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Be forewarned, the following is incredibly depressing, especially considering what day it is.

Rest in Peace,
Kittanna Streak Duncan
Oct. 1995- Dec. 2008

Yes, my cat passed away this evening. He'd been sick for a while, so although I am not surprised, it still really hurts. He had been so frustrated with his illness, so I'm relieved.

I don't know. He was my first pet. I'm really going to miss him.

I feel better now, in a 'come to terms with it' sort of way, now that we were able to bury him. We put him up on a hill in our yard, and made a make-shift tombstone until the spring, when we'll get him a better one. We had gotten him a blanket for Christmas because our house is kinda drafty, so we wrapped him in that too.
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The Ozzy WoW commercial amuses me to no end. It really does.

It's funny how you can know something but don't really appreciate it until you experience it. Like, for instance... cats don't like baths given by humans. Had to give my cat a bath today, poor thing. He was a real trooper, but I wasn't able to get the whole bath finished. It wore him out, though...

Need to organize my room a lot better... But every time I look at the stuff I have to do, I realize that I don't have anywhere better to put the stuff yet, and so although it's not a difficult task, it's definitely going to be an interesting predicament. Games and strategy guides aren't exactly the most convenient things to store in a room situation (as oppposed to a store setting) so I'm at an impasse trying to figure out the best way to organize.

I've been feeling really lazy recently. I haven't wanted to go to work (aside from the drama going on there) because I've wanted to play games all day. No WoW for the moment because my time ran out, and I need to buy a new time card. But, I've still got a lot of games for my 360 and my ps2. Persona 4 just came out in fact.

Torn between DC and Marvel fandoms. Sigh. Nightwing, Arsenal, Robin, and Superboy are just as awesome as the Young Avengers.... So I continue to flip flop between fangirling over them both. The Young Avengers really really need to be put into a video game somewhere, and the same goes for Arsenal and Superboy. Nightwing and Robin have at least gotten a little love. (And maybe throw a little Kid Flash in there too)

Craving an in-depth conversation about something uplifting right about now.


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