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Can I play?

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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It's... incredible how LITTLE I care right now. Like, impressive levels of NOT CARE right here.

Cut just because I want to rant and complain. You don't have to read if you don't want to.

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Higher level engineering is go! And I got a rocket boots schematic in a dungeon run to obtain the key to Karazhan. Also in process, little character blurbs for my WoW characters. Frozenbara (female blood elf paladin, lvl 80), Elam (male undead rogue, lvl 13), and Kael'dunas/Kael'thunas (male blood elf death knight/male blood elf hunter, lvl 55/lvl 6).... They aren't up now because I can't stop playing WoW long enough to type them up :|;; Oh yeah, and I'm super lazy!

I need to borrow someone's PSP to play the new Prinny game that just came out. It looks so cute, su.

So, the reserves for the new DSi started today. The blue one is actually pretty rock-tastic, but I'm certainly not giving up my gold DS, since I have lots of GBA games to play, and NO need for a camera at the moment. Maybe I'll get one.... eventually. After I pick up a purple PSP.

Logically speaking, I should not be awake right now. Went to bed at 3:30am last night, woke up at 7:30am, went to work, left at 5pm... and it's now after midnight. I think the AMP that I'm drinking is the only reason I'm still conscious.

Promised a guildie I would watch Tank Girl, but I haven't had the time to sit down and watch a movie. I should just put it in the dvd player while I sit on my computer. It's her favorite movie, apparently, and her guild 'rank,' so I figured I would give it a shot.
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The Shin Megami Tensei people are (hopefully) smiling down upon me, as there are TWO SMT games coming out within the next couple months. One is for the PS2, and the other is for the DS. The PS2 one, I know, is gonna rock; don't know ANYTHING about the DS one. Kinda nervous.

The temperature keeps fluctuating from really cold, to nice and warm. Pick nice and warm!

More District Manager woes at ye olde store. I don't know, maybe I'm just a dumb person, but how is getting a customer to cancel 7 reserves, and only reserve 2 things after that good for ANYONE'S business? And the DM brushed it off as we were having "too good" a week for reserves and subs. WHAT? Clear sabotage of our store.

Just getting tired of my life being waylaid by jackassery in general. My patience in most things has been worn thin in the last couple of days.

That said... FOR PONY!
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Just spent too much monies at work today (Too bad there's no mood for 'poor'). Bought Prince of Persia, Persona 4, a WoW timecard, Luminous Arc 2, Naruto The Broken Bond, and Eternal Poison.

..... yaargh. At least it's all good stuff. Got an art book with Persona 4, and soundtracks with PoP, LA2, P4, AND EP.... haha, rolling in the soundtracky goodness.

Of course, I really really should finish my Devil Summoner game. I still have 3 or 4 chapters to go... But I want to play Persona 4 and see Yousuke so bad ;^; He's so cute.

So, it continues to happen despite my best efforts. People seem to think I'm deeper than I really am, finding hidden depth and meaning in things I've hardly thought over myself. While I'm flattered that people think so highly of my mental capabilities, it's kinda mostly funny by this point. lol.

Going to bed now; swapped shifts with Dan so I'm working ANOTHER Sunday. It's cool though; it wasn't last second, and it actually got me out of having to go see family. Others might like visiting with family, but I really don't like pretending I get along with people that I never see the rest of the year. I'm disappointed that I probably won't get to see my grandmother this year for Christmas because I probably will have to work sometime close to the actual day. ... and it's too far to drive to her house for only one day. Sigh.

Bed time now.
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Disgaea DS. Hahaha.
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Yes. YE~S

Finally got my YA/R comic yesterday 8|

Tommy and Billy are cute as always. Teddy is written a little weird, but not badly like in the online comic.

I have discovered a love for Xavin that I never realized I would have. Poor Xavin 8| The second the other Runaways saw the Skrulls attacking, they thought Xavin had something to do with it, and wanted to kill him/her.

Okay, so my peeve: I can't stand when characters who have no reason to distrust a companion suddenly think they are a traitor. The best example of this is whenever Jigen and Goemon distrust Lupin because they see in the newspaper that Lupin is suddenly killing someone. It's like the characters just forget everything about the other person, including how trust-worthy they are.

Nevermind, Xavin is pretty hot as a girl 8|; (Sadly) hotter than her boy form - but then again, some of that can be blamed on the fact that the other Runaways comic I have doesn't have very good art 8|;

Man, I'm undercover pairing Xavin/Teddy and Tommy/Billy ._.; Yeah, yeah, it's not ever gonna happen, because Billy and Teddy are only focused on each other ("Have to find... Teddy"), and Xavin is totally in love with Karolina("No! Beloved!"). And trust me, I LOVE it that way 8| (okay, Tommy and Billy can do whatever they want - twincest demands it)

Always tired. I could sleep forever, and still be tired. Doesn't help i only have one day off this week. And that's gonna be spent sleeping.

Not sure if I want to pick up FF4 or not for the DS. Gotta save for Soul Caliber IV after all... (seekritly wants a Young Avengers game) And My Japanese Coach.

Keep Moving Forward 8|
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::hangs head in shame:: So, I guess I've just become the most geeky you can get.

Gamer, check. Comic book fan, check. Science/history nerd, check. Needs glasses, check. Plays WoW, check. HAS A GROUP OF FRIENDS THAT WANTS TO SET UP LAN PARTIES, CHECK.

On the plus side, My Japanese Coach and Chrono Trigger are coming out for the DS. Yup, such a geek..... ._.


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