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Universe: Disgaea
Pairing: Susumu/Holomakenai
Prompt: With You

Yeeeeaaaah, got another one finished. This is a bit longer than the last one. Uhm ::scratches back of head:: Dunno if I got Holo right. Don't flog me if he's wrong DX

Omnomnom )
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If you haven't already, and like NIS America stuff, please visit They're an awesome company :| If your order goes off without a hitch, everything's really fast! If you run into a speed bump, they make up for it 8| Like, slow orders, and mix-ups have resulted in me getting two more blind Disgaea palm figures....

And wouldn't ya know it? I GOT AKUTARE. YAY ::sparklers and confetti::

His awesome box is now stacked on top of my awesome blonde archer box, between my Densha girls on my tv 8|

I also got the sister of whatshisface.... Adel. Dun remember her name >A> She makes an adorable figure, though, so it'll work! It's kinda loltastic, but she's got a bow. HAHAHA, she's an archer girl! Now I just need the mage from 2, and I'll be ALL SET

Getting kinda tired of my job >8| Feel like I'm doing a bunch of stuff that I shouldn't have to do.... you know, not being a manager and all

.... But Disgaea figures cheer me up a little, so everything's cool ^o^ Need a cute vocaloid ringtone, now... Maybe Shangri-la sung by Rin and Ren *o*


Sep. 5th, 2008 10:29 pm
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So, work was normal, until I get a text from my mom saying that I got a package from NIS America. ... Weird, considering I got the stuff I ordered from them already. But, hey, that's okay. I've preordered things months in advance and forgotten about them >_> SO OHBOI

I get home and open the package! It has a letter in it saying that RosenQueen apologizes for their error, and thanking me for being a loyal customer. (I don't know what error they mean! The last time I got a message from them with bad news was when they said they weren't able to send out the Akihiko figures... and then two days later I got mine! 8| Hopefully, it doesn't have anything to do with the Disgaea DS/Rhaphsody bundle I ordered from them... but they haven't said anything about that yet!)

Looking in the package, it's a Disgaea 2 palm figure *o* A blind one, too, so completely unopened and unplanned. Now, of the second series, I ONLYWANT the archer girl, Akutare, and the mage girl. The rest of them can go eat a sock >:|




Now I have two different archer figures :) One with shorter blue hair, and one with longer blond hair. SOCUTE ;A; The next series needs a white haired archer, and my life will be complete!

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Universe: Disgaea
Pairing: Lloyd/Karasu
Prompt: “ Nimble”

Ooookay, here's fic attempt numero uno 8| Hope you like it, Trey...

Shall we? )

Uwaah, I feel like I failed >_<; I always get nervous when I write someone else's character... Sorry if I completely massacred Karasu ._.;
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Mrf. I almost didn't get the computer tonight -_- My sister threw another one of her psychotic episodes and slammed the button on the stack in.... I had to pry it out with a nail file. Yargh.

Well, because of that, I got no sleep today ^_^; I'm very exhausted, but I can deal with that to be with Trey :9 Wai Trey.

Nyao, I'm tired of my mom and sister being total ... well... unreasonable ***holes whenever their personal status is affected (i.e. not enough sleep, nearing that time of the month, slightly hungry, sick...) It's driving me CRAZY. If only I had enough money for a car ><; The only cars cheap enough for me to buy are the ones that need a lot of work done, thus eliminating their good 'deal'

.... well, in good news, most of the carpet is out of my room. You wouldn't think it would take me this long, but yeah. I've done most of it by myself... I don't think I like my new bed, though. It doesn't... feel like it's mine. Hopefully, I'll adjust to it, but it just feels like I'm using someone else's bed, which prevents me from sleeping too deeply.

I've also decided, since playing a few hours of Silent Hill 2, that I must watch the new movie that is out. Yeah, I know it's based on the first game, but I couldn't borrow that :< (The person I'm borrowing from sold it >>; ) ... but the game is so awesome ;~; wai, I'm gonna try out SH3 AND 4 as well o/~

I'm over 101 hours in Disgaea. Laharl is about lvl 630-somethin now :3;;; AND, I finally unlocked the angel class. I'm still levelling up Perenia, cause she's my super favorite, but Kazuma is highest level pupil so far... 126? Yeah, something like that. I finally opened the Alt. Netherworld, but argh, it requires tossing, so Laharl can't just clean up all the monsters himself :< ::too used to this method:: And man that Dark Assembly is annoying XD Laharl can beat them all himself, sure, but there's just so damn many of them that hate you... and it doesn't help that when you kill them, they hate you more. Oh well, I can get the use Force 100 times ending quicker now! :D

Just for the fun of it, I went through the human world. The ending was a bit meh, becuase it was just one picture the whole time, but the song "Ode to Laharl-sama" is great XD;


Feb. 9th, 2004 05:22 am
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Well, after staying up all night on the computer with nothing to do x_x; I decided to play Disgaea all morning. I went to bed around... oh... noon perhaps, and slept until about 9:30 tonight.

...wherein I proceeded to continue my gaming. Of course, some of that time was take up by watching things such as Dilbert, Duckman, MythBusters, and Chased By Sea Monsters.

I stopped now only to check DA, my e-mail, and read up on some journals.

Nothin' really interesting goin' on, so I'm off to go game some more. After all, I have to bring Laharl's rank up to rank 7 to see what he gets, and I have to keep leveling up my Prinny-tachi. Already, Fargo (my best Prinny) is up to level 19 ^^ That's 8 levels higher than Etna, and about 11 levels higher than Flonne (uh... yeah... you can tell how often I use them ^^; considering Laharl is at level 52)

But, ya know... I don't really need them o.o; Laharl can heal, and almost every one of my pupils is stronger than Etna >.>;

Not to mention the fact that they're loyal to me :D;

Toodles ^^
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Sorry to anyone who was looking for me yesterday/last night. The whole day I had a killer headache (think Toriya scale >.<;;; ), and as such was not up to coming onto the computer...

In other news. I've beaten the first floor/stage in Prinny Land. Woo, go me. Damn stubborn Prinny-tachi. Also, I've decided that the ninja and the ronin are my ABSOLUTE favorite classes... until something even better comes up XD

Yeah... I've got a deviantart account. I guess... I'm just stubborn subconsciously when it comes to these things ^^;;; Anyway, the url is:

I'll be adding more art soon. As it is, I just want to put color up at the moment. I'll probably put up some cleaned up black and white up as well... but later... I'll probably put tons of Rebels stuff up there XD;; I know that it's not that important to be tellin' people this, cause well, I don't know if most of ya have an account there... I don't know if you can even comment if you don't so.. ^_^;; Ah well.

::eyes Herman:: He's been pushing for a Rebels comic lately. I am trying not to succumb to him, but I know how he is. He won't give up before I do, usually X_X; He's even been poking ideas at me... GRRARGH! I won't do it!!! >.<;;;


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