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Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:38 pm
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uwah. They got me on the cold and harsh part X.X I have no tact... but oh dear, I hope I'm not puritanical ^^;; I brand my mom with that all the time though..

in other news... much gameage has been occuring...

I've been playing combos of a bunch of games recently o.o;; Like, for instance, it all started with Lunar 2, and then it went to Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, and then came Kengo...

And now I'm playing Forever Kingdom... I had not realized that Forever Kingdom came after Evergrace... Hm. But it makes sense after I have thought about it. Similar art style, but much better game play, and Ruyan is in Forever Kingdom *.* I know it may just be me, but he looks like ... I dunno... Manta and Yoh's love child perhaps? Anway, he's very cute. And the helm I'm using for him is ::giggle:: cat-ears >3 Everytime I level it up, the shopkeeper is all "You want to enhance THAT? You're strange" :3 In any case, he's my lead character and I heart him muchly, so I only really concentrate on him...

But then Felk came in. :D I like him too, but he's not as cute as Ruyan... But his personality is spiffy.

Oh, but today was my brother's birthday, which will explain why I was not on today. In-between wrapping and putting up decorations and doin' the cake, I finally finished watching PoT.

Atobe is TEH evil. But he's also got some good points. So I shall not dislike him completely. But anyone who likes him and doesn't like Mizuki... well, argh to them!

However, Jousei shonan... mm, the team of the ULGIES! X_X; Okay, the captain is cute, and the twins! Ah, but that's just because they're twins. But I totally like Youhei more than Kouhei. Youhei reminds me of Shuuichi }:3 (and I won't even go into the fact that I kept seeing Shuu and Yon when they were playing X.X;;)

And Wakato... hm. Well, were his fangirls less like the Jewel Collectors, and he not so bloody arrogant, I'd like him more...

But their coach. OMG! (gah, I can't believe I used that phrase again ^^; ) SHE IS THE WORST EVIL OF THEM ALL. She's way worse than Mizuki! (who, may I point out I'm extremely fond of. And so glad that he's in so much of the anime I had recently acquired. Chibi form and the like X3 And Fuji's so mean to him, kekeke) Oh. I hate that woman coach so much.

Not only does she flirt with Ryouma (who is 12 YEARS OLD), but also she holds her team in such low regard. She is willing to do anything to win (well, anything to the other team, very much like Atobe u.u* ), including having her players aim for Ooishi's injured arm. And her team members are not peers (or even friends). They are merely results, all meant to show how amazing SHE is for having come up with the system they follow.

Ugh. Evil...

But there was much Mizuki-age! :D And I could not help but laugh at the "Date" episode X333 It's a MUST see for fans of Seigaku, Mizuki, Yuuta, Shinji, Kamio, and An X3; Oh, Mizuki! Don't try so hard to get Fuji's attention, even if it's so you can try to one up him (honestly, my dear, you can't)! Focus on the Fuji that you got (meaning Yuuta <3)

When Ryouma introduces them as "The guy I beat (Yuuta)," "the guy Fuji-senpai beat (Mizuki)," and "the guy that got knocked out by Kawamura (um.. the duck guy that always hangs out with Yuuta ^^;)" ... oh, Mizuki and Yuuta's reactions were just all too cute...

... where was I...?

Oh, right. I finished Prince of Tennis, and began to watch Detective Conan. I've wanted to see it for some time, and I'm glad, because I love it! <3 Shin--er, I mean Conan XD is the cutest! And it's such a funny show. But my mom (as I expected) is totally bored with it. And says it's ugly, and even fell asleep watching it u_u;;

But, my brother got some games that I'll play/watch him play. One is a bike racing game, and looks pretty neat. Also, he got a street basketball game. Hee. I like Biggie Little best so far. He's so cute! And he's RIN-SIZED (yes, you HAD to expect that I'd fit Rin in this lecture, right?) And damn fast, this boy is. But he's got NO dunk ability ^^;; like.. at all..

Anyway, I watched my brother play this game for six whole hours ^^;; We had a lot of fun XD; Laughing at the names of the shots and dunks (like a move "Making Biscuits" which was then followed by a shot called "Butter" XDDD) and somehow, I became my brother's manager. Our team? The Frizibug Gaeez (a play, I guess, on the word 'guys') ... and don't ask where Frizibug is X3;;

And, I must confess, I was thinking about Obsidian-sama about half the time I was watching this. Ah, Obsidian-sama~ *.* But Biggie Little makes me want to put Shuu-chan in a basketball uniform X3333 Mmmm, Shuu-chan... ::cough::

But, I figure I've taken up enough space... I keep forgetting that this will fill up people's pages... but I don't know cuts! So, please, don't sic characters on me ^-^;;; at least, without some instruction, first...

OH! N-CHAN!! IF YOU SEE THIS!! Did you ask you parents yet? :x My parents are willing to give me money for gas, food, and anything else on the trip there and back!! Since I won't be driving ::sweatdrops profusely:: I will provide funding!!!

End transmission ^_~

o/~ After thought (added) ~\o

I just realized I totally forgot to rave about how adorable Sengoku and Taiichi were. Mm, Sen-chan calls Taiichi "Dan-kun" :3333 And now that Akutsu is gone, Sen-chan is the bestest player in Yamabuki :333 And Taiichi's so cute! The whole team is, like, instructing him! They're constantly telling him to watch different stuff, and he's all cute and doesn't seem to quite get what important thing they want him to see.

And nevermind that I'm a SenTaii fan ::dodges rocks from AkuTaii fans:: Possibly a lot of that has to do with the fact that Sengoku has Shuuichi's voice, and Taiichi has Toui's voice, and I'm a fan of TouShuu too <3

But I have more reasons than just that for SenTaii. I shall discuss them, though, in a later entry! :3


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