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Oh hi there. I'm bored 8|

Hetalia Chara Meme )

I swear... The more I hear "Raids are the only thing to do at this point" the LESS I want to play WoW. I have not even run through Black Temple. al;gkhkjanhgk dammit, people, come on.

On the plus side, had another Lan party yesterday, this time at a guild member's place.

As soon as iTunes updates (I slacked on updating it), I'm going to methodically break up all my music by language. Hell, I ain't got anything else going on. I'm not going on WoW tonight (except maybe really late) because honestly, I'd rather work on my DPS in peace and not watch my guild mates happily run through heroic dungeons without me.
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Tagged, so I'll do these before falling dead asleep

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Worn out today. Me and my guild members are attempting to assist a guild that is run by a friend of our guild master. However, these people have been raiding since the game came out, and we have.... not. Not even in the same realm.

So, we did a 10-man raid tonight. Lots of death... 8|; I respecced holy, but we're not really good enough to run raids all the time. I'm not suprised, just annoyed because I could have been doing arena instead of ... you know... not even getting past the first boss in Naxx.

On the plus side, I was told by my guild master that apparently I was the most efficient healer there, even surpassing the second in command of that guild who is a healer as well. To be fair, I was only watching the off-tank so I didn't need to bust out my major heal moves all that often, but I had to help heal the main tank and a few others on occasion (my guild master's exact words were, I think, that I only overhealed 3% of the time, when the other healer overhealed 60% of the time)

Work was long, too. Bleh. Felt ill halfway through, suddenly, but counteracted it with excedrin and mint gum.

Getting Resident Evil at the midnight release... maybe. I don't have to, because it's reserved, but I wonder if I should check on Marc, since he'll be working it himself.

Otaku meme )
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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabblet/ficlet related inspired by each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterward! No matter how whacked out your drabble is. :)
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

.... I apologize in advance for these 8|;; Fandom is ::drumroll:: Punz.

Song Meme )
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Brain = hurt. For some reason, I've had a lot of headaches recently. Work stress? Possibly...

ANYWAY, I'm tired and should go to bed, because I have work in a couple hours, but I saw Trey do this and BOY AM I EVER UP FOR TELLING PEOPLE BORING THINGS. ESPECIALLY ABOUT MYSELF!

Anyway, 24, and I wonder if I can come up with enough things. Let alone anything that people don't know about me.

How old? )

Okay, you can all shun me for being weird now 8D
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You are longing for a little love and tenderness. At present you are feeling very sensitive and need a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. You don't need any further stresses, strains or arguments so take a deep breath and relax.

You are very self-sufficient and methodical. You presume to know where you are going but need to find a person who will recognise the way you are, not be too demanding and who is, as they say in Italy, 'Simpatico'.

You are confined and trapped in a distressing or uncomfortable situation and seeking some way out. Whatever you seem to do to resolve the problem hasn't worked out. Fortunately you are able to gain some aspect of relief from someone close to you.

Setback after setback has resulted in considerable stress and now you have got to the stage where you are continuously on your guard, not only to protect yourself from others but to protect yourself from yourself. It would seem that many of your unfulfilled hopes and dreams have led to uncertainty and suspicion. You no longer wish to answer to others and you are insisting on freedom of thought. You feel that you are fully self-sufficient and can control your own destiny. You are seeking ways to protect yourself from further loss of prestige and against further setbacks. You have become very dependent and you doubt that matters could possibly get any better in the immediate future and this negative attitude is leading you to exaggerate your claims and to refuse reasonable compromise.

You don't like conflict and you endeavour to avoid criticism. You want to do your own thing and to be able to decide what is right for you. You have considerable personable charm - and this is used with considerable effect on those that keep your company.

Taken from ... too lazy and tired to make a linkcut. Haha. Mine is so uber depressing. And yet so true.

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Universe: Disgaea
Pairing: Susumu/Holomakenai
Prompt: With You

Yeeeeaaaah, got another one finished. This is a bit longer than the last one. Uhm ::scratches back of head:: Dunno if I got Holo right. Don't flog me if he's wrong DX

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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:30 am
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Universe: Punz 2 (and 1/2?)
Character: Shigenari/Masaya
Prompt: Dramatic

Overdramatic )
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1. Comment on this post.
2. I tell you a letter.
3. Think of 5 (or more if you want) fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

Trey gave me P first, but then she gave me J!

Jiang Wei YAY, this is my favorite character in the Koei series. I fanatically learned about his real historical information, as well as all his possible characterizations in games 8| I even reenacted his character in one of the srpgs I have... Only completely obsessed with him =3=; Totally wanna cosplay him sometime!

Jidane He has an alternate spelling of Zidane, but nyah. He's the best final fantasy protagonist EVER. EVER. AND HE HAD A TAIL. What could be better than that? Nothing I say. Except for his slash possibilities 8) Why wasn't he in Kingdom Hearts? ;A;

Jigen Hohohoho, From Lupin the Third. 8) He's so awesome with his gunslinging abilities, and yet he's a total chef XD He's always cooking in girly aprons and it makes me laugh all the time. Plus, his interactions with Lupin (when he's not being a disloyal ass) are awesome. They play off each other really well. AND he's not a pretty boy! Aren't you guys proud???

Jason Fox from the sunday comic Foxtrot. Oh man, I miss that comic so much. Jason was my favorite character, probably because he was a nerd just like me 8) He plays games all the time, and makes smart jokes 8D But at the same time, he acted like such a kid. Lol. I liked his friend Marcus too XD The parody of Kafka's Metamorphosis was hilarious 8|

Jade Ho Ho Ho, from Tales of the Abyss. He's one of those always smiling but also always calculating types. But I like to see him get thrown off by Luke's obliviousness, or Peony's insistence... ha ha, he's pretty cool, and he's got an awesome color palette 8| I had to get a figure of him cause he got so cool as the game progressed.


Joe Higashi From Fatal Fury! Oh man, I haven't watched or played it in forever. But I remember that I could kick anyone's but in FF with him! And he had Jason Grey Stanford as his voice actor, back when I didn't mind English dubbing. Haha, he also played Kento from Ronin Warriors 8| Because of Joe, I've wanted to try gator burgers :9;;;
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Filled in some meme because I CAN. You have no idea how much I wanted to write these in a character's personality instead of my own. I'm so much more boring!

Meme1 )

Meme2 )

Quiz1 )

Meme3 )

In other news:
If you are in the service industry in America, PLEASE speak English.
Silent Hill 5 comes out tomorrow. Please be aware that I'm gonna have a bitch fest over the new game coming up 8|
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Universe: Punz
Character: mentions of Jotaru/Blair, Yusaku
Prompt: Subtle

These are all so short -_- And Yusaku is weird.

Random )

Just for knowledge, a yakuyoke is when a Shinto shrine purifies you of your personal bad luck for a fee.

Fic again

Jul. 18th, 2008 03:37 am
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Finally got around to another fic 8| It's ridiculously short, and I apologize. I'll make something longer, Hawk. Promise 8|

Universe: Rebels / World of Warcraft
Character: Soushi + Hikaru
Prompt: Health

WoW is infectious )

No, I don't necessarily think Rin would pick Horde, but it had to be done for the story 8|


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