and then watched Prince of Tennis and saw the Fuji/Eiji match verses Saeki/Itsuki(?) Hoo. Fuji was so scary(sexy).

And, thanks to Kazuma Kodaka (whom I luff), I like Tezuka/Fuji again... But, I really only like HER Tezuka/Fuji stuff. Probably because she always makes all of her yaoi couples, like, teh!hot >>; I cannot refuse her pairings. Of course, I'm still strongly for Taka/Fuji (especially after the match of Taka/Momo against Davide/Bane), but, uh, Kodaka-sama makes Tezu/Fuji... uhm... sexy. ._.;

The good news is that she also draws really hot Golden Pair stuff :3;; She makes Kikumaru so cute! X3 Supposedly, Kodaka-sama drops everything she's doing if Hikaru no Go or Tennis no Oujisama comes on XD And now she's moved her work table to face her tv. She's so... normal for such a famous manga-ka...

>> I also have a Iori/Kyo doujinshi by her. Fwa! I want all of the stuff she makes!!! ... Just like Kaimu Tachibana >>;

Nya... it's a good thing Kodaka-sama switched from her previous artstyle, though. She used to draw... more realistically... like the art in "Strain" ... So now I like her art better (Actually, I stole Toriya's hair style from one of her really hot guys - Tashiro X3. See, I connected him to this rant nicely!)

Hn. It vaguely worries me though... Kodaka-sama seems to really like Fuji (I mean, he's in every doujinshi I have by her for Prince of Tennis)... so... maybe she doesn't like Mizuki! *GASP* I mean, I have not seen anything to prove so, but it's possible. I mean... I like both of them (which is so... contradicting :3; ) but others are probably not like me x.x;

In any case... Ha. Her one scene with Ooishi and Kikumaru reminds me of Sei and Toui's first time XD Ooishi's all "Does it hurt?" and Kikumaru's like "@.x; NO. Not all all ::clipped voice, clenches pillow:: "

As per usual, I am behind in art. Cause I am teh lazy. And, I want a new rpg T.T; A nice, long ps1 rpg. I have plenty of nice, long ones, especially ones I have not finished even the first time around. But. Uh. I want a new one u.u;

Need to read more Sherlock Holmes. I've been reading a story here or there, but I gotta finish his memoirs before I start the other book. And I have Dean Koontz's Whispers to read (I know what it's about, so maybe I shouldn't read it. >>; I mean.. it's supposed to be a suspense/horror novel, you know? And knowing already... kinda ruins it), as well as some paper-back fantasy story I got from the library. It doesn't look too promising though; kind of an over-used plot line... But, maybe I'll skim it ^^;

I need... something new. Like a new game. I know I said this earlier in the entry, but that's my point. It's been bugging me for a long time that I need something new. Reading new stuff is good (I'm getting a total kick out of the Sherlock Holmes stuff), but I dunno... I need... a new game. Something to engage my mind in a different way :O

I know this sounds completely unlike me (People have been saying this alot to me recently >>; ) but I want to go shopping. Not for anything in particular... Though I do want some more clothes o.o Mrf. I can't do it, though, because my mom hates shopping (especially for clothes) and my dad... I dunno... wouldn't be fun? Not in the 'just hanging out' sort of way, at least :/ Maybe I can convince N-chan to? ._. I just am always afraid to call her, cause she might be busy working or something ::dies:: nyaaa...

Maybe I should try doing something productive... Only, whenever I try to get down to it, nothing ever happens x.x; It's really irritating, you know? Like, writing... I can't do it when I'm at the computer, and I get ideas when I'm not on the computer, but get too lazy to write it down. ._.; Ah, the imagined hardships I go through...
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suppose I should update with something... interesting. :/

Uh. Not much has been goin' down here :o

Lesse... Went bowling and played some tennis the other day, after takin' a quick trip down to Kinokuniya/Mitsuwa. Felt like Mizuki against Fuji towards the end of the tennis there x.x; You know... how it starts out good, but then just turns out horrible :D; Couldn't even get it to go over the net after a while ^^;;;; Haha.. as for the bowling... let's just say I was very lucky that Inui was not present...

Didn't get much at Kinokuniya (didn't have the money onhand). Got Peace Maker Kurogane 1, and some Lichi gummies. Also grabbed a thing of Pocari Sweat...

Earlier this week, rented Zero: Akai Chou (better known as Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly) .... Amazing. It might just be better than the first :o So creepy >|3 love it muchly. And Itsuki Tachibana is teh!cute. Though I'm not sure if he's cuter than Mafuyu or not... After all, Itsuki is a Rin wanna-be in the looks department. fufufu. And he's got Hoshi Souichiro for his voice <3 Shame the game is dubbed :/ But Mafuyu's VERY cute too, and even wears a choker *.* (mmmm, I love when Bishonen wear chokers x.x; )

Also, grabbed Flesh Colored Horror at the bookstore. I wanted Tomie part 1, but they didn't have it... I picked up Elfquest: Wolfrider 2, as well. It's got all of the Skywise and Cutter stories mushed into one delicious volume (and even includes the story where they learn each other's soul names >|3 *cough*notrecognitionreally*cough* )

Hn. Cause of all that, I've been on somewhat of a horror kick... Ringu (and it's American, not quite as good, counterpart, The Ring), anything by Junji Ito (the best horror mangaka ever!) Fatal Frame 1 + 2 (which manages to have cute, likable main female characters), Siren (which I will rent tomorrow), Jigoku Sensei Nubei (;.; I have to find the volume with my favorite one-shot character), and various other horror related things :3; Yeah, I like horror... but I like Japanese horror best. It's more subtle ::nod:: It's scary without always relying on shock-value, like recent American horror :o

Hm. Also, tomorrow I'm running to the college to pick up mah degree... and some other certificate. Supposedly I graduated magna cum laude.... According to my mom, that's highest honors... or something like that? x.x; I'm rather skeptical, though. It was way too easy >_>; I didn't DO anything.

My sleep schedule has been screwy to all hell. No matter what I do, I just kept waking up at 5 or 7 in the morning T.T; It puts a serious cramp in my day, as you can imagine x.x; I'm not awake enough to even ask for the computer when the time rolls around. IF I'm even awake x.x;; nyu.

This summer... is gonna be bad.

How to make a Toriyalover

5 parts success

5 parts courage

5 parts energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of caring and enjoy!
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Uh... I had stuff to talk about before I opened LJ... honestly I did...

Well, lesse, yesterday I went to Kinokuniya despite my misgivings, and actually walked away with quite a bit of loot.

I got a Fudomine folder; a packet of Persona postcards, including one of Jun, since it's from Innocent Sin; my Be-Boy Gold, which was simply marvelous, and full of Nagumo/Toriya goodness, as well as the wonderful ending of Mezase HERO; volume four of Petshop of Horrors; a deck of Prince of Tennis cards; two Naruto figurines; and a stack of magazines.

I also saw a Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~ artbook, but alas, I could not get it. Though, if I had put back everything else I got, I probably could have. It had Eyes and Ayumu (Narumi-ototo) on it, and my inner Kanone flared in jealousy... but that's okay.

A few new pictures have been put up on DA, including this: I'm more than likely going to make a Deluxe Edition Long-Haired Rin one for J-chan, simply because he suggested it. It'll look neat, I wager.

Amazingly, I haven't seen hide nor hair of almost anyone all day o.o; But I have gotten to talk with J-chan quite a bit, which is always a pleasant thing ^_^ Maybe I'm just surprised to not see anyone since my brother and sister did not have school today, so I just assumed people would be online?

Ah well, I've gotten some pictures colored, and plenty of reading done, so I'm not overly concerned.

Oh yes! Someone drew a request for me at DA *_* I was so happy! It was neat having a request filled like that, without paying or anything O.O But I saw this one person's Shaman King fanart of Yoh and Amidamaru... I asked if they had ever drawn Manta, so they said they would, and did! Wow, so cool~

On that note, I think I'll go back to blissfully coloring... stuff. Ja ne, minna-san
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Okay, because I had a bit of free time before my class today, I pulled out PoT 20.5, and went to the back. I did all my calculations to figure out my coaches. And guess who I got?!?!

Sengoku is my main coach!!!!!! XD Hurray! Shuu triumphs!

Kamio is my second coach!!!!! Rhythm-kun! ::spaz:: Obsidian-sama~! <3

And Kikumaru is my third coach! Nya!! <3<3<3<3

Oh, so happy. Mainly because Kamio and Kikumaru were my fave (desirables) in the second and third category. But in the first, I would have been happy with Mizuki, or Fuji, or Saeki... >3 But I got Sen-chan, who's spiffy as well!

Various Meme-tachi )

Your Bishonen Slaves(one may preform various roles) by DS2020
Favorite tool for discipline
Sex SlaveCho Hakkai
CookGenjo Sanzo
HousekeeperYuki Sohma
ChauffeurAya Fujimiya
MassuseVash the Stampede
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Convenient, I think, that as Hikaru I got Yuki >3 Especially since Rin was Yuki for Halloween! MWAHAHAHA! And I got Hakkai for my sex slave ::drools:: He's got Ishida Akira's voice *_* Oh, and Sanzo is my cook? XD I don't know if he can cook, though! And Aya's okay (nice voice and all - Go Koyasu!)... but I'd prefer Schuldrich *.* Ohhh, and Vash is Masaya Onosaka *.* Thatz! ... but also Leon from Pet Shop of Horrors (... oh hey, Sanzo is Count D's voice as well ::snrk:: )

Hopefully, tonight I'll get online x_x; I haven't had much interaction online for the week ._.; I was on Wednesday morning, but that was about it x_o;

And, I've gotta plan something out for Valentine's Day ::nod:: Gotta do/get something for Trey-chan....
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Well, I got out of Meteorology approximately 1hour and 45 minutes early. While I COULD technically call home and get picked up early... erh... lazy...

So, I bounced over to the computer lab and tadaa, here I am. Because I know you all just LOVE hearing about my oh-so-interesting life :P

Jeez, I gotta pick up textbooks >.<;; I usually have before now(I'm usually forced into it right after I register ^^; ), but... I dunno..

It's slippery as all hell on the sidewalks around here ^^;;; I've considered actually walking IN the snow some of the time...

Snow burns hurt like hell :D

If Rin has not started eating better, I'll lock 'im in a room with Toriya until he does.

I wonder why my Shuu picture got favorited twice, and so many people like it so much... but other pictures I spent way longer on hardly got comments ::ponder:: I'm not being ungrateful or selfish or even mad. I'm just curious, ya know? Like... I wonder what's different about my Ruki picture and my Shuu picture compared to the others... I'll have to study that, and see if I can figure out what makes those more popular o.o

Since my schedule is wonky, I might not be available online much, except for the weekends (after 2:15 on Friday, I'm free until Tuesday). So. Unless something else comes up that blocks that part of my schedule, I'll have to wait until the weekends ^_^ So, please, people. I won't get as much time to talk to you (fortunately/unfortunately for you as the case may go), which means that you'll all have to COMMENT more >3 mwahahaha. Part of my secret plot, yes it is~

okay, not really :/ But it's probably gonna be the best way to talk to me during the week (for those of you that wish to, that is ^^;; )

Upon further inspection into Komisch, I've discovered that Seiya looks alot more like Hikaru... well, his hair does, that is. And his dad reminds me (physically, at least) of Nagumo. Couple that with the fact that Seiya and Hikaru are both possessing of similar personalities.. well ::grin::

Hey~ someone from my Chinese class is in my Meteorology class :D And she's even in my group now. Not bad, not bad...

I'm quite in the mood for plotting of some sort. I don't quite know of what. But something...

Poor Toriya. He's been so clumsy today o.o; There doesn't even really seem to be a reason why. He's not even usually a klutz. I'll have to investigate that as well...

In the meantime, I must get him to STOP leering at Eyes from Spiral ^^; Baka Toriya ^^;;

OH! I've also noticed an odd trend. People who look like Rin... they all have Ishida Akira's voice o.O; Almost makes me want to change Rin's voice from Takahashi Hiro to Ishida Akira X3;; But I won't. Rin's voice is much too yummy as it is.

Hmm... Is it telling that I like Akito from Fruits Basket? x_o;

Now I'm getting WAY too random... But unfortunately, I don't have anything else to do XD; So, I guess I'll just finish this entry, and then play around on the internet for about 45 minutes or so.. mrf.


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