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Why do I even bother? >.<;

I dunno :/ This whole semester has just been one lousy situation after the next. I am entirely burnt out.

I got no sleep last night. Said I was going to bed early and technically I did. Shame my BRAIN didn't listen to my body >.<;

So yeah. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff:

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... I suppose I'm done boring everyone for now. If you even read :D; Then again, even *I* am bored by what I just wrote XD;
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Nyaaa. April Fools Day. So far, so good, as no one has pulled any stunts yet x_o; I'm always very paranoid about it ^^;; Ha, watch everyone plot something against me now for saying that XD;

Uh. It's very rainy and foggy out today, and just generally bad weather. FEH. There are worms all over the ground =_=; So many that I can't stop and, you know, move them to a safer area :D; ...WHAT? I don't want the poor things to get squished >_>;;

Ano... N-chan! Don't forget to pick me up on Friday :D;; I've let my mom know and everything, so I'll be all set. I'll make sure I bring stuff to do if we don't have any plans on going somewhere :D I'll bring Suikoden III because I'm all into that again. (Ha, watch me pair up Luc with people so UNCANON that it'll make your head hurt :D; )

Hnnn. I gotta find out more stuff about Sukishou... If only because I wanna know more about Nanami (Ishida Akira~) and that ... uh... guy he's with... who's played by Miki Shinichirou...

Pretty tired today, though that's partially from the awful yucky weather. Day's almost over though, and it's almost the weekend... Maybe I'll take a nap before I get online tonight ^^;;;;;

I've got to type up that Meteorology 'paper' I have due. I have all the info right next to me, but I just have to format it into two paragraphs... I'm feeling kind of lazy, but I know I should do it now :D;;; At least before I go and get something to eat and goof off...

Tonight is the night I dread every week. The night I have to write something for Creative Writing. But luckily, either this week or next week... the class will not be held because the teacher's taking days off. Score one fore me, mwahahaha....

Ha ha. I have a little golden Wocky on Neopets named Nokoru (to match my other pet who's a red Ixi named Idomu) and he's always like "I'm bored! Let's play a game!" How... Nokoru-ish...

Well. This Tuesday is apparently my birthday. I don't have class that night, which means I'm probably going out to dinner... Yum, Red Lobster *¬*

I think I need more sleep... I only think this because I feel all my tanks running constantly on empty. Patience. Creativity. Energy. Effort. Tolerance. :D;;; Yeah. Um. Recently, almost all of what I've felt like saying is "Mmhm." That's all ^^;;

Grah. Give me SPRING. I want chirpy birds (a la Akito), and bright, warm days...

I'm... er... totally rambling, aren't I? :D;;; ::nervous laugh:: sorry, I guess it's kinda helping me stay awake (and helping me procrastinate :3;;; )


Apr. 1st, 2004 01:34 am
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.... RAWR.

Trey-chan burned me a bunch of SukiShou! songs when I was visiting her. I'm listening to them now (I have before, but now I'm REALLY listening) and ARGH!

Ishida Akira is in it (<3) and during this one song, he's not singing, Miki Shinichiro is, but he's talking all breathy, and sexy, and RARGH. I just want to molest him.

... Everytime I say I'm gonna stop getting all SQUEE and fangirl over him, I listen to his songs and do it all over again XD;

Uke. That's all there is to him. Is he even married? Probably... o.O; though I haven't HEARD about it. Like, Koyasu, you always hear him talking about his wife... Fufufufu....

Shame he doesn't seem to like singing. Just talking so damn sexily XD;

.... gotta use the Idomu icon.
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Series: Original Series, Punz
Pairing(s): Not... really any...
Category: One-shot
Warning(s): Um. Slightly obsessive behavior, and mention of death.

Toui's DEAD ;.;  )
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Hey~ Original fic by me. It has original characters that are copyright of me <3 And some that are owned by Trey-chan. Most people won't be interested in this, but please feel free to read anyway ^^; Even if it's just a little bit...

When I whisper... [Part 1] )


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