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Worn out today. Me and my guild members are attempting to assist a guild that is run by a friend of our guild master. However, these people have been raiding since the game came out, and we have.... not. Not even in the same realm.

So, we did a 10-man raid tonight. Lots of death... 8|; I respecced holy, but we're not really good enough to run raids all the time. I'm not suprised, just annoyed because I could have been doing arena instead of ... you know... not even getting past the first boss in Naxx.

On the plus side, I was told by my guild master that apparently I was the most efficient healer there, even surpassing the second in command of that guild who is a healer as well. To be fair, I was only watching the off-tank so I didn't need to bust out my major heal moves all that often, but I had to help heal the main tank and a few others on occasion (my guild master's exact words were, I think, that I only overhealed 3% of the time, when the other healer overhealed 60% of the time)

Work was long, too. Bleh. Felt ill halfway through, suddenly, but counteracted it with excedrin and mint gum.

Getting Resident Evil at the midnight release... maybe. I don't have to, because it's reserved, but I wonder if I should check on Marc, since he'll be working it himself.

Otaku meme )
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For you unaware, Street Fighter 4 is hard. Like... more so than it should be. It took me six tries to beat the end boss (Seth) on 'Easiest' ... Not natural. The only person I seem to be any good at is Vega. I'm not even that good with him. It's more aggravation than is necessary.

I do, however, like that there is a full Japanese track, down to changing the opening song to Japanese. Also, everyone's opening and ending is done in full anime style, which is awesome. The anime style is much nicer than the actual game graphics, though Cammy and Chun-li look nice anyhow. Even with Chun-li's gorilla sized hands.

Got Secret Invasion: Runaways and Young Avengers in the mail today. Skimmed through most of it; still annoyed by how easily Nico and Victor believe Xavin is against them. Also, Teddy is a big whiny baby at the beginning (I blame Yost's writing) and Billy has to pretty much lead him around ilke an overgrown child. There's an obvious, comfortably brother relationship between Tommy and Billy shown, though, which I really like. Most fans tend to have them just short of ripping each other's throats out, even though there's no real evidence of that sort of reaction occuring with them. The closest is in the additional story, where Billy and Tommy go to look for the Scarlet Witch, and they make witty comments at each other.

... Tommy catching a sai out of mid-air is pretty cool though :B

So, I deposited my tax refund in the bank... and come home to the state refund. Dammit, I hate going to the bank, and now I have to take two trips there :| Nice to be back in my comfort zone for my finances, though!

Ever been in a fandom where seemingly everyone has an idea about a character, but you have no clue where they all got the impression? Poland cross-dressing in the Hetalia fandom, for example, or Billy acting like a pms-ing 14-yr old girl in Young Avengers.

Wanna make someone in Punz know Systema. Thinking... Theo? Mostly because he's the last person you'd expect to be capable of dropping you with just a few moves 8D
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The Ozzy WoW commercial amuses me to no end. It really does.

It's funny how you can know something but don't really appreciate it until you experience it. Like, for instance... cats don't like baths given by humans. Had to give my cat a bath today, poor thing. He was a real trooper, but I wasn't able to get the whole bath finished. It wore him out, though...

Need to organize my room a lot better... But every time I look at the stuff I have to do, I realize that I don't have anywhere better to put the stuff yet, and so although it's not a difficult task, it's definitely going to be an interesting predicament. Games and strategy guides aren't exactly the most convenient things to store in a room situation (as oppposed to a store setting) so I'm at an impasse trying to figure out the best way to organize.

I've been feeling really lazy recently. I haven't wanted to go to work (aside from the drama going on there) because I've wanted to play games all day. No WoW for the moment because my time ran out, and I need to buy a new time card. But, I've still got a lot of games for my 360 and my ps2. Persona 4 just came out in fact.

Torn between DC and Marvel fandoms. Sigh. Nightwing, Arsenal, Robin, and Superboy are just as awesome as the Young Avengers.... So I continue to flip flop between fangirling over them both. The Young Avengers really really need to be put into a video game somewhere, and the same goes for Arsenal and Superboy. Nightwing and Robin have at least gotten a little love. (And maybe throw a little Kid Flash in there too)

Craving an in-depth conversation about something uplifting right about now.


Sep. 28th, 2008 07:55 pm
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Hate working Sundays. Why don't people have better things to do than come and destroy my store on a Sunday? STAY HOME AND SLEEP. Or just veg. This is a day of rest. SO DO EET.

I just hate Sundays in general; nothing on tv, no mail, people are not exactly active online. Nothing worse than having a crappy day at work, and coming home to nothing to cheer you up 8|

Been falling asleep all day too, so that's not exactly made my mood better. I'm not angry, just very meh >:|

On the plus side, grabbed a cheap tablet off Amazon. It's not wacom, but it was only 44 dollars 8| I'll be serious, y'all; I just want a tablet for doing meme on various topics. And that's gonna be about it... Which, of course, is why I got such a cheap-o tablet.

Tired... so I think I might just go to bed early if I don't get a second wind. =3=

EDIT: Didn't exactly get a second wind, but was stubborn and didn't wanna sleep. Played a couple of levels of Orochi Warriors 2, and leveled up Ling Tong only a whole bunch.

Then decided to watch Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker... Only got it cause it was supposed to have Robin/Tim Drake in it. And it did 8| He was very cute and adorable, until he got kidnapped by the Joker...

Two problems with the movie; the first one is a direct Batman series issue, and the second is just a peeve in general.

First: The other characters mention Nightwing/Dick Grayson enough that it's obvious he's a legitimate character in the series. And everyone knows that the real Nightwing keeps in touch with his friends and allies. Anyhoo, part of Nightwing's character is that he's very protective of Robin/Tim; he doesn't coddle him, but keeps a close watch on him in case he gets in trouble. Nightwing wouldn't let Robin be kidnapped, and even if he did, it would most certainly NOT take Batman, Nightwing, AND Batgirl (boo hiss) 3 WEEKS to find him.

Second... Hm, well, it's a little more complicated. In the real series, Tim Drake seeks Batman and Nightwing out, wanting to sort of jump-start Batman into finding a new Robin so he wasn't so depressed. A non-depressed Batman protects the city, right? And then Tim got to BE Robin, helping Batman, the Teen Titans, AND Nightwing all in one fell swoop. And while he was enthusiastic about it, he wasn't oblivious to the dangers. The boy's probably the smartest person in the entire DC universe - he's certainly not some wide-eyed, innocent waif who can't tell he's doing something that's dangerous but for the good of the city.

However, in this, Tim Drake was VERY insistent that he went through lots of therapy to get over the silly childish ideas that being a superhero was good. That it was a worthwhile endeavor. ..... So... since when was therapy used to either break people of idealistic thought processes or manipulate their personality to be less individualistic?

Something similar came up when I read Meet the Robinsons fanfiction. It was some overly complicated WilburxWilbur stuff (which I knew had to be unsettling, but I plowed forward anyway). Younger Wilbur goes forward in time to meet with his future self to...... uh... well.. ahem. Regardless, when he shows up, the future Wilbur is SO DISTRAUGHT that his 'overly excitable and troublesome' past self has arrived to mess up all the good that his therapy has done. He's 'normal' now because he had intense therapy and doesn't want to go back to that 'weird' way of acting.

.... wut?

Now... I think this person missed some of the lessons of Meet the Robinsons entirely 8| Wasn't it about being yourself, and that people should be free to live as quirkily as they want, providing it's harmless? Why would the Robinson family PUT Wilbur into therapy in the first place? I REALLY don't think it's to quell his personality, because honestly.... All the funny/strange things he does is because he's mimicking his family.

And honestly, running around with a robot taking pictures with historical figures is a lot less weird than creating giant canons, having full sized toy trains, and training frogs to sing. Just sayin'
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Infinite Crisis. I'm not a DC fangirl but DAMN. It's got lots of exciting stuff 8|

If I told you how many people it makes me wanna slash, you would slap me 8| THE SLASH IS THROUGH THE ROOF. Dick Grayson is Batman's favorite person EVER. EVER!

And damn, Conner/Dick is really tempting now. Of course, I can't tell if one scene is AU Dick Grayson, or Tim Drake, cause it's Robin's costume so it should be Tim, but I didn't know Tim had any connection to Conner.

... Orz, now i have to look all this up!


Sep. 24th, 2008 06:05 pm
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Even though I was off today, went in to pick up my copy of Warriors Orochi 2. Simply put, so far, I'm happy with it!

It's essentially a direct sequel to the first one, and this time, people actually seem to realize that they're not all from the same place. In the previous game, the only people I saw question anything were Jiang Wei and Sun Ce. ... And everyone else just went on their merry way, lol.

In this one, though, there's more than just the story modes and free play (still no Japanese track... maybe I'll start flooding Koei with 'put Japanese track in' opinion cards. Honestly, they can do like the Naruto game did, and offer a download off of Xbox Live...). One such mode is called Tag Team survival mode, and it's essentially a fighter (a la Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter). It's pretty fun cause you can pick all the characters you want once they're unlocked, and I have so many favorites to choose from 8)

The graphics are pretty, but I'm having a bit of an issue with the camera... It stays stuck above their heads, about 7 feet back, looking down at an angle at the character you're playing. I feel like I'm about to dive into the ground.

In other news, my Nightwing comics came in 8| Nightwing: The Lost Year, and Nightwing: Renegade. ... I'm a LITTLE confused because The Lost Year has Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson ... in a couple? Firstly, Barbara Gordon is a lesbian. I'm serious - that's not just me preferring Dick with... well, Bruce, Tim, or Roy... Anyone remember that show on the WB about the girl superhero team named after birds? Birds of Prey I think? She was the woman in the wheelchair... the entire team was lesbians, and some even hated men 8|; Secondly, even if she wasn't a lesbian, Dick was only attracted to her because she was a red-head (why, when he can have Roy instead!)... She shot him down cold 8|

I seem to recall when she tried to blackmail Batman and (the first) Robin into letting her be her own vigilante, threatening to reveal their identities to the world. While Robin was all Ohnoes!, Batman simply said "You're Barbara Gordon" ... haha, way to even the odds, Bruce. In any case, that scenario in and of itself would turn someone as much like Bruce as Dick is...

The art in both are not bad... Too bad none of the artists make Dick as handsome/cute as he's supposed to be. 8| But that's just a personal complaint...

Onto WoW


Sep. 24th, 2008 03:03 am
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So, Nightwing is in Lego Batman 8) His hair is very Goku-esque, but I'm just glad he's in it!

Was playing WoW after I got home, but lost interest after the first couple of battlegrounds. Went to quest, but I was pretty much the only person on (no Marc, Sean, or John...), and it was pretty dull...

SO, decided to watch Fantastic Four (animated series, thank you, not that horrific movie) and turn on Aim. Not chatting, but you never know, might get a message if I leave it on long enough 8O

Anyway, about F4... First off, Chris Yost is involved. 8| ... That scares me.

For those not in the know, Yost-san has a habit of killing characters. At this very moment, he's working on the Young Avengers crossover with Runaways.... And the entire fandom is scared that he's gonna kill one of the Young Avengers. The creator of Runaways have already killed their own people, so that's not as much of a worry. But if they kill Billy... Tommy... Teddy... Hell, if they kill ANY of the Young Avengers (Cassie doesn't count at the moment because she's part of the Initiative, not the YAs), I will be just as upset as everyone else...

Secondly, the art is a little... weird. The characters all have arched down eyebrows, so they always look angry, or smirky. It's kinda hard to get used to... If I watch enough episodes, though, I think I'll get used to it.

However! They have the ever-present bickering between Johnny and Ben. There's a lot of UST between the characters anyway... Sure Johnny is a known 'player' but... those are always the types of characters that are covering something up >_> ANYHOO, during Civil War, Johnny was attacked and put in the hospital (cause he wouldn't fight back against normal people). Ben got upset and ran away... But came back because he felt bad about abandoning Johnny 8| ... Not that he wanted to rejoin the team, but because he left Johnny. ... My brain may be wired in a weird way, but that's as obvious as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers LIVING TOGETHER FOR YEARS. HELLO.

In honor of Teddy, I skipped the first couple of episodes, and went right to My Neighbor Is a Skrull. Lol, exciting 8)

EDIT: Lol, as much as Billy hates Skrull, I think even he would get a kick out of the skrull in this. "Oh, that Benjamin Grimm. He's such a nice young man - by the way, could you tell me exactly what his skin density is, and what his upper body strength limits are? ^o^" .... LOL SO SUBTLE IN THEIR INFO GATHERING

EDIT 2: ... Maybe I'm outta the loop, but... I don't recognize the blind chick Alisha 8| And, uhm, how can she sculpt Ben if she's blind?? While maybe vaguely plausible, it's extraordinarily unlikely, right? RIGHT?

... In better news, Johnny's all "My powers are the best thing that happened to me; but Ben..." then he hesitates, and almost as an after thought to save face, says "....he got real ugly. So if Reed did this on purpose, how can we trust him" ... I'm sure you can tell what I was thinking~

Lol really?

Jun. 1st, 2008 12:04 am
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Sooo, got the Last Avengers story.

Oh man, it's so different from the Earth 616 world. Billy goes from unknowingly sexy teenager to giant, musclebound skeletor type guy calling himself the Grim Reaper XD Kang was... Kang; you really can't change him, for the most part >_> Ultron as well...

Though, I was immensely disturbed by Oddball. Uhm, why does he use a line that Teddy from Young Avengers says all the time?? And why was The Grim Reaper SO insistent that Oddball always be with him, and why did he protect him from Ultron and Kang??

... I'm horrified to think that he's the Teddy of the universe =A= Ewwww~ Though, everyone else but Eli and Kate (and Cassie, but I like to pretend she doesn't exist :D ) were represented... Man, so scary!

So far, though, my Young Avengers Presents Wiccan and Speed has been my favorite gaiden of the YA series. The characters were accurate, drawn not too badly... the only problem I had was that Teddy was always in Hulkling mode, except for the part where he shifted to play Billy. Now, the later part of YA shows that Teddy really does look normal with blonde hair - the Super Skrull's revealer orb showed that.

It's just nitpicking on my end, and it doesn't really detract from the story.

oh oh! Found some cheap, but awesome Marvel t-shirts... Hohoho, they're really awesome 8|

And, much to my joy, Leon S. Kennedy is set to be in the next Resident Evil movie *3* I was hoping for as little as a cameo, but it looks like he's gonna play a big part =v= Jill too... It takes place during the outbreak where poor Leon started his first day of work and arrived to find a zombie outbreak 8D Oh, it's gonna be great~

To finish off this entry... I've really been into Raver!boy characters owO; go fig.

Yare yare

May. 29th, 2008 10:59 pm
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So, after having a 14-day trial disk forced upon me >w>; I finally uploaded WoW...

and proceeded to have 3 or 4 days where I had to sit and wait, bored out of my mind, while a bajillion patches downloaded.

I created an female undead rogue... The guys at work are the ones who insist I play, which is why I went with Horde for the moment (sorry Hawk D: ). If I actually go with continuing to play, I will probably make a blood elf rogue of some sort. They think I'd be good at playing a rogue >x> But I dunno. That's why the character I'm testing the game with is a rogue.

If I get into WoW, I'll talk about it on belltrigger, not here, since it's a game 8|

Continuing to fangirl over the Young Avengers, I've picked up everything that even slightly mentions the twins (Billy and Tommy). That means, of course, everything pertaining to House of M, and Avengers Disassembled. I haven't gotten the AU that has Billy as a supervillain (lol), but it's on it's way 8|

Oh, had some buffalo chicken pizza the other day *v* It's really good... I sorta wish I had some left over for when I watched Rambo dvd I just picked up =3=

It came with a Rambo shirt *3*; I've been into getting different t-shirts lately, even though I can't wear them to work 8| Oh well, at least they're all cool. Wearing the 'Gamer.' shirt I just got from Jinx today, actually.

In other news, I got a pretty sweet mouse for my laptop. I wonder if there's any other accessories I need 8| Lol, a printer. I was thinking I might need a tablet, but... eh.... I think I last drew when I was down at my grandmother's house :O And that was just Billy, Teddy and Tommy XD;



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