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Aug. 23rd, 2010 11:16 pm
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Completely unexpectedly, I have gotten into Scott Pilgrim. Of course this is after months of my coworker saying about how awesome it is lol. Finally, I got my hands on the six volumes and read the first two! And it's pretty good! My favorite is Wallace. 8Ia

Also, I forgot I had a free movie ticket voucher for the theater right next to our store (long story), so I scampered over there during the conversation and got the ticket for Tuesday afternoon, at 1:30! +3+/) My coworker said Wallace is really cute in the movie so. ..... /shallow

However! My coworker says he is like a mustache twirling villain XD However! I am convinced he is a SAGE +3+/) Interestingly enough, today my coworker and I had conversations in the store as Scott and Wallace (I was Wallace :3c ) He even had a fake Scott name tag on the back of his normal one, switching it back and forth once in a while. (He made me make one, so I just put "The Talent" >3> )

... I had a dream that was a mix of Scott Pilgrim and Persona 3. Or Persona 4. I forget. EITHER WAY, it was a Persona game that I'm not all that fond of. One of the 'it's not really persona' games. Basically, I 'woke up' as Wallace to Scott in the bed with me and Mobile? And there was a discussion about Persona, and becoming your persona... And it ended with me telling Scott "As long as you don't evolve into [I don't remember the persona], you'll be fine" And then I kicked him out of the bed.... and I woke up. o3o; How weird.

... I made some ScP icons. ... Of mostly Wallace.

Currently playing: Ninety Nine Nights 2 (360); Crackdown 2 (360); DragonAge Origins (360); Final Fantasy 2 (psp)

Currently anticipating: WoW Cataclysm (PC); Dead Rising 2 (360); Gears of War 3 (360); Ghost Recon Future Soldier (360); Kinectimals (360); Metal Gear Solid Rising (360); Okamiden (DS); Sengoku Basara (PS3); Nintendo's 3DS
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