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Jul. 9th, 2006 12:38 am
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:O Here's some art for a new series I'm making with Trey-chan. It's still new, so a lot is still in the works. I'll just jot some info down in case any of you reading this are interested.

Art posting... because I can )
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Ha~ Birthday for me. :9 I have to wait for most of my presents, though, because my dad isn't home :< ;o; But that's okay! I also have presents that are apparently coming in the mail..

:9 Despite the last two days, today was apparently pretty nice weather ^_^ Yahoo.

Oh, I've also been downloading songs :9 Wai

more pics for Trey-chan )
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As probably the only person in the universe that has yet to touch Kingdom Hearts 2, I have other things to occupy me ^^; I got to go to Sanseido and China on Saturday.

In Chinatown, I picked up the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, YuGiOh boxset 3, D.N.Angel, Lupin the III box 5, .hack//SIGN, and Prince of Tennis: Present from Atobe. Also, I got two sets of Naruto figurines with Chouji, Shikamaru, and Hyuga in them *o* Wai. I found a bunch of awesome Samurai Deeper Kyo posters as well as one Naruto one with Shikamaru on it. Oh yes, and my prize possessions, Shin Megami Tensei figurines *O* I didn't get the Jack Frost one though! ;o; I DID, however, get Varna *v* Wai Varna!

(Atobe->Kabaji = Very Yes)

Then my dad and I went to Sanseido and Mitsuwa. I picked up the two latest volumes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, of course. GAH. So much dramatic stuff has happened! ;~; Ganbare, Kyo! While there, I also grabbed a random volume of Full Metal Alchemist... I'm totally lost in it, though XD I also grabbed several magazines, including two ps2 ones in anticipations of Samurai Warriors 2 *______* Nagamasa-samaaa ~<3 Of course, reading the magazines, I have discovered I want the anime Princess Princess >DDDD

Then, in Mitsuwa, I picked up a Gaara chibi keychain, because they change the toys in Mitsuwa all the time --; :9 And I also got some rice candy... but it's such a small package that I've eaten it already ;~; And caramel pocky is pretty good :o OH. I also found a volume of Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna *~* Ureshiii I picked that up along with two volumes from Jigoku Sensei Nube <3

... So as you can see, I've got lots of things to keep me busy, and with my birthday in such a short time, I doubt I may get to KH2 soon ^^;;;;; Oops.

Sketches for Trey-chan )


Feb. 10th, 2006 11:45 pm
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Saa. When you're out of practice, pictures don't come easy. And it's worse when you're suffering from art block.

However, Hawk. Here's a Slayers picture. It's not too good. It's a sketch, not colored, but... ah, here ya are :D;

Here ya go )


Feb. 6th, 2006 11:42 am
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Haha... Well, I got a 'request' of sorts from Hawk for drawing Slayers. Okay, more like a recommendation than a request. BUT, I still got to work on it anyway.

And I realized that I was out of shape for drawing Slayers, lol. So, I thought to myself, I would start slow. Like looking for my Xel muse.

And I found him. )

However. Right after I finished this picture, my tablet malfunctioned O.O;;; And it has not worked since. I wonder if Xel cursed it >>;

Well, in that case, no coloring for a while. ^^; I may have to get a new one - we'll see...


Feb. 4th, 2006 08:56 am
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Well, Trey-chan lost her power. So we got cut off in our rping :/ Unfortunately for me, I'm too awake to go to bed, but too sleepy to do anything useful --;;

Since I'm ALSO too sleepy to be kind, I think I'll post some art up here. Look, don't look. S'up to you XD

ART, desu :D )

Enjoy the blast from the past.

OH! And a question. It seems that the quickest way to get hits on Deviantart is to do fanart XD I'm wondering on... suggestions? I'm not much of a fanartist, though...
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:x Well, I've been busy, not that anyone cares ^_-

Colored a picture of Rin and Hikaru, and tossed it up here:

Um, yeah, if you can't comment at DeviantArt, please, feel free to comment here ^_^ It'd be nice to hear what people think...

:o And, I just realized that I have to put up a picture of Soushi... and Nagumo too... I've got Toriya pictures up, and Hikaru ones, and of course Rin ones...

Well, I'll have to make some for those two. Only problem is that they're not as easy to draw as Rin, Hikaru, Toriya, and Yasunari XD;;

Granted, they are... well, Soushi is... much easier to color. Yasunari's got this hair color... that is, like... impossible for me to repeat X_x;

Saa, oyasuminaohayou minna-san :D (phrase stolen from J-chan :D; )
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Well, my Meteorology class was cancelled... But knowing my luck, I'll still have Chinese tomorrow ^^;;;

OH! Trey-chan made me a cute lil animated Aim icon :DDD Well.. Okay, two. :3 One's of Sengoku saying "Lucky" and the other's of Mizuki saying "Nfu" X3

Another picture was put up on Deviant Art :D;;;; Rin'll be mad at me, for it's him (again) Head on over if you'd like to see :DD

Granted... it stopped looking REALLY like Rin as soon as I made him smile. XD; But Toriya begged, so I just HAD to. Damn Toriya and his sway over me.

Well. Technically Rin got off EASY. It was initially going to be him and Hikaru sitting together asleep. >3 Very cutesy. But then, well... it morphed o.O;

Ah well... c'est la vie.


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