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I'm gonna start with the bad news. Satoshi Kon died of cancer. I found out from my sister a little while ago today ;A; Hands down, he was my favorite director ever. I loved every one of his movies. ... And now, we'll never see another of his masterpieces again. ... I... I have to watch his movies tonight. All of them.

Okay. Now onto the good news! I just got back from the Scott Pilgrim movie. And. It. Rocked. Now, don't get me wrong, I had problems with it (Wallace, why so sullen? Wallace, when did you start liking Lucas Lee, as opposed to thinking he was a sell-out?) but otherwise, it was exciting +3+/)

I finally get the "Envy is super sexy" thing, because the actress that played her. Yowza. And Knives was super cute. Overall, I am really happy with the actresses they picked for the characters. And Steven Stills was super cute. (Though, he was a little embarrassingly money-desperate at the end there) W-Wallace was not hot. But I didn't have the heart to tell my coworker that 8Ic He acted well, though.

The scene were Knives comes to see Scott (which was a bit different from the comic) was actually funnier than the comic XD With Scott diving oh so dramatically through the window RIGHT BEHIND THEM. ..... And then reaching back in for his coat XD Gold. Lucas Lee was hilarious in this as well, though not as likable a character as he was in the comic? But if you thought about him in no relation to the comic, he was really funny.

..... Okay, I promised I wouldn't complain about Wallace! ... But I just have to ;A; It's not so much the actor as the direction? Wallace wasn't as cheeky as he was in the comic. He's very much Scott's moral support through a lot of the series, and even somehow something like a conscience? As in, he tells Scott when Scott *needs* to do something, and usually assists in making Scott get it done. Although he gives Scott the "8|" face a lot, he genuinely loves and cares about him, and will go out of his way for him many times. In the movie, he seemed sort of put out by Scott, and not as .... entertained by Scott? There were very few parts where he was sparkle-drunk :Ia Not upset with the Wallace in the movie, but he was definitely someone going through the motions of Wallace, as if Wallace needed a stand-in for the day. Also, although I thought the scene where Knives visits was hilarious, Wallace doesn't do stuff like that for Scott. When she asked for Scott in the comic, Wallace was genuinely by himself, just playing video games; he wasn't misleading her at all.

Which brings me to my other concern. In the comic, Wallace is a very straight-forward person. Even though he teases Scott, like the crack about Mobile leaving his body while going to the Astral plane, he does not like misleading people. He does not like to lie to anyone, even for himself, and certainly not for Scott. Whenever someone tries a sneak-attack, if Wallace notices it, he calls it out to Scott. He's even so hilariously into it that he calls out Crash and The Boys for having a girl in their band. But, although he is straight forward, and is fully open about his flings and love for boys, he is not parading the actual acts around. He seems to respect Scott not wanting to *see* it, because he cares for Scott, and they're comfortable around each other. (also in my head, he has some sort of romantic feelings regarding Scott. Girls are okay, but no other boys are allowed to have Scott 8Ia It also explains, in my happy slashy world, why Wallace doesn't like to share his actual serious exploits with Scott)

Ooookay, that was a ScP and Wallace rant... I shall go off to try that new Lara Croft game 8I

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