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Feel free to ignore. I couldn't find a good character cross-reference program anywhere on the internet, so I'm just gonna start slapping character information here when I want to keep information intact and 'trackable.'

These OCs are ones that I consider 'currently active' in so far as I could likely jump into playing them at any time with a minute or two of recollection.

If I feel productive, I might make 'extended profiles' here and link them in this master post :)a

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Alright so, the other day it occured to me that there are at least three different characters I like with the name Leon! This got me thinking about what traits characters exhibit that make me like them, and if there was an actual pattern. As such, I think I will use this entry to list all of my favorite characters, and see if I can find a link!

I will take (unnecessary) pains to keep the titles as alphabetical as possible. Also, this is only games or series that I actually have a favorite character in - games where I like everyone equally or am indifferent to most of the cast will not be listed.

Updated - 2/03/14 *added least favorites*

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