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So, the figma series Miku figure that I have is apparently so hard to get in Japan that it's like the Wii/Wii fit rush here in America. Is it bad to feel excited that I have it as well as Rin and Ren figures?

Got my Devil Summoner Raidou soundtrack as well as my Shin Megami Tensei 3 art book. Pretty~ I love Kazuma Kaneko's art, for some reason, and that's probably a driving reason that I play most of the Shin Megami Tensei games (and the Trauma Center games too). Of course, Persona 3 and 4 are not drawn by him; with Persona 3, it was almost like the artist was trying too hard to match Kaneko-san's style. Persona 4 is a lot better, as if the artist merely wanted to create a style that had a flow with Kaneko-san's style.

Got involved in the Winter Veil event in WoW because a lot of it was cooking centered... :9 I like to cook in reality, so even though my friends think it's a waste of time to spend effort on the cooking skill in WoW, I still do it 8| I can make gingerbread cookies and egg nog in WoW now, lol.

Feeling lazy, but like I should do something... You know, like play a video game, or do a little room cleaning, or transferring music onto my laptop. BUT SO LAZY.

EDIT: Played on WoW and worked on earning gold for my flying mount. THEY HAVE MAGIC CARPETS. Made me wanna sing songs from Aladdin. I so need one of these right now.


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