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I have experienced my first horror tv episode with the cutest little anime cat. It's on a dvd called Omoinotama (Prayer Beads), and is 9 episodes of horror. Number 8 is called Cat's Paw, and features an adorable little samurai cat named Nyanta that 'wants to make your wishes come true'

... uhm, wow, it was adorable, which really added to how scary the episode got 8D

There were other good episodes, but none of them stood out as much as that episode did XD

Picked up Tales of Vesperia, but didn't get a chance to play it just yet. Whoever decided to not make Flynn a playable character is made of fail 8) He's so sekushi looking - just like Gai from Tales of the Abyss.

Hesitant to get the Tales of Ratatosk / Tales of Symphonia 2. It's for the wii, and you don't control your entire team. You capture monsters to help you, and want vengeance against a guy that destroyed your village... who happens to be the hero of the game prior. Maybe no one else caught it, but that's EXACTLY VERBATIM Arc the Lad II. Just because your characters are 'fluffier' looking doesn't mean you've made a new game. Just because the awesome characters from the previous game are gonna be around doesn't mean you are gonna have a good game. And actually, I DOUBT that Lloyd and Zelos are gonna be together like in MY Tales of Symphonia game, so you'll lose my interest even more than you already have.

And while Arc the Lad II was the best game of the series (die, twilight of the spirits), it is, in no way, better than Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Destiny.
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suppose I should update with something... interesting. :/

Uh. Not much has been goin' down here :o

Lesse... Went bowling and played some tennis the other day, after takin' a quick trip down to Kinokuniya/Mitsuwa. Felt like Mizuki against Fuji towards the end of the tennis there x.x; You know... how it starts out good, but then just turns out horrible :D; Couldn't even get it to go over the net after a while ^^;;;; Haha.. as for the bowling... let's just say I was very lucky that Inui was not present...

Didn't get much at Kinokuniya (didn't have the money onhand). Got Peace Maker Kurogane 1, and some Lichi gummies. Also grabbed a thing of Pocari Sweat...

Earlier this week, rented Zero: Akai Chou (better known as Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly) .... Amazing. It might just be better than the first :o So creepy >|3 love it muchly. And Itsuki Tachibana is teh!cute. Though I'm not sure if he's cuter than Mafuyu or not... After all, Itsuki is a Rin wanna-be in the looks department. fufufu. And he's got Hoshi Souichiro for his voice <3 Shame the game is dubbed :/ But Mafuyu's VERY cute too, and even wears a choker *.* (mmmm, I love when Bishonen wear chokers x.x; )

Also, grabbed Flesh Colored Horror at the bookstore. I wanted Tomie part 1, but they didn't have it... I picked up Elfquest: Wolfrider 2, as well. It's got all of the Skywise and Cutter stories mushed into one delicious volume (and even includes the story where they learn each other's soul names >|3 *cough*notrecognitionreally*cough* )

Hn. Cause of all that, I've been on somewhat of a horror kick... Ringu (and it's American, not quite as good, counterpart, The Ring), anything by Junji Ito (the best horror mangaka ever!) Fatal Frame 1 + 2 (which manages to have cute, likable main female characters), Siren (which I will rent tomorrow), Jigoku Sensei Nubei (;.; I have to find the volume with my favorite one-shot character), and various other horror related things :3; Yeah, I like horror... but I like Japanese horror best. It's more subtle ::nod:: It's scary without always relying on shock-value, like recent American horror :o

Hm. Also, tomorrow I'm running to the college to pick up mah degree... and some other certificate. Supposedly I graduated magna cum laude.... According to my mom, that's highest honors... or something like that? x.x; I'm rather skeptical, though. It was way too easy >_>; I didn't DO anything.

My sleep schedule has been screwy to all hell. No matter what I do, I just kept waking up at 5 or 7 in the morning T.T; It puts a serious cramp in my day, as you can imagine x.x; I'm not awake enough to even ask for the computer when the time rolls around. IF I'm even awake x.x;; nyu.

This summer... is gonna be bad.

How to make a Toriyalover

5 parts success

5 parts courage

5 parts energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of caring and enjoy!


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