umm... Hi?

May. 13th, 2004 11:54 pm
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hahahah. So glad it's over -.-; If I never see that place again, it'll be too soon..

So, um, yeah... Kinda blazed through the Chinese final. I don't really remember it too much x.o; Like, I do, but I don't. >_>;

As soon as the shock wears off, I'm gonna start writing and drawing Punz stuff again.

And Gavin has shown up. >_>; Being surrounded by Gavin, Xelloss, and Herman is really bad x.x; They're, uh, not very productive :3; Herman's reverting to his troublesome stage, which means bad things for my characters ^^;;

Not that you all care :3 I just don't care if no one else cares :3 I'm just glad to (hopefully) be outta CCM.

Rewatched some Detective Conan. Yei. Including the Karaoke Box Murder Case - one of my particular favorites, y0.

Still not used to getting enough sleep... Woke up too early today (for someone who wanted to sleep a long time :D;; )

Now... for the summer... Hrm.
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Nyaaaa. Stayed up all night again. Hahahaha, this time I don't have the Meteorology classroom to fall asleep in.

Two finals and a final project down, two finals to go...

My remaining two are as follows:

-History of Modern East Asia. Unfortunately, she mucks it up by having us watch a pretty darn good movie about Tokugawa, taking up precious essay writing time. Okay, now I may know alot about Japan, but I'll be damned if I can write seven coherent essays in about an hour >.<;

-Chinese II. SAVE ME. I don't know what I'm going to do for the oral comprehension. Cherry keeps saying "Cheat off of me. I'll help you." See, she's Chinese, and just took the class for an easy A, but still. I don't like cheating >.<;

Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for it.... No matter, I'll just crash as soon as I get home anyway... Or as soon as my mom picks me up. Either one is fine. I can fall asleep in a car, no problem.

Sometime while I'm still thinking of it, I'm going to make my mom watch my favorite Detective Conan episode. Just because it's a special Christmas episode (if I remember right) and is just so darn SAD. Maybe then she'll actually feel the urge to get me more Detective Conan... fufufufufu... Actually, I may just tell her to ONLY get me Detective Conan x3 I can watch a whole boxset in one sitting, y0. Mwahahahah, lucky for ME, there's over 300 episodes X3 (Take THAT Dragon Ball Z with your measly 276 episodes)

It's a shame I don't know anyone else who likes it ;.; My mom hates the art (and is very picky - won't watch something if she doesn't like the art -- Ever!) and won't give it a chance, nyao. My sister is usually preoccupied with the computer to watch it (and she doesn't give any sort of... intelligent discussion while watching either >_>; )

... uh :D; yeah. Sorry. Don't mean to complain... Maybe I'll get my cat to watch it with me :3;;

There are no good Detective Conan fics. Don't get me wrong... ShinichixRan is a very nice coupling. Shame I don't care for it. Not that I want Shinichi or Conan with anyone else (Maybe Hattori, but that's stretching it since I've barely seen him x.x; ) but I just... eh. Them being seperated and still in love makes it much better. That and Conan's a lot cuter than Shinichi XD

Spoilers for Detective Conan, though I don't think anyone cares o.O; )

P.S. Ran scares me :3

P.P.S. Nothing can be cuter than drunk Conan...

P.P.P.S... okay, I'm really done :D;;;
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Final spazzy leap.

Yup. Three finals tomorrow: English (take-home), History (all essays, but about Japan), and Chinese (some open book). And then it's ALL done.

I'm not TOO worried, provided I get to sleep at a decent hour... Well, okay, as long as I get at least two hours of sleep x.o;

Got a 100% on my Meteorology Final. Eight pages of matching. Very easy for me x.x; And I got an A in the course, which makes me happy....

Gotta write up this take-home English exam. Five essays, all on the same thing, just different stories/characters. It shouldn't be TOO hard, but... eh...

It's been very hot and muggy-ish here x.x; Not overly bad, but still not great. Good weather for Hikaru :3; Yasunari and Toriya, however, are dying in it XD

There were terrible lightning storms last night. Scared the living daylights outta Kittanna, who proceeded to hide behind the couch. I totally thought I should have named him Ryuubi/Liu Bei instead X3;;

Iced tea is good.

Writing papers, however, is not.

I think the stress is wearing off, cause I've been able to at least sketch a little bit again. Yay me.

I think I pulled a muscle under my arm. Carrying my backpack, and stretching my arm above my head hurts x.o;

Hotmail is pissing me off. I can't access my e-mail and get the file sent to me >.<; And I sort of need it for my one essay...

... I must rewatch Detective Conan... or get more... Or both >_>; Luckily, my mom and dad are going into China Town for her birthday and thus I told them to get me more Detective Conan T.T Two boxsets are NOT enough, dammit.

Gotta remember to look at Tori Maia art so I can draw some sekushi Sininnen pictures...

..... hahaha, I love procrastination ~.~;


May. 9th, 2004 11:15 pm
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Yeah. Not in a good mood mostly because I'm feeling very sick... Headache, nausea...

Beat my sister in air hockey though...

Been playing a lot of Suikoden III. I've now obtained all the stars that you have to actually go out and get. So, now I'm just levelling up my chosen party (Hugo, Jacques, Melville, Futch, Mel, and Edge) so that they can whoop Sarah's butt...

Melville's father scares me. Yes he does.

Tuesday, I have my Meteorology exam. It's all matching, and encompasses chapters six through ten... I don't imagine it'll be all that difficult, but I'll probably switch up a few things here and there...

Wednesday, I have three exams. The first one (at 10 in the morning) is a take-home exam, so I'll be working on that hopefully tonight, tomorrow, and the next night. Of course, watch me wait until the night before ::mutter:: The second one occurs at noon, and is my history exam. It's all about Japan, so I think I have THAT one down pretty darn well, considering who I am. And then that night, I have the worst exam. Chinese. Yeah. Gonna bomb that. Yes I will. I can't understand him, so my oral comprehension suffers greatly. I can do the characters fine. But listening to him... ugh.

Creative Writing is over. Thank you, kami-sama. Never again shall I have to suffer through that. Though I'm worried about the grade....

I feel the urge to rant about one or two of the anime/games I'm really into right now but... eh. x.x; I bore people enough as it is... blah.


May. 6th, 2004 02:53 pm
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Dying... Yeah... x.x;;; argh.

Uhmmm. Lesse, in about seven minutes, I'll have been awake for twenty-four hours... hahahaha. I'm so stupid :3;

I still have to wait until six for Meteorology. I'll be very pissed if my group does not show up even though I told them to T.T; See, it's our last class before finals, and so I thought we should all come in for about twenty minutes to, you know, go over what we thought the definitions would be for the subjects he said we had to know... At least ONE person thought I wasn't serious -.-;

I was late to my English class by 15 minutes. BUT I got my paper done. I don't know how coherent it is, though... rargh.

Oh. I had to actually CALL the hotel today ^^;; I registered the pretty cheap one for one night cause they were booked the other... SO, since my family has decided to hang out around Baltimore during that time period (because my brother and sister wanted to sleep in a hotel x.x; ) I'll hang out at Otakon on Friday, stay with THEM Friday night (if I sleep XD; ), hang out at Otakon Saturday, get my OWN hotel room (yum. If Trey-chan's around... methinks I shall sedu-- sneak-- ask her to come visit me :D;;;;; ) where I will probably have my PS2 hooked up if I have a way XD, and then spend the final day at Otakon :3 Fuuu~

Yeah, I get all three days. Go me. :B It's mostly so that I can ensure that I manage pictures of EVERYONE. Yes. So, give me an idea of where you'll be when you find out T.T Or else. I may suddenly strike! And while that may be more fun for me...

Or, I might sneak attack you, and just act like some cute little fangirl trying to get a picture of you if you Cosplay TwT

In ANY case, I'm all set up for that. Hopefully, I'll finish my COTSK Manta costume (I just need the shirt, shoes and bell...) and I've already pretty much gotten my Yasunari costume (|3 I'm a cheater, I know) We'll see where I go from that...

Gotta remember to bring cameras and art supplies T.T;;

Hrm. It's very difficult to finish your last week of school when you'd rather be playing a video game x.x; I have gotten little to NO sleep this entire week cause I've been staying up all night half the time, and playing Suikoden III the other half :3;;; Now that I'm not obligated to play Chris, I'm having a way better time XD; Yei Caesar! :3;;;

Um. Since my eyes are burning, I think I'm gonna go hide somewhere and get something to eat... I brought a giant supply of jelly beans to munch on in case I start to fall asleep XD;;;;;
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X.x Wow. What a day.

Okay, so I stayed up over night and didn't go to sleep, and went to my Creative Writing class on no sleep :D; Uh, I am so glad I only have one more class of it. Gods, I don't think I will ever be the same x.x;

A door bit me today x.x; ... don't look at me like that ^^;

I was up after my class long enough to eat something and watch two episodes of GetBackers... and then went to bed :D;; Got up just a short while ago x.x;

I'm... pretty satisfied with the story I wrote for Creative Writing. It was an experiment in stream-of-consciousness writing. I think I'm gonna print it out and show it to a few people in my Meteorology class because I was telling them all about it before we had our individual projects. Hopefully they'll get a kick outta the character like I did. X3;

Maybe I'll flesh out the character more beyond what I wrote. Probably not. That'll mess it up, I bet... Ah well, I'll ask my Meteorology classmates what they think :3

Oh, and I'm doing my research paper on J.R.R Tolkien, though I don't know which story :x I'll see what they [the critics] write about most :D
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Why do I even bother? >.<;

I dunno :/ This whole semester has just been one lousy situation after the next. I am entirely burnt out.

I got no sleep last night. Said I was going to bed early and technically I did. Shame my BRAIN didn't listen to my body >.<;

So yeah. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff:

List of stuff that kept me up last night )

... I suppose I'm done boring everyone for now. If you even read :D; Then again, even *I* am bored by what I just wrote XD;
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::yawn:: I think I'm gonna turn in early tonight, yo :3 Well, early for me at least :D;;; ::eyes clock::

Ye-up. Not really much for me to do, though I have found a really interesting Xelloss-centric gallery on dA. I might linger a bit longer staring at that XD

Lesse, as I said in the last entry, Chinese class was cancelled, which gave me a free night :D I got on the computer as soon as I got home XD; At nine, can you believe it? :D Awesome. I wonder if my sister is grounded or something o.O;

In any case, I kept myself busy doing something really stupid :D; I colored a picture Trey-chan drew out of a whim. The picture she drew was of Toui in DDR-like clothes. Uh, it came out okay, but still. It's not really my place to go around coloring other people's art ^w^; I also started coloring a picture of Rin N-chan drew because Herman made me x.x;

So yes, since I finished that, I think I'll head off to bed soon, unless I find that I'm coloring the Rin picture exceptionally well >_>; which I doubt :3;

Tomorrow's a long day again, though I'm probably just going to, like, mentally crash during my first two classes XD; I had a presentation due in both of my first classes on Tuesday, so I've done all my required work there :D; At least for the week XD;

Perhaps I'll work on my Creative Writing story during my history class. Though she seems to be sitting right next to me, which won't allow for much >.<;

:/ but I don't want to go to Meteorology, because I don't want to get my test/quiz back x.x; I did dismally on it. grargh. And he'll be all pissed at our class again, even though there were at least three questions on the test that he did NOT tell us to study for >:/
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Okay, so Chinese class has been cancelled. As such, I have to wait out an hour or so until my dad automatically comes back to the school. :/ Luckily, that's just enough time for me to get stuff done on the computer.

And, dammit, I forgot my library books x.x; I'll have to bring them back tomorrow, I guess.

Note to self, I must finish Wild Arms 2 sometime this year x.x; I want to know what happens with Billy ;.; BradxBilly forever, yo. (Besides, I have to finish WA2 before I start WA3 :D;; )

Also, I have to somehow convince my dad to get me Cyber Formula Zero. T.T; I must MUST see Henri-kun. Cute lil bratty French race car driver that he is...

Gotta write something for Creative Writing. I'm thinking... guy/girl in a mental ward. One of those really creepy ones, where the person really IS insane, but honestly thinks they are not (mmm, creep factor) TwT because I like that sorta thing. Hehehe, it'll be a subtle poke at the class, and I bet NO ONE will get it <3

Nyaaa, art has been eluding me. I just can't get anything drawn ;.; Well, okay, scratch that... I can't get anything DECENT done. Sure, I can draw ugly little blah scribbles, but beyond that... It doesn't help that I've been looking through all of my pretty Kaimu Tachibana doujinshi (including the autographed one *.*) and knowing that I can never draw/watercolor as well as she can ;.; ::SAD::

::kicks dA account:: rawr! x.x; I haven't posted anything good in a long time. >_>; I also want to clean it out and get rid of pictures I don't like X.x; Oh! But yenreit has appeared again! She hasn't commented on my stuff for a while, so I was wondering where she went :o

Hrn. Whenever I try to write a story, I feel as if I could better portray it with art. And when I try to draw, I feel I could do better with words >.<; Why is Herman screwing with me like this? Is it because I haven't drawn Rin in a really long time? (Not my fault. Ever since Rebels ended, he's been in that damn hangar and I can't get him out >.<; J-CHAN! TASUKETE!)

I think for the first week of summer vacation, I'm just going to play video games. Nothing else. NOTHING. I'll stock food up in my room, only leaving to go to the bathroom (and MAYBE check my e-mail). I'll finish a bunch that I have been putting off, like Wild Arms 2, Star Ocean 2, Lunar 2, Clock Tower 3, and maybe Suikoden 3, though I'm not as far in that as I am in WA2 or SO2...

:x ah well, I think I'll head out to the cafeteria now, and hope that my dad and brother have shown up now :D; if not, I shall attempt to draw something x.x; as well as switch my cd...(has finished an entire disk of WA2 sound track...)
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omg. My head is eating itself. x.x; I tried to go to bed at 5 this morning. Honestly I did. But it just wouldn't work. I ended up pondering Yukimura Sanada, what things I should talk about that I didn't include in my outline, and how I was going to keep my two lectures seperate. So, I'm operating under little sleep, I have meteorology looming over my head tonight, Chinese tomorrow, and a stupid, rackenfracken lousy story to write for Creative Writing because I said I would because I've missed so many classes/assigments >.<;

The weekend was not relaxing... at least not consciously relaxing. I slept through half of it, but I'm just going into the week with a deficit anyway. TWO couples are fighting in Punz now x.x; Rebels characters are complaining about lack of recent spotlight time, and Sininnen is bitching about wanting to make up with Huang.

In other, freakier news, I've been getting a lot of those... weird longing feelings again. You know, the ones where I just, I dunno, have this, like, deja vu feeling that the situation I'm in occured in ancient Japan. It's a very weird feeling, but my chest just gets all tight, and I can almost SEE faces that are quite obviously not there.... Yeah, I probably sound like a real loony right now :D;;;

Maybe it's reincarnation short-wiring, or maybe it's just my imagination kicking me in the head. I don't know; the tightness in my chest is not really... physical, but more like the tightness you get when you look at a picture of a family member/pet who died. It's that nostalgic feeling of something you really miss hitting you again... does ANYONE else even have a clue as to what I'm talking about? x.x;;; mrrrf.

I have to draw something. Or sleep. I can't tell which. Eating would be good too x.x; I've just had absoltutely no time to do any of the three ;.; Luckily I ate alot this weekend. Stupid school >.<;

My dad was SO unbelievably chatty this morning. It's amazing he couldn't see that I was obviously just trying to sleep during the car ride to school :D; I was a little short with him, but it wasn't a 'rude!Rin' sort of shortness. More of just answering with mostly grunts :D;;;

It's a really nice day, which I think is the reason that I could act so animated when I was giving my presentations. Nya~ If this were a rainy day... ha ha, unleash the beast :3;

Spring Week continues today. No, that doesn't mean I'm out of class. It means that the school clubs all do fun activities... and end exactly when I get out of my classes >.<; Whee, so no fun for me. T_T;

Uhm, hopefully the meteorology lab will be open (though I doubt it, rawr.) In any case, I must hunt down food, at least to keep me awake (it's gotten to the point where if I even lower my eyes, I almost fall asleep). Hopefully, class will be short and innocent today, though I feel like I have SOMETHING due ::hides:: ;.;
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My inner Goddess color is Violet!
© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

Ha ha! I got Shuu's color :3 (stolen from Shama)

I'm Mysterious Cute!!

made by Jen

I, uh, suppose that's good :D;;

Which are you?

made by Jen

Spiff! That's my favorite kind too :3;;;

It is AMAZING how boring things can be when you are researching for something...

Right now, I am finishing not one, but TWO research projects on Japan :3;; One on Yasunari Kawabata, and another on Samurai.

For the Yasunari Kawabata one, I am TRYING to add depth to it, but it's proving difficult, as there are no actual criticisms about the story I'm supposed to discuss >.<; Everyone talks about Yukiguni, dammit T_T;

As such, I am making due and hoping she's highly amazed by knowledge in Japanese :D;; Essentially, the topic I must cover is the conflict between past and present worlds for the story. Erm. Hopefully, I can make it all up @.@;

The other topic I am working on is the samurai. Ah, the samurai... lots of interesting families then. My favorite, actually, is the Sanada family (go Yukimura!), but the Otani family has a special place in my heart too. I won't rant about how amazing Otani is, because no one cares, and I don't feel like wasting my time writing something *I* already know...

An interesting note for those of you interested in Japanese/Samurai history (actually, this is mostly for Trey X3; ) the Atobe family and the Oyamada family were both retainer families under Takeda, and hence, allies... Also, the Asakura family are the daimyo for Echizen XD

For those of you who don't know, I hate hate hate Oda Nobunaga, because, as a ninja afficianado, I know that he was deathly afraid of the ninja and had a country-wide killing spree of people even remotely suspected of being from a ninja family. T_T; He's usually a villain in anime too, even among the samurai, but most especially to the Sanada family (who, under Yukimura, had an elite ninja force)

I could theoretically discuss all the other anime connections to Japanese history, but that would be long (and boring to most anyone who reads this journal), and well, I have priorities right now :D;;

As such, I am off to go and work more on 水月 :3
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Ugh. Still feeling sick, though not as much as before. And it's mostly due to lack of sleep today.

Also, the five essays that I wrote... Well. The disk screwed itself up and so I could only print out one of them - not even my best one. So, I gave her that, and the disk, and said that if she couldn't get them, I would somehow give them to her >:o;;;

And now I have to research the Shinsengumi, the samurai, AND Tokugawa... rawr. When will I learn to just NOT. TALK. mrrr..

So, I'm ill. And I'm tired. And I'm currently finishing my Meteorology work that we're probably going to do tonight. If I'm really lucky, he'll just make us do a simple class project, and then make the class do the review questions for chapter 9. In which case, I'll already have finished, and I can then leave early. I would do anything to leave early today ;.;

Talked to Trey-chan on the phone last night. Now, I'm not a phone person, but I really like talking with her on the phone :D;; Granted, I was coughing alot, and my voice went out some times... And I was trying to eat at the same time XD;; But it was overall good.

And then she got online (seems Rin knocked some sense into her computer) and we rp'd for a good long while. Another one of those long sex scenes... Lol. Shuu was being hissy-fitty last night.

Granted, he's been like that for a while now. And he doesn't really even have a good reason for it. He just is. It's not like anything bad is happening or anything... It's very strange.

:x I feel like suggesting a bunch of anime for Trey-chan that has Yamaguchi Kappei in it XD; Though I don't know if she would like all of it, nor do I know if she has already seen it :D;;;;

Ah well... Off to my field of paper flowers...

Sick sucks

Apr. 13th, 2004 02:46 pm
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I hate being sick. My plans for the weekend were totally and completely screwed over. I did not play much (if ANY) .hack (though I now own the entire series) and I did not get to talk with Trey-chan at all.


And today, I had to get up early so that my brother could go to some stupid "Hit baseballs for free all you like from 10 to 1 :D" thing today T_T; And the little punk tried to pull out of it, after I had already woken up early. I forced him to go though (there was no way in hell I was getting up THAT early being THIS sick, and then have the little brat say he wasn't going)

So. My nose is stuffed, my ears are popping non-stop, my head feels like it's about to either implode or explode, and my throat is killing me. I can barely talk, and on Saturday when I took tylenol, I realized that it's a good thing that it knocks me out. If it didn't, I probably would end up knocking myself out. It leaves me weak, and disoriented, and I can barely walk five feet without almost toppling over.

... In other news Yasunari has proclaimed it entertaining to play Evanescence in the hangar to irritate Rin. Rin has contemplated killing him. Hikaru has said no...

I have gotten a picture of Mitsuru drawn, and I will attempt a full body picture (and he's NOT flabby, Roshiel T_T; ) Hyuga also has been drawn. Now I just have to get Yasuhiko and Rich drawn.

I had to go and open my BIG mouth in History class >>; I asked her if we were going to discuss the Shinsengumi (since we are now discussing Japan), and she had NEVER heard of them >.<; Therefore, she wants me to research them T_T;;; Ha Ha. The trick's on her, for I already KNOW about them.

... Jeez, rereading this, I feel like such a nasty person :D; Apparently, being sick for over four days makes me rather... irritable <3;;;;

Now I bound off to write something in the Punz Community. Feel free to go there (though I doubt most of you would <3 )
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Nyaaa. April Fools Day. So far, so good, as no one has pulled any stunts yet x_o; I'm always very paranoid about it ^^;; Ha, watch everyone plot something against me now for saying that XD;

Uh. It's very rainy and foggy out today, and just generally bad weather. FEH. There are worms all over the ground =_=; So many that I can't stop and, you know, move them to a safer area :D; ...WHAT? I don't want the poor things to get squished >_>;;

Ano... N-chan! Don't forget to pick me up on Friday :D;; I've let my mom know and everything, so I'll be all set. I'll make sure I bring stuff to do if we don't have any plans on going somewhere :D I'll bring Suikoden III because I'm all into that again. (Ha, watch me pair up Luc with people so UNCANON that it'll make your head hurt :D; )

Hnnn. I gotta find out more stuff about Sukishou... If only because I wanna know more about Nanami (Ishida Akira~) and that ... uh... guy he's with... who's played by Miki Shinichirou...

Pretty tired today, though that's partially from the awful yucky weather. Day's almost over though, and it's almost the weekend... Maybe I'll take a nap before I get online tonight ^^;;;;;

I've got to type up that Meteorology 'paper' I have due. I have all the info right next to me, but I just have to format it into two paragraphs... I'm feeling kind of lazy, but I know I should do it now :D;;; At least before I go and get something to eat and goof off...

Tonight is the night I dread every week. The night I have to write something for Creative Writing. But luckily, either this week or next week... the class will not be held because the teacher's taking days off. Score one fore me, mwahahaha....

Ha ha. I have a little golden Wocky on Neopets named Nokoru (to match my other pet who's a red Ixi named Idomu) and he's always like "I'm bored! Let's play a game!" How... Nokoru-ish...

Well. This Tuesday is apparently my birthday. I don't have class that night, which means I'm probably going out to dinner... Yum, Red Lobster *¬*

I think I need more sleep... I only think this because I feel all my tanks running constantly on empty. Patience. Creativity. Energy. Effort. Tolerance. :D;;; Yeah. Um. Recently, almost all of what I've felt like saying is "Mmhm." That's all ^^;;

Grah. Give me SPRING. I want chirpy birds (a la Akito), and bright, warm days...

I'm... er... totally rambling, aren't I? :D;;; ::nervous laugh:: sorry, I guess it's kinda helping me stay awake (and helping me procrastinate :3;;; )


Mar. 30th, 2004 04:06 pm
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Yeah. Wasn't really 'on' this weekend... Well, anytime I was given the computer, it was around the time when noone is on... And the internet is really damn boring. I can't play things like Neopets, because of security settings...

And when I argued for this, what does my mother say? "Hey. We don't complain about your porn" ... Mmhm. If you ask ME, that statement IS complaining about my 'porn' Ah well. She also seems to enjoy calling me a heathen, to which I usually reply "Thank you <3"

Honestly. What is her problem? It's not as if she was baptized either. And she's far worse than I am >_>;

Ah well. I don't really let it bother me. Let it be my business what my soul does. If I'm wrong, and it's damned for eternity to hell, well, fine. Personally, if I'm sent to hell just for not being baptized, then being in Heaven must not be all that thrilling.

Besides, I've heard that hell is personal; as in, what your version of hell is just that... I think it would be interesting to see what my psyche REALLY thinks is hell.

In other news, got a new picture to put up on DeviantArt, but I sadly need access to my home computer for it XD; It's of Shuuichi from Punz ::collective sigh:: "Hey! Stop it! Stop that sighing" (twenty points for anyone who knows where THAT quote is from...) He's my favorite from Punz, so just deal with it :P

Also, Trey-chan... I'm probably gonna write a lil side-fic for that hospital rp we've got going. I wanna have Mafuyu go and visit Shuu-shuu! :3

Hmmmm, overslept today ^^;; Just by a little, but enough to be bothersome. Not to mention I'm getting sick because of my mom X.x; Well, it's better to be sick, than to have her sick... Not because I'm being selfless ^^;; No, because she's a mean sick person. She's had a very bad attitude for the past week or so...

Tonight in Meteorology we're supposed to be reviewing for the test, and watching a film... But I have a nagging feeling that I'm forgetting to do something for that class ::sweatdrop::

Oh! Yeah. Finally played my Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit... Uh. Didn't win, of course, but how am I supposed to contend with my mother who's watched all of the dvds out so far, like... twelve times? o.O;; But on the plus side, the game came with The One Ring... well, not the REAL one, but now I'm wearing it around my neck like Frodo XD;;;

... My~ Precious~ ::hisssss::: ... XD;
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::bangs head against desk:: =_=;; I am SO tired right now. I want to go to bed, I honestly do. But at the same time, I have to write something for that crappy class.


I hate that class so much. Around as much as I hate my history class.

K'so. I can't come in another class without something >.<; But I just feel like I CAN'T submit anything that will get any sort of positive recognition.

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I don't really know why I'm making an entry, as I don't really have anything to say. And my typing has become heavily dyslexic o.O;;

...well, okay, technically I do, but none of it's important, and I always feel really stupid for making these useless entries, because I, for some reason, anticipate comments even when there's no cause for them, and then I just get disappointed...

Um, lesse. In English, we're talking about The Death of Ivan Ilyich, and... uh... it's really a depressing work, lol.

Before class, though, I was re-reading Faust (because, so sue me, I love that play) and laughing at the 'banter' between Faust and Mephistopheles... It's, like, Eike and Homunculus, only with Eike less Eike-ish. Faust is less tolerant of Mephistopheles than Eike is of Homunculus, even when Mephistopheles has more... obvious cause, shall we say?

Oh! I know. It similar to when Homunculus first physically appeared to Eike, and Eike responded badly... That's basically Faust and Mephistopheles most of the time, lol.

Still, Faust is being quite the fool, getting all caught up in his romance with Margaret/Gretchen (yes, they're the same person, just called different names...) that he forgets that not only do they have stuff to do, but also that Mephistopheles gave him what he wanted, so the least Faust could do is not shoo him away like a common servant...

I'm a little bitter that Homunculus is omitted from this version of Faust... Uh, not the Homunculus from Shadow of Memories, though the personalities are very similar (especially when dealing with Dr. Wagner...) Maybe it's because Homunculus runs off with his cute/handsome boyfriend to some island, where they live happily ever after? Mmm, possibly.

...or page constraints...

... I think it's the boyfriend thing, lol.

Gonna watch a movie tonight in Meterology. But first we're going over the questions for Chapter 7... I have to do mine still, but it's mostly just drawing and labelling, so it shouldn't be a big problem.

Hopefully, I'll get out somewhat early, because I have to make two assignments for Creative Writing tomorrow. I came in last week without anything, so I have to 'make-up' one. Mrr. Which, of course, means I'm going to have no choice but to be online...

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't WANT to come online. More that I'm probably going to be tired, and just not very... er... smart, I guess you could say. Illegible, almost, lol.

In any case, I don't quite know when I'll be on, but I'm probably going to petition for when my sister goes to bed, which is around 10, 10:30 my time... (though it has been known to take her a good hour to actually remove herself from the computer...)

So, anyway, I'm off to get some food, because someone has the audacity to be in the computer lab slobbering over a giant submarine sandwich and getting their surrounding area... well... yeah. Ick. I'm gonna be polite and eat where I'm supposed to...
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::sheepish look:: my joy at seeing Trey-chan liking CCD so much, uh... I forgot to update as I should :D;;;;

Okay. Back to school today. Got nothing done last night, like I should have. Mrf. Mad at that.

Today, we finished A Doll's House, by Henrik Ibsen... Didn't really care for any of the characters, and besides which, I was kinda preoccupied.

I HATE my History of Modern East Asia class. Have I not said that before? I swear the professor hates me. She MUST. She kept saying she assigned things to me that she did not. Also, she assigned me not only reading, but also research. And then, when I was explaining the damn thing she wanted me to explain, she looked as if she wasn't even listening. I feel as if she's picking on me >.<;

Also, when she was 'lecturing' the class that the first two tests were 'easy' (which I do not think so, despite my getting perfect scores on both >>;;; ), she said that some people need to put more effort into studying and the class, and looked DIRECTLY at me. Um, hello, at least *I* pronounce words right, and get perfect scores on my tests! >.<;;;;;;

T_T;; sorry... Just aggravated.

In other news, I have decided that I must search out the laser discs of CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan (only have the box set of the tapes >_>; ) because I MUST see the OMAKE T_T; Which are never included for some reason in most American things... dammit.

oh, and Idomu! :D ::runs off::
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Stupid 'rant' about Punz. For Trey-chan's consumption, mostly. )

Haaa, anyway, got out of class majorly early today. n_n;; Like, approximately forty-five minutes early. So, I've been sitting in the computer lab since then. I'm getting really hungry o.o;;;

We were talking about immortality verses eternal youth today in English. Oh, Homunculus would have been proud of me. I do believe I was able to raise points that he would be inclined to say (granted I'm not as smart as he is, nor as eloquent). Ha ha, I thought about Dr. Wagner, and how he was saying he envied Eike's youth... Mrr, you got your eternal youth >3 The 'darkness of eternal youth' as Homunculus would say...

I'm really looking forward to my next presentation in English. In fact, I've decided I'm gonna probably research it over Spring Break XD;;

A la dee~

Mar. 5th, 2004 12:57 am
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You are Guardian of the Night

You are the
Guardian of the Night

Some Guardians: Koryu (Wish), Rath (Dragon
Knights), Schuldig (Weiss Kreuz), Ilpalazo
(Excel Saga), Urd (Oh My Goddess), Kaido
(Prince of Tennis), Xellos (Slayers)

Which Immortal are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mmmm, Xelloss~~~ *.* Nice picture of 'im too. <3 (oh, and Ishida Akira, anyone? XDDD;;; )

You speak like Billy! I will now label you witty,
Scottish, and the perfect Pippin.

Which LotR male cast member do you sound like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Billeeehh~~ Yei! ^.^ He's so funny. :3 FAVE! ... well, Elijah's physically cuter >_>; ::feels like a fangirl:: ._.;;

Weelll~ exams are over for the week. I managed to act like a good student rep. (ignoring that I am not a student rep.) and convinced my Chinese teacher to push the exam back to next Wednesday. I can handle that WAY better.. I know I'll do really well on it then ^_^

But I also now have a test on the History of China in a different class the day before that... ^^; Of course... I figure I'll do well o.O; I got 103% on the last test, and I hardly studied, and thought I did badly >_>; Ah well, at least I can talk about Jiang Wei when I speak about the Mandate of Heaven :3;;; And either get extra credit because she TOTALLY didn't lecture the San Guo period, OR get points off because she's a moron and TOTALLY didn't lecture the San Guo period :D;;;

I got my English presentation finished, and presented it today, but I don't really know how I DID. The teacher interrupted me quite a bit at the end, so I don't think I did too well by then ^^;; And I had rather limited sources >.<;

Meteorology was easier than I expected it to be, but I still don't think that I got a perfect score. I'm sure I'll get half credit for some ^^;; Oh! And the teacher omitted the fifty states and capitals part, as well as the Storm of the Century part >_>; LUCKY. Though a lot of people were complaining because they really studied that. I was like "Shaddup, or he'll give it back to us! >.<; That's, like, 100+ things we DON'T have to remember! LOVE IT!" >_>;;;

I got to 'chat' with Trey-chan today before I went to study my brains out, and you have NO idea how much better that made me feel @_@ I mean, it was like... everything was mounting to crush me, and then I get nice lil messages from her at DA, and just... wow. SO... happy <3

Oh! someone in my meteorology class looked at the Ser!picture I'm working on for Hawk, and told me that I should make an online comic, because it'd be really popular o.O; I'm flattered, but I really don't think it's true ^^; After all, I have such a small group of friends, that it'd never really spread, ya know? Still, it's nice to hear things like that :D

I got that scholarship I was talking about before. Turns out it's worth 1,000 dollars. Sweet. It's not A LOT, but everything counts, ya know? Definitely make paying off this college WAY easier ^_^ Won't get me anywhere else, but that's okay. I've pretty much settled on working for a year... I was figuring, if I could, on moving to Seattle with Trey-chan, and working there to get a Seattle-citizenship-thingy, so I can finish college there <3

Of course, my dad is insisting that I'm gonna finish my college education after CCM. But you know... I really doubt it. I can't afford it. I'm gonna be one of those creepy 30+ year olds going back to college to finish my BA ^_^;;; ewww...

Stolen from TEH Shama )

Harhar. Made Toriya take the survey )

AND Shuu took it too  )


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