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Okay so! It is writing taim. I promised a few different writing things. One, I am trying a 30-day writing meme that I found and making Suza-san do it too! Two, I'm writing stuff to bribe Trey into drawing me fanart 8)a Because I seem to have misplaced my word processors on this computer (i.e. haven't found it yet uhm), I'm just gonna write in here....

P.S. my writing is rusty so!

-------Day 1 : Introduction-----------

The winters in Augenheim were cold ones; the snow that fell every day enough to block off even the main town of Coldcrest from travelers. Even on the warmest days, the town's walls had snow three fourths of the way up; the only reason it did not spill over were because the town employed a fire dragon from a faraway country to keep the town itself free of snow.

Although the towns basically went into traveler hibernation, there were still ways to reach Coldcrest, if you were particularly adventerous. It was almost exactly in the middle of Augenheim, which itself was tucked up on the very end of the northern continent, so it was an equal travel distance from any direction. If you came from the sea, you could travel the warmer parts of the country during certain times of the year.

Aeonus, however, had flown. Although the cold air disagreed with his wings greatly, now that he had arrived in Coldcrest, he bundled himself up in some thick furs, tucking his wings away under his heavy coat. Still, he was not overly fond of cold weather, and as he puffed, little flames flickered out on his breath in an attempt to warm himself.

His eyes slid over the serenity of the town, many people bustling about in their daily chores. Although he was the Lord of the Dragons, he had been sent to find a warrior that had been snowed in here in Coldcrest. Why, Lon had not said, and the fact that his companion hid the information frustrated him a bit. He wasn't just some form of transport for any random human! He was the only dragon of his kind in the world! This was ridicul--

"Hey, you must be Aeonus" A hand clapped down on his shoulder suddenly, and his tail popped out of its own accord, sticking straight up in his surprise! It was completely unrefined and as he turned to give the human a piece of his mind, his face was red in embarrassment.

However, when he turned, he came face to face with a handsome human that was easily a foot taller than him, with broad strong shoulders and the nicest smile he'd ever seen. Suffice to say, it made his face red for a completely different reason. His mouth moved shut slowly.

"... You look like how Lon said you would." The human looked at him a bit hesitantly, perhaps wondering if he'd found the wrong dragon. But Aeonus nodded his head like a completely fool, not trusting his voice for the first moment.

"O-Of course I look like he said! I am none other than Aeonus!" He huffed at the human, trying to hide his embarrassment and fluttering voice behind his insistence. The human laughed, clapping his shoulder more. "However, I do not know who you are. Except perhaps my cargo." His voice must have sounded a touch icy, because the human's eyebrows raised up. However, it didn't do a thing to move the smile from his face.

"That Lon! He didn't tell you my name... My name is Stern. Nice to meet you Aeonus!" He held out his hand, keeping the other still on Aeonus' shoulder. "And I bet we'll get along great!" Aeonus could only stare at the newly introduced Stern with a somewhat confused expression. Why, exactly, had Lon sent him to this cold town to meet this guy, again?


Ah~ It's a bit short =w=/) But there we go!

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