Aug. 20th, 2010 08:20 pm
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So, I found a store in California that has the collector's edition of a game that I really wanted +3+ The Collector's Edition of WoW's Burning Crusade! I already called a different store for the same game about three and a half weeks ago, and although they said they were going to send us some, it's taken way too long. So, I decided to just ... call a different store >3> And just the other day, it came in! Kese~ However, one of the regular kids saw it, and wanted to pay me $100 for it +3+;; I told him no freakin way (mostly because I would totally lose my job for a warranted reason), but I said I could try and get a store to send us another one. Sigh

Despite advice to the contrary, I have decided to start the Final Fantasy series as my next background game. ... Lemme explain what a background game is. Even though I bounce around from game to game, I always have one series that I have in the works in the background. Final Fantasy 1 was completed at 3:45am this morning. +3+;;;; I have the clear file save to prove it. Final Fantasy 2 is next, though, I want a bit of time away from my psp so my eyes and back can readjust. Lol.

ALSO! My Square Enix Ultimate Rewards finally came in. Hee hee. I got an 8 gb iPod touch just for playing video games +3+/) kesesese Also in the package was a really sexy box! It's got a magnetic clip to keep it shut with ribbons and a gold medal! Inside is a special compilation cd, a desktop calender, and a few postcards. S-So worth it~ ::sparkles everywhere::

The iPod touch even has "Square Enix Members" etched on the back, in case anyone calls shenanigans :Ia

Fall can't come soon enough. I'm so tired of it being hot. T-Though, I don't want winter to come, because of the snow... The heat is worse now because I am being yelled at for "using too much electricity" so now... I can only have one electrical appliance on at a time T3T; So, if I am on my laptop, I can't use the fan or my tv/game consoles. I can still use the PSP or DS if they're not connected to their charge cable T3T; /swelters. Since I can't help but multi-task, only having one thing to do at a time is pretty much painful. Maybe I'm weird (most certainly) but if I am not multi-tasking, I find it hard to focus.

Currently playing: Ninety Nine Nights 2 (360); Crackdown 2 (360); DragonAge Origins (360); Final Fantasy 2 (psp)

Currently anticipating: WoW Cataclysm (PC); Dead Rising 2 (360); Gears of War 3 (360); Ghost Recon Future Soldier (360); Kinectimals (360); Metal Gear Solid Rising (360); Okamiden (DS); Sengoku Basara (PS3); Nintendo's 3DS
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